Prayer Rug, Knitting pattern / पूजेसाठी बसण्याचे आसन
Prayer Rug, Knitting pattern / पूजेसाठी बसण्याचे आसन

Project: Making Prayer Rug This is simple stitch known as Metered stitch We have to make 4 such squares and join them. This stitch is different because its CO is on two sides of this square. Here I CO 40 sts. It’s centre is fixed and 2 sts are decreased in every RS near centre till two sts remain at last. Instead of 40 if you CO 100 sts by 6 ply wool and 5 mm needle then you will get the exact size of prayer rug. For sample I CO 12 sts. Row 1: All K only place marker at centre. Row 1: (WS) All K only place marker at centre that is after 6 sts. Row 2(RS): Knit all till 2 sts remain for the marker. K2tog, slip the marker, SSK, knit till end. This links for K2tog and SSK are shown on the upper right corner of the screen. Row 3: Knit all. Decrease 2 sts only on RS and WS all knit Repeat rows 2 and 3 till 2 sts remain. You can change the design. Here I have changed colours after every two rows for 5 strips and then no change of colour. You can have only one strip of 4 rows black and all other work in blue. When only 2 sts remain. ON WS knit them and on next RS K2tog and remove the yarn as shown. Complete this project make prayer rug and send the photo to me. You can change the colours, yarn and design also. Thanks for watching the video. Please Like …., Share ….., Comment …. Don’t forget to subscribe the channel.

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  1. Sunil Joshi says:

    Khoop chhan design aani colour combination

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  3. Harshada Bhide says:

    needle kiti no chi ahe

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