Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock
Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

Cooking on a rock is a method of cooking since ancient times. By putting the rock on the fire the heat will make the meat cooked. This method of cooking will make the meat less dry and tastier when baked directly on the fire

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  1. Easyy says:

    those toenails seem freshly clipped..


  2. the_invincible _young_ulises says:

    Dislike for the stupid Photoshop

  3. CyanQuartzGamer says:

    I just watched a add that said u guys are fake

  4. *SARAH* Megs says:

    Guys stop giving him hate, if you can’t do it then don’t say anything!

  5. kakah gaming says:

    awas hangit mang

  6. Soviet WW2 T-34 Turret Gunner says:

    nice photoshopping

  7. Toño Vázquez says:

    Todo bien
    Lu único que a mi me emputa es … que alguien coma como marrano 🐷 (por los sonidos que hace al masticar)

  8. Harrypot Tter says:

    Woah ricegum

  9. Beast Slayer53 says:

    Love the vid but seriously do you have to smack your lips while eating

  10. the killer gaming 200 says:

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  11. TYB_B A B Y YT says:

    he eating better than me lmfao

  12. Cooper Cowden says:

    Lmao the add for this video was talking about how it’s fake

  13. The Brown Brothers says:

    I’m watching this at 3 am

  14. Not ret53q says:

    Why Are you cooking The rock?

  15. Not ret53q says:

    You Should Make A KingDom Under Ground Sir

  16. rtc7788 says:

    where the hell is the steak in the thumbnail

  17. natsu Dragneel says:

    I was watching teen Titans so say hi John

  18. Jorante Falby says:

    Not in the real wild where did they got the camera from

  19. Fiqri Helmi says:

    Bengggoo asuu

  20. Hanifa Rizqi says:

    these primitive cooking but their camera is better than mine

  21. Michael H says:

    How to survive out in the wild:
    Step 1: Start a fire.
    Step 2: Place a slab of stone over the fire.
    Step 3: Go to your local grocery store and purchase some select cut meats from the deli section.
    Step 4: Cook the meat.

  22. lelys24i says:

    I just found your channel and love your vids. You have a modern hairstyle)

  23. Laya Alrawi says:

    Me: I just saw an ad right before that vid and it said..
    Ad: all those building in the wild vids.. ARE FAKE!!

  24. Mythicalgam3r says:

    Bruh uta fake


    Like of I agree this is Real life minecraft,
    But still very creative guy

  26. siembra aguacate siembra futuro huila says:

    es mejor la de los dos flaquitos .son mas chiatosos

  27. Tikmin says:

    Me watching and ad pops up saying primitive building channel are fake

  28. dutch says:

    You got the chinese looking woman, cookijg in the forest and eating like it is her last time. Pretty annoying

  29. Lori Jean says:

    I do this when I go camping, everything is cooked in or on the fire!

  30. Gacha_ Pants says:

    … how you get THAT meat tho, better than I be eating at home am I right.

  31. justin abraham says:

    23k Indians disliked this video 😂😂🤣🤣

  32. Dimas Sambas says:

    Look delicious 🤤

  33. TrueNorthMoto says:

    Ya the steak In the photo looks nothing like the actual steak . Unsubscribed

  34. Ice cream rain bow ty 2442 rd says:


  35. Dragon_Vlogs Dragon says:

    Eating Asmr

  36. wcfinest says:

    dont put the meat on the cold stone and let it warm up slowly. it makes the meat dry and it will mostly bleed out.

  37. zyklon 1557 says:

    Beim nächsten Mal ohne schmatzen essen

  38. Meilia RP says:

    Awal mula "HOTPLATE"

  39. Soft_Box says:

    The thumbnail is so fake

  40. Thịnh Hoàng Đứcc says:

    chỉ cần lấy ý tưởng trên mạng r chuyển đối tượng người xem ")))

  41. Felix Winqvist says:

    You cheating!!!!!!

  42. ece ceren says:

    adamın tırnaklarınında maşallahı var boyundan uzunlar

  43. Too Quick says:


  44. Ninjablade Vlogs says:

    Where did u get the meat from

  45. Shpetim Berisha says:

    Always good to know what to do when the shit hits the fan

  46. Lumbago Nigga says:

    Can’t believe this dude has silkier, and smoother hair than me, how bout next vid you tell us about primitive shampoo?

  47. نوره الكربي says:

    على زبي

  48. Superior Cockatiel says:

    Put subtitles on

  49. Alexander Haskett says:

    At 4:24 my first-world-ass thought:

    “He forgot the Non-stick spray”

  50. Jenna Amy says:

    Chef Gordon Ramsey approved

  51. Nathaniel Jones says:

    I was all about it, until he started chewing like a damn starved cow

  52. Mr Man says:

    That not survival..all you done is acting

  53. علي العالي says:


  54. 89 Alpha says:

    Where am i gonna find a perfect rock like that to cook on

  55. Asita Mani says:

    I love how he eats slowly dang that's whysub  liked

  56. BrightMoonGacha says:

    Kids these days: I need AirPods

    Guy on YouTube: Lets teach kids how to cook on rocks!

  57. ChickCraftYT says:

    Minecraft furnaces can cook faster, why not just use one?

  58. Honest Fellow says:

    Dude has more scars than chucky

  59. Erwin Pratama says:

    The thumbnail doesn't same with the video, this is called clickblyat

  60. Антон Пережогин says:

    лайк, если смотришь в 3 часа ночи как индус жарит мясо

  61. Joetony Smerek says:

    At 5:15 it sounds like he's pissing lol

  62. zheng Vincent says:


  63. Sal Lizandro says:


  64. Adomas Stoskus says:

    So you just literaly cook a fucking meat on a fucking rock no tricks no secrets no technology's just a fucking rock and a meat on it .. i guess good thing you is that u didnt lie in a thumb nail .. .im so disappointed.

  65. Damian Marquez says:

    This guy makes people who have a mansion look stupid he makes all this stuff with his surroundings💘🤣🤣💀💀💀

  66. Rahul Sooriah says:

    It's pretty good for Wild cooking but they were a little bit chewwe anyways nice video

  67. 1000 subs with no videos? says:

    Is the rock edible

  68. Jaliyah Cayson says:

    I don’t think he lives in the woods he have a clear good camera and haves a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers so they have to pay u and u have a phone to edit your videos like it just doesn’t add up u can’t be really homeless who agrees 🤔

  69. Liaminator 1 says:

    I rate 4 out of 5 ooga boogas

  70. Nunzira Vanghroi says:

    That primitive hairstyle looks cool to me👍

  71. Hawaii OG says:

    You don't have to keep cutting it look setupnlike your eating differnt meet not had to set it up n keep it rolling god damn 😂🤧🤦🏻‍♂️

  72. The Ironmonkey says:

    disliked bc he eats so obnoxiously

  73. Pavin Magnus says:

    So my first confusion is….how did he get his haaircut?

  74. Angel Chihai says:


  75. Agustín Gatica says:

    Alto asado papaaaa ahre saltaba el Argento

  76. Darius says:

    Speaking on behalf of Gordon Ramsay… Well that, was a rubbery pile of shit.

  77. Dennis Shivangulula says:

    At the first place where do u get the garlic thing a spice

  78. igor andrade says:

    O menino esta no Mato mais esta com o cabelo cortado ksksksks

  79. Geert Wilders says:

    He learned us this, now maybe we can help him with how to eat normal

  80. Pilar Cruz says:

    Still raw

  81. Mae Bell says:

    No grub tonight.

  82. Mae Bell says:

    Get a stick to turn your meat.

  83. TheRobotsTV says:

    200th decade

  84. DARKcooking Experiment says:

    Looking for sub to sub there.

  85. Captain chason Faggots says:

    Dude I enjoyed your video til you started chewing and now I literally want to just strangle you make it a life mission to end your chewing

  86. 명지캠퍼 says:

    아주 맛있게 잘익었네요

  87. cahyo trianto says:

    Click bait kontol

  88. olaf szulc says:

    biedny chłopiec musi sam zbierac jedzenie samast ktos :((

  89. olu vlogs says:


  90. rosin man says:

    He must make bank off these videos lol

  91. the Flight Channel Film says:

    reality:inside videos


  92. Doha Elmidaoui says:


  93. Lee Bostic says:

    Stop smacking!!! Fuck 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Crimson Demon says:

    If you just wrap the ,eat on the leaf and put it on frie bruh

  95. Alua Mota says:

    Why do all of you primitive youtubers eat like pigs man, THAT CHEWING

  96. Joey Jones says:

    Any time some one offers you something good receive it

  97. Memoo 22 says:

    Are those bug bites on him ??? Making me itch just looking at it !

  98. Memoo 22 says:

    Dude if this was a real situation you know he’d eat that fat like there’s no tomorrow…

  99. MissAliyyah says:

    I love your videos! So relaxing and thought provoking at the same time. Keep up the good work!

  100. TheAceOfSpades says:

    Only thing he didn't do was kill the bull.

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