Primitive Technology: Grass hut
Primitive Technology: Grass hut

On a ridge next to the other huts Clearing a space of grass Clearing leaf mulch Marking a circle 2.5 m in diameter Cutting Loya cane Cutting vine for lashing hut together Marking 8 points equally around the circle to put loya cane poles in Putting cane poles in Poles are 2.75 m long Bringing poles together at the top and lashing them together with vine Lashing cane crossbars to frame Stone blade Cutting grass for thatch Lashing grass to frame Layers of grass overlap to shed rain Trimming grass at entrance Making a cap to go over the top A loop to put a stick through to lift into place

100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Grass hut”

  1. Mystic_Lynx says:

    When's it's done is looks like a giant coconut halfway buried into the ground

  2. Ranjan Kumar Das says:

    Very creative and safe

  3. منتظر العقابي says:

    عليه طيز هههههه

  4. Will The Wolf says:

    I think Cody Lundin said he lived in one of these during college.

  5. Mike Keller says:

    This is all well and good till the big bad wolf shows up

  6. angela dorado says:

    what if someone sets it on fire ?

  7. angela dorado says:

    i love these comments xD

  8. Alexander MacKenzie says:


  9. ÇAP says:

    Harika 👍

  10. Chris Persich says:

    Hey what forest and country are you in?

  11. DOCTOR DE SOUZA. says:

    Keşke bizim Türklerde böyle şeyler yapsalar ya fenomenlerle buluşmaya gidiyor yada çocuk kanalı açıyorlar

  12. MoonStar GT says:

    Türkler burdamı

  13. Tugrulhan Duz says:

    Bu adam bana guc veriyor

  14. Itachi Uchiha says:

    I believe, that this man has built a city in this jungle or forest!

  15. Cailane Santos says:

    Mas tipo , você mora na mata ?

  16. Zawarudo says:

    This video finds you.You dont search it

  17. {승쥬} says:

    oh! It's vary funny Thank you
    so, I'm korea
    저는 한국인이에요

  18. kain5056 says:

    Primitive Technology Village. Population: This guy!

  19. Cafro says:

    Anyone else watch with the subtitles?

  20. FreshGamer says:

    That rope?

  21. Omar F.M81 says:

    You doing everything from Naturale. Now tell me how you can charge your camera 😂😂😂😂

  22. Bleepblopchu says:

    Reallife minecraft

  23. Bernbard Sorglos says:

    Jahu Adam,sen türkmüsün?

  24. Elephant Grass says:

    My allergies would be going fucking bonkers. Guess I'm dying in the wild.

  25. KeehlaSelai says:

    Just stumbled upon your channel. I really like your tranquil and wellmade videos. Inspired me to get more in touch with nature myself. Keep it up!!

  26. StracklyShot Animations says:

    This reminded me of JELLY FILLED DONUTS

  27. Дмитрий Сущевич says:

    Молодец, Литвиненко:))

  28. Rafa Player says:

    Aí vem o lobo mal e destrói tudo com um assopro

  29. Kizhu YT says:

    Vc é português

  30. vert!cal says:

    Someday this guy is gonna take over he world

  31. TheTukTuk2008 says:

    We are watching stone age on youtube. Wonderful world!

  32. LIITEMIES says:

    some times i wach these to get out of the disturbiness of media. youtube shit mostly.

  33. etrom loucuras says:

    Tu e foda em

  34. HAPPYBOYS Ru says:

    Прикол в том что моя фамилия литвиненко

  35. Mehak Singla says:

    very nice

  36. Glen Pease says:

    wow all I can say is wow

  37. Jemma-Maree Parker says:

    good lord the amount of spiders that thing would be infested with within the week… Welcome to Australia

  38. Emir Sasi says:

    internet varken izleyelm hazır

  39. Fariz Karimullah says:

    waw…hebat..membuat gubuk..saya suka..

  40. シンセエイかぁくんとりぶくんの足 says:


  41. Маша с: says:

    Лайк если ты русский 🙂

  42. Ч. О.Ф says:

    У тебя же уже есть дом из глины

  43. ツClapzz says:

    Mate I think mincraft added too many updates and graphics like it looks like real life🤔

  44. Commander Z says:

    3:03 when you go to school without brushing your hair

  45. David Schartung says:

    I would love to see a video from inside the hut while it rains

  46. 4nytime says:

    Dam, somehow it's crazy relaxing to watch this

  47. ThePariahDark says:

    I can't tell you how impressed I am with your videos. Words do it no justice.

  48. Chas Waldron says:

    I've watched this video about times and it's great every time .

  49. Freedom Fighter says:

    Don't let a spark fall on it, that hard work would go up in smoke pretty quick.

  50. black says:

    Alguem em 9782?????

  51. epic cate says:

    what if some random homeless dude lurking in the woods has brrn living off of this guy's stuff

  52. Mike Denby says:

    I bet his biggest fear is someone stumbling upon and vandalising all his amazing creations. I wonder how far off the beaten track he goes to hide these!

  53. Noel Conrad says:

    very very very beautiful

  54. NURUL NAJMAINI says:

    2017 grass hut
    2065 bulit proof fort

  55. Micheal Kors says:

    I always love what he is doing 🙂 👌👌👌👍

  56. Kadek Pasek says:

    Cmon upload new vidio

  57. Kadek Pasek says:

    I like your vidio

  58. Klaus Kaka says:

    você foi estudado pela naza

  59. 김아나 says:

    일주일넘게 비가오면 버틸까? 그것보다는 추운곳에서는 어떻게 집을 지을지 궁금하네요

  60. sugi ono says:

    Bagaimana kamu dapat listrik di dalam hutan

  61. Elyssa Chandler says:

    It looks like a wooly mammoth on drugs

  62. Jasochek chekkers says:

    I would probly avoid lighting fires in that hut…..

  63. يوميات بوبجي العراقي says:

    اكو عرب بل تعاليق

  64. าดสด าแมด says:


  65. Niko White says:

    He shod Burnet

  66. CreatingwithWingless Angel says:

    Can you make a bronze age round house? That would be cool.

  67. Avlu Dizi Fan says:


  68. universeスペースクラフト says:


  69. sugi ono says:

    Keren om buat lagi yg baru

  70. Nízká výšina says:

    i love this Chanel, i always watching those videos when i want to relax

  71. G 4 D FLOW says:

    awesome infinite thumbs up man.

  72. Zapata Zanusi says:

    Warning : Don't play Matches near the hut please ..

  73. MJ _10 says:

    Imagine a whole group of people doing this like maybe 3-7 people

  74. Udit Mishra says:

    *grass iglu

  75. roger hall says:

    I love your videos, keep up the excellent work

  76. Ryan Harber says:

    The people on naked and afraid really need to watch a few of these videos and use them to their advantage so they can build a hut to sleep in

  77. Professor Baguette says:

    is it fire proof?

  78. SorenSkyfighter says:

    What Texture pack is this its so realistic

  79. Стар Дим says:

    Ты гений)))

  80. josef stalin says:

    scp 666 real life version

  81. Brenda Lambert says:

    i looked up neolithic housing and found your channel. I love it. you have a new fan.

  82. stefano citelli says:

    Ryan has the best materials out there on the market [ Check Details Here=> ]. I was stuck while building my first wood shed, so frustrated I have to abandon that project. I'm glad to have come in contact with Ryan's building plan. It's amazing.

  83. Hans, get ze luger says:

    amazing work! might try this one in summer. (from finland)

  84. Bile mohammed Aden says:

    I would love to see you sleeping in this kind of House you build

  85. pluggedcharger 2 says:

    Ik he lives prolly in Australia but how do u find areas with no trees because my whole would do this is j trees

  86. Catsoup says:

    Damn I wish I had the time / patience to do something like this, put a little fire in the middle and camp out with some friends

  87. Jimmy Ferb Neutron test says:

    Build a day one mincraft dirt house

  88. JellyGaming400 says:

    Think again about having a campfire in that hut.

  89. Kaiser says:

    I wonder if he has issues with ticks being out there so long

  90. fastacker2 says:

    I am watching this on a computer made from straw and bits of mud. 🙂

  91. 薯仔 says:

    I'd be pretty pissed if i found a squatter in my hut…

  92. ĈАПЁР ŦV says:

    like kto ruskiy!

  93. Inflatable Fart says:

    Why dont homeless people just make a grass hut?

  94. voicetube says:

    The only thing missing for me would be Ginger & Mary-Anne 🙂

  95. Da Hai Zhu says:

    This guy's awesome! But what I don't get is how he can work outside shirtless and still be so white! I'd be a dark red beet in just a few hours – even with a ton of sunscreen 😁

  96. D.I.Y. School House says:

    Everything was hunky-dory…. until the big bad wolf showed up

  97. コメント欄監視中 says:


  98. Vincent T. says:

    Required courses for Department of Architecture

  99. TheNexSanz says:

    Hey I want to make that sees you need to lash together every bundle of grass Too much work there is no way im making this

  100. AetherResonant says:

    Well, guess I know what I'm doing if I become homeless and doomed to the streets

    Leaving civilization!

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