Puzzle Cutting Mats to Fit Your Space
Puzzle Cutting Mats to Fit Your Space

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my name is Laura. And I need a mat that works like a puzzle. Because my machine is sunk into the table, I have a big surface that I can turn into a cutting surface, but I don’t want just one side. I want as much surface as I can to be covered. Sometimes I’ll cut here, but I would like to be able to use that length as well, so I need a cutting mat that’s going to conform to a shape that I want. Now I could just take a mat and cut it, or I can put one together like a puzzle. In my case, I’m going to be able to use three mats at 18″ by 24″ and put them together like puzzles. And they do go together like puzzles because the corners can come apart like jigsaw puzzle pieces so you can join them. You can use them as a flat mat or take them apart and get connector pieces to join them all together. UltiMat comes in different sizes so you can get sizes to fit unusual areas. This is a very slippery surface. I don’t want my mats to move as I’m cutting so I’m going to lay down a surface to prevent the mats from slipping. I’m going to use the TrueCut non-skid pads. It comes in a great travel tube so if you want, you’re going to be able to carry these wherever you need to go. When you touch the mat it does not feel sticky, but it definitely sticks onto itself and onto other surfaces. It doesn’t stick like tape so we’re going to be able to remove it and put it down whenever we need it. I have three of these non-slip mats to match my cutting mats. I’m going to be able to lay down the non-slip mats first and arrange them as I like, then I can put the mats right over top. You need nothing special to put these mats down; just a clean dry surface, and lay them down. They really just stick on. Now I’m going to be able to put my cutting mats right over top. I’ve placed my three mats right on top of those non-skid pads and I’ve lined up all of the edges. You could take off some of the corner pieces so you can use little corner connectors to put them together like puzzles. I want to join the two mats together along the one edge. I will be able to use this corner connector piece. Put it in and snap it together. So not only is the mat underneath going to hold it to prevent it from sliding, this is also going to keep it from sliding and it’s going to make it a very smooth surface. The ends I’m going to leave just the way they are. Where I have the three mats joined together, there’s a piece that is designed for four mats to go together. So it’s more of a four-corner connector, but I’m still going to use this piece and it’s going to hold all three of these mats together. Just push it in. This little piece hanging out is not going to bother me at all because I’m cutting in this surface. This piece will give you an opportunity to make it even bigger if you wanted to have four mats together. And because you can get different sizes, you can get a big cutting surface. This is the self-healing 3mm mat so it’s nice and thick. A very durable working surface. It has nice thin marking lines on it with 60°, 45°, 30° angle, and a nice 90° angle in the center with a 45° mark on the side. And with my corner pieces put on, I now have a cutting mat the shape and the size that I want. This will give me a long working surface in one direction and going in the other. This mat Is never going to slide and get in my way. And I can pick it up and move it whenever I need to. I now have a workable cutting space that fits the space that I need it to fit. I’ll put a link in the description to the UltiMat and to the non-slip pad. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

36 thoughts on “Puzzle Cutting Mats to Fit Your Space”

  1. Donna Norris says:

    Did not know that that existed. Good to know. (Although my space is WAAAAAAAAY too small to ever need it.). 👍❤️😉
    Thx for sharing about it.

  2. Janet Hagen says:

    These are clever. Wish I'd known about them before Christmas 'cause I'm setting up my new sewing space in my son's old room which is the huge room upstairs that goes from the front of our garage to the back of the house. 😀 My son has moved out to his own home and will be getting married in April so I didn't kick him out!! LOL Anyway, with all the extra space these mats would have come in handy. Instead, I found some really large mats on Amazon and ordered those. They're working out well but these mats look so custom made for the surface area. I really like how they stay in place without sliding. Very nice. TFS! xoxoJanet

  3. Evelyne Jackman says:

    Amazing! Exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks Laura!

  4. Anne O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Laura,
    Is the section in front of your sewing table an Ikea storage unit. You set up looks great. Can you tell me how you did it. Thanks.

  5. Nancy Chinda says:

    Thanks for sharing, love your hair though

  6. hazelann alexander says:

    Can't find prices

  7. B Waldron says:

    That is awesome. Nice to see what your sewing area is like too

  8. Scriptures Veggies And Thimbles says:

    Love your videos. Please do share your table set up with your sewing machine and where you got it from.

  9. RsIslandCrafts - Robin says:

    Much nicer than the version I have. Mine has metal clips and little screws to hold a row of 3 mats together.

  10. Joyous says:

    Brilliant idea!!!

  11. ThoughtfullySewn says:

    Laura, I'm so glad I've subscribed to you. You always manage to find not only useful and interesting topics or products to talk about, but it's typically unique. It was also very nice to see your sewing room. It's organized very well. I particularly like the cubical draws under your cutting table. Great way to organize your sewing items while keeping a neat, organized room. Maybe you can do a tutorial on the organization of your own sewing room. I bet it will help a lot of us.
    And the mats – they're terrific. Thank you for making us aware of them. I didn't know such a thing existed. As always, your tutorials are fantastic. I'm a big fan!

  12. Livinnpjs says:

    First, those non slip mats, they are simply silpat baking mats. Trucut charges 25.00 for the 12x 18 size, but you can get three 12x 16.5 on Amazon (silicone baking mats) for 16.95. (link below). (if you don't believe me, get out a squeaky clean silpat and try to slide it on your counter top). Second, why would you post a whole sale link? HA Kidd for those puzzle mats does not sell to consumers. So, we have to find our own source anyway, so you just wasted my time going to HA Kidd. Lastly, you would have been better off buying a $60.00 Sullivan mat, at 36 x 59, and cutting it to the shape you needed. It would have fit the space perfectly too, but unlike your pieced together mats, it would have allowed you continuous measurements both on the long side and the short side with no gaps for the rotary cutter to fall into. The puzzle mats start from 1 to 24, then have a space at the end, so the two mats together have two spaces, so they go 1-24 space-space 1-24. The Sullivan matt would run 1-59 on the long side continuously, then you'd have to cut it at the 18 over to "L" shape, so that end would also run continuous measure, and NO gaps. I realize that you may have gotten those free and are demonstrating them, but it's not the best or the cheapest or best solution for either of these issues.

  13. stephanie1971a says:

    Hi Laura, I call you The Oracle of sewing & quilting gadgets, gizmos and information!! You are one amazing woman!! Thanks for all your tips and help!! Regards from York, England x

  14. Jennie Lynn Schlageter says:

    Wow look at that!

  15. F Ahmadi says:


  16. Cerri Thomas says:

    Great idea, and I would love to know what you are using as a sewing machine table. And the cubby behind it. Can you share with us?

  17. Chris B says:

    That is really cool! It is much better than the plastic roll-out mat. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Denise Mcintosh says:

    Great products!!! Those will come in handy for me!


    Pretty clever!

  20. Bonnie Brannon says:

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  21. Theresa Morgan says:

    WHAT a Dream Table!!!! Enjoy… I see new videos in the future there???

  22. Jane Lyons says:

    Thank you Laura for this and all of your informative and creative videos. I always look forward to them and have made quite a few of your projects and implemented many of your ideas. I would love to know what kind of sewing table you have. I also have a Bernina 790 and would love to have a table like yours with an insert. I also would love to know about the cubbie units you have in front of your sewing machine table. Please keep your videos coming.

  23. Gail Kaminski says:

    Love this!

  24. A Cof says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Virginia Valentin says:

    I love sewing supplies. Thanks for sharing

  26. Kathy Mitchell Upton says:

    Great video but H.A.Kidd never sells directly to consumers. (Sad face….). I don't know of any of my local independent quilt shops that carry these.

  27. Linda Maglione says:

    What a great product! Love the organization in your sewing room. Would you share the brand of your sewing/cutting table?

  28. Sofagirl Creates says:

    In the uk they're called "Add-a-mat" by a firm called Sullivans. They are a different colour but seem to be the same design. They are listed on Amazon.co.uk, I hope this helps. Seems a good system 🙂

  29. Lorraine Crance says:

    Loved both the sticky stuff underneath! And the puzzle pieces pads! You always finds such great stuff, and we end up with it all in our sewing rooms, eventually…

  30. Judith Letson says:

    what a perfect mat – thanks so much

  31. Fabulous Marilyn says:

    Those are nice Ms
    Laura. Thank you

  32. Cindy McFarland says:

    I don't know where you find these unique items but keep them coming!  They're great! Thanks for your tutorials.  I really enjoy watching them.

  33. Sasslette says:

    We don't have that brand here but what a fantastic idea! I wish I had a room just for sewing and a set up like that!

  34. Linda M says:

    I have a 3'x6' + margins mat, which is too big for my tables. You mentioned cutting a mat. PLEASE! How do you do that!!!??? Thanks!

  35. 6862211 says:

    Awesome thanks!

  36. billie deschamps says:

    Hi grama

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