Que faire à Lisbonne/comment comprendre Lisbonne à travers ses azulejos
Que faire à Lisbonne/comment comprendre Lisbonne à travers ses azulejos

What to do in Lisbon Visiting El Museu Nacional do Azulejo Here we are.A beautiful garden palms trees a beautifull blue sky I’m not comfortable But we’re inside the museum This Atena realised at the 18 th century (ceramic square) on the walls and even ceilings Very big pannel , birth of Christ different kind of models and incredible stairs We arrive in the full covered walls and ceilings church opulence of the decorations so gorgeous azulejos pannels, carved wood, paintings ! where can we put our eyes ???? entire walls decorated what outstanding decorations Not only 1square centimeter without something Fascinating this is a big chapel, for me it’s a church ! Unique to mixe azulejos and classical church ornementations this is the panorama of Lisbon every street, monument , river, people hills …. 1300 squares and 25 meters…. very special with big relief like sculpture realised in 1954 I have some difficulties with connexion, so soon or when I’ll be back home to continue Lisbon visit and the interesting points. Enjoy Lisbon interior square patio

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