Queensland Roofing Tiles Leaks Video 2
Queensland Roofing Tiles Leaks Video 2

This is a video brought to
you by Queensland Roofing, quality materials and
quality tradesmen since 1978. The video is in relation to why roof
leaks cannot always be found by the untrained eye. Looking at the photo on screen
you see a concrete tile. On the right-hand
side of the concrete tile you see what’s called the underlap of the tile or commonly referred
to as the watercourse. Looking at a different view you see the concrete tile
getting held down by a strap via the use of the
watercourse or the underlap. Going back to the
initial photo again, cast your eyes halfway down
that watercourse or underlap, you see damage to
the edge of that tile. Now keeping in mind water
runs between these tiles you cannot see that
damage from the roof. It is unseen and untraceable
from the roof, So just in case you missed it, let’s have a look at
that photo again. Halfway down the watercourse
of the concrete tile you can see damage
to the watercourse. That damage is not
visible from the roof. It is undetectable by
standing on the roof. For more information call
Queensland Roofing on 1300 90 20 37.

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