Quick & Easy Shower Cleaning Routine! How to Clean A Shower (Time Saving Tips) Clean My Space
Quick & Easy Shower Cleaning Routine! How to Clean A Shower (Time Saving Tips) Clean My Space

One of the most popular questions
we get asked, hands down, is how to clean a shower.
So we finally decided to put a shower cleaning video
together for you. I feel like people get
so overwhelmed when they think about cleaning a shower.
They think about the bad product smells, the scrubbing, the wetness,
the time, the gloves, etc. Honestly, cleaning a shower
need not be such a stress. I have a really easy method
that I’m going to share with you. I’ll also share some tips with you
on how to maintain your shower and possibly, possibly eliminate
the need to clean your shower at all. Okay. So a quick disclaimer.
I clean my shower regularly. And as you know, we do most
of our videos in my home. So I’m going to demonstrate
this in my shower. But if your shower is dirtier, expect
to spend more time and elbow grease than what you’ll see in the video
here on your first attempt. The results will be amazing.
And once you see how easy it is to do, you won’t fear it anymore and your
shower will be a lot easier to clean. So here’s what you’ll need.
Tub and tile cleaner. For porcelain, glass walls, glass tile
and ceramic tile, you can use any tub and tile cleaner that you like, or you
can use a homemade one, like this, which is just dish liquid and vinegar.
Now, for natural stone, like granite, marble or travertine, you can only use a
specialty stone cleaner or a neutral soap. Double sided sponge.
Now, look for the non-scratching type, because you don’t want to
scratch any finishes. Don’t use a cheap sponge here.
You’ll need a good quality sponge or else you’ll be putting in
overtime hours unnecessarily. Microfiber cloths for drying
walls and the tub. And of course, a squeegee if you have one.
Baking soda for some added abrasion just in case.
And finally, full strength vinegar for glass shower doors,
which I don’t have. All right.
Let’s get to cleaning. Start by removing everything
from the shower, like your bottles, soap bars and sponges.
Then pull the curtains out of the way and begin to spray the tiles
in your shower with your favorite bathroom cleaning product.
Let the product sit for about five minutes..
This is called dwell time, and this will allow the product
to do the work for you. When the time is up,
grab your sponge and start at the far left side of the shower.
You’re going to work clockwise until you tackle all walls.
For heavy soap scum on non-glass surfaces, you may want to sprinkle about a teaspoon
of baking soda into your sponge before you start scrubbing.
The extra abrasion will help scrape off that soap scum.
Once the walls are scrubbed, you can repeat steps two
and three for the tub. Spray it down and leave it for about
5 or 10 minutes, and then scrub it, starting at one end of the tub
and working your way to the other. If your tub is acrylic,
you’ll need to use the soft side of your sponge only since
the scrubbing side can ruin the finish. And now, the moment of redemption that
you’ve all been waiting for, rinsing. If you have a removable shower head,
start spraying the shower walls down, following the same pattern
you used to clean it. If you don’t have that,
run the faucet and use a container or a milk jug
to rinse the walls. Now once the walls are rinsed, use a
squeegee to remove all additional water, and then follow that up by
buffing it with a clean, dry cloth. If you don’t have a
squeegee, just use a cloth. And repeat this for the tub.
Don’t forget to shine your chrome. By rinsing everything at the end,
you keep things a lot dryer for yourself and your feet, of course,
and you use less water. It also makes the job easier,
more efficient and much safer. See, how easy was that?
Okay, it wasn’t easy, but it was a clear step-by-step
explanation of how to do it. If you want to be super efficient with
your showering and reduce the need to clean your shower entirely,
here’s what you have to do. Now I just want to say, I understand it’s
a bit of a time commitment, but you need to ask yourself if this is easier
than cleaning your shower every couple of weeks.
You be the judge. All you do is keep an old towel or a
squeegee handy, and when you’ve done your shower, simply wipe down
or squeegee all the walls and the tub and the glass. Follow that up with a mist
of daily shower spray. If your walls are dry, there’s
no possibility for soap scum hard water spots and mildew
to latch onto the surfaces. And remember, turn on your
exhaust fan for 30 minutes or so. Moisture is the cause of
grungy bathrooms worldwide. So if you do that every single time you
shower, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your shower again.
I have some more great tips on our blog, which include how to check for soap
scum and a daily shower spray recipe. And that is at CleanMySpace.com.
So be sure to check it out. And of course, I’ve put the link
in the description box below for you. If you liked the video,
give it a thumbs up. And if you have any cleaning questions
or comments about this video or perhaps a shower cleaning tip that
I didn’t mention here, please, drop it in the comment box below.
And remember to hit Subscribe to catch more of our great cleaning
videos, tips, tricks, giveaways, and a whole bunch
of other cleaning excitement. Thanks so much for watching,
and I’ll see you next time. ♪ [music] ♪

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