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I used quilling strips on a chipboard to make this wall decor that you can mount on a wall or keep on your desk or you can also get it framed makes for great home decor and is something that is very gift worthy too please subscribe to the channel guys, so that I am inspired to keep bringing such fun creative ideas to you a complete list of all the things that you need to make this home decor craft will be listed in the description For now, I am using 1.5 millimeters of strip quilling strip and this is half a strip make a tear drop shape. We need three such shapes for the next shape, I am using one complete strip with this one we need to make an eye shape make a teardrop shape first and then pinch it on the other side you will get this eye shape if you have a dome making tool you can use it else, you can go with straight shapes too Because these are very small it is difficult to do this by hand we made eight of these now for the third size I am using one and a half strip the same eye shape for this size, we need five. cut a circle out from any sheet and let us now assemble the flower I can’t find the tweezers that are particularly made to be used in quilling so I am using these those are more pointed in the end so it is easy to pick up shapes and handle them anyways, we can improvise, right? if you find it difficult, just scale up the size of the flower longer the strip larger will the flower be the big shapes will be very easy to handle cut out any excess from the base circle I made a bigger flower too. For this one the smallest petal is made using one strip and then moving on to 1.5 and two strips but every color of Quilling strips come in different thickness so you need to make and try and judge for yourself. I’m using this comb tool that comes in any quilling set you can use an actual comb too, to make this. I am using 1.5 strips for this size quick tip of the day is that if you glue beforehand all the strips in the size & number that you want to use in the craft then it will become very easy to just keep working on in a flow, making all the shapes and then assembling them later using half a green strip I am making this leaf make a loose coil and glue it, then pinch it on one end. one complete strip to make a tight coil for the yellow flower base take a quilling strip and glue the leaves on it you can assemble the leaves as they are on the base itself but this gives a more natural look and it is easy to handle and assemble making a few more of such leaf patterns the base that I’m working on which I’m going to use as my base, the black chipboard it is 6 x 6 inches if you don’t find a chipboard in the market, you can use any thick card stock a card board or an MDF get creative with it. Quilling shapes are not very heavy so anything can hold it very well use good amounts of fevicol because it all turns transparent later so it won’t look messy like it may be looking right now but it will make our entire piece very sturdy and strong This is a 3mm strip that I’m usingl to make an outline of a mason jar I didn’t have a lot of color options to
choose from so I used this dark green shade but I later colored it with a silver metallic marker so you can use a different color if you want to this particular step making the outlines require a lot of patience and very stable hands both of which, clearly, I don’t have however flimsy the outlines may seem right now once the fevicol dries It will get very strong and it will
stay where you glue them I made the flower stems with the same 3mm dark green shade and made some tight coils in different sizes The wall decor is ready totally gift worthy & show off worthy guys, do try it if you liked this tutorial and the craft idea then do tell me that you like it in the comments and hit the like button and please subscribe because a lot of fun creative amazing craft ideas are going to come up

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