Rainbow Resin LED Desk DIY ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’ก (+ ultimate cable organization!)
Rainbow Resin LED Desk DIY ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’ก (+ ultimate cable organization!)

Are you feeling frustrated… by your tiny
desk? Having size envy and feeling inadequate? I think it’s time for us to consider desk
enlargement. Hehehehe. Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn… Oh yeah oh! And we suffer from desk dysfunction. C’mon! Hey guys… ah dang haha. Huhhhh. I just got the giggles now. Hey guys… We’re Evan and Katelyn and we suffer from
desk dysfunction. Hey guys! So today we’re gonna build a new one. Featuring aluminum extrusions, wood, resin,
LEDs, and built in cable organization. This video is sponsored by Squarespace. From websites and online stores to marketing
tools and analytics, Squarespace is the all in one platform to build a beautiful online
presence and run your business. Alright guys so for the base of this desk
we are gonna be using t-slot aluminum framing. It’s my favorite material ever. I got obsessed with it while I was at my engineering
job and Katelyn doesn’t understand it but she accepts this part of me. Haha. It’s really strong, lightweight, it’s modular,
it’s like legos but for adults! Alright, time for assembly! Oh wait you guys are already done? Yeah, what took you so long? This guy… Ok so this, this is actually Ikea butcher
block that we got on sale. We’ve used it for sooo many projects we literally
bought everything that was on sale. Yeah but it’s a little bit too… long. Haha yeah. It’s a little bit too short in this direction. But we have plans! We are going to fix that with resin. Yes. Ready. Yeah. There we go. I promise we’re not crazy, we did that on
purpose. Hahaha. I realized we hadn’t really explained that
part yet. All we have to do now is take these two pieces
of wood and join them with some resin. So you might be wondering… what are all
these pieces of wood? We, um, were about to clamp everything down,
and create a little mold so that we can pour resin to join these together. But as we started prepping… I got more and more worried about making it
work logistically. Let me pull up my list of what I was worried
about. I was making dinner and Evan comes in and
he’s like… “I have a list of concerns…” I’m worried about the structural integrity,
resin ruining the base, like being too thick, leakage… But I think we have a plan. You look like a “C.” Heh I can’t I have to
like rest it on my belly this thing is so freaking heavy. I’m just gonna embrace the funny face. How do I look? Do I look powerful? Hahahaha go for it! Dead on baby! Mine is actually like 1/16th short. Mine is 1/16th short too. Just like we planned it. Good enough. That planning though. That precision… It’s just like we planned it… I love the rods… So we just realized that we messed up. So we were embedding these metal rods in here
to add rigidity since it’s just two flush faces held together by resin. We were worried the resin would snap when
we tried to carry it in. And we left some extra room on this wooden
piece so that afterwards we could trim it and we’d get a nice clean edge. Like two clever things. We were being super smart. But we didn’t combine them. No. And these are now outside the area which is
going to be cut. So we have to do it again and it’s really
painful in the moment but I know that if we don’t do it right… we’ll regret it more
later… so we’re going to start over. *LE SIGH* I feel like that was overly dramatic. No, it’s not this is EXACTLY how I feel. *DRAMATIC DIAL TURNED TO MAX* That like hurt
my neck! It’s past midnight though so we’re going to
give up for today and start tomorrow. Are you ok? Like it never happened. I don’t know if this is totally necessary. Don’t mess up. Mold review. So we spent the past, probably hour and a
half taping literally every surface we could because this is our biggest pour we’ve ever
done and we’re super paranoid about everything leaking, but I’ll show you what we did. Soooo, we have multiple layers of Tyvek tape
which resin is supposed to not stick to, all the way down. We also have clear tape on top of our wood
so that if it starts spilling over a little bit- some people just let it spill over, we’re
gonna try to make it really level, but if it starts it won’t get on the wood (hopefully). We have these dams set up at the end, precariously
taped. And we have about 100 popsicle sticks shimming
this upwards. It’s… pretty much level. Alright, time to pour. Time to pour. Everybody go woo! Woo! Alrighty so we are preparing for the pour! We had the idea of doing rainbow LED’s underneath
our resin pour, so the obvious choice was doing like a white sheer resin. But we thought when the LED’s are off that
might look kinda boring so instead we’re gonna do a subtle pastel rainbow. Which is kinda hard, it’s a lot easier to
just do an opaque color. We have to try to do just the right amount
of pigment and not too much pigment. Hopefully it’ll look good. We got this. I think it’s gonna look nice. So much resin. We gotta mix fast. This is pretty good. Are we just eyeballing? Ok, clock is officially ticking and we have
a bunch of colors to mix. Let’s start there. That looks right. Alright! You definitely pick up on the color but it’s
also- it’s subtle- somewhat translucent but not really. Yeah these are like… a little extra pigmented. I think it’s cuz they’re so thick. Hooo! Haha, ready? Yeah… this is so nerve wracking! Oh that looks cool though. It is really cool. Double glove! Isn’t it so good? So good! Are you gonna swirl them together? I don’t like it to be as perfectly even. Oh yeah. Like some smaller bits and some wider swoops. Oh that’s so cool. So glad we’re mixing them. Yeah me too. That, this makes it so much cooler. The swirls are more noticeable at the transition
points. I like it though I really like it. I like it a lot. I like it a lot. Ok, so torch it? Heh, so torch it, burn it all! Ah I think it worked! I mean, this is layer one so we have to do
it again but- Oh this looks so cool! It looks so cool! It’s totally steaming! Can you see that? You can see the steam coming up. It’s still, it’s still 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Dang! Full cure for this slow resin is 5 days. We’ve never waited that long. We usually demold after 12 hours. Yeah. We should um… because we need to pour this
other one when it’s at the gel state. Yeah we do. It’s gonna be there a lot faster. Yeah, so- We might need to poke it with a
stick. No we need, we need to eat now real quick. No not if it’s ready, if it’s ready then we
need to pour. *tap tap tap* Oh! We gotta pour! We gotta pour! Oh we gotta pour. Oh my gosh. I- Katelyn I’m not sure if we would have realized
it. That happened really fast. Normally it’s like 40 minutes. Shoulda worn pants! Wanna start mixing? Uh… yeah. Ok so it’s been 20 minutes and we are officially
in go mode. This was so thick that it started curing really
fast and we need to pour the next layer during the gel state. It’s like, it’s like passing the gel state
as we speak. I don’t even know if it’s still gel state
or if it’s too late. If you don’t pour during the gel state, the
next layer doesn’t fuse. And then, and then like, what you’re supposed
to do is sand it and scuff it. We might need to do that. I think we should maybe scuff it. I don’t want sandpaper cuz it will create
dust. I wanna use… a… brush! Ahaha! I have it, I have it! Time to scratch it up. Ok, yep, oh that sounds terrible. Yeah I think this is really good. Oh I hope it all sticks together. No it’ll be good, it’ll be good. Ummmmm… Alright. Alright. I know what I’m doing. Do I know what I’m doing? Well this is exciting! We’re gonna do a slightly less pigmented go
this time because the first one was a little more pigmented than we thought it would be,
and then a thin thin clear coat on the very top. Wanna start doing the same method? We’re like old pros at this now. Except for when we forgot that it would kick
fast… ok, let’s go! Oh yeah. I’m not sure how to do this. Did I do it? Hahaha. Oh, there’s a big blobby ok it’s starting
to blob. Blob oh oh oh it’s going. It’s like kicking right now? It’s like kicking right now. That was crazy, it just like- a chain reaction. A steamy reaction. Haha! I think that what we should do is let it sit,
let it fully cool, go to eat, scratch it, and then do the final one. Woo! Woo! Ok. Haha your gloves farted! This is looking AMAZING. I love this. But we were pushing our luck with this really
big pours. Yeahhhh… no more craziness. We were flying too close to the sun earlier. It cured way too fast, I think it slightly
delaminated from the walls a little bit. So now that we have the color done. It’s looking just like we want it. We’re gonna encase it with some clear resin
pours. Get like a super glossy top finish so that
we don’t have to do much sanding and resurfacing at
the end. We uh realized that this is curing pretty
hard and we want to try to remove some of this tape before this fully hardens on top
of the tape. These outer ones shouldn’t be too hard to
remove at all. *terrible noises* These are the ones I’m worried
about. The ones that were right next to the resin. Not bad not bad not bad. Hey. Nice. Oooo yes. Oh yeah I’m getting a preview too. Seeing the light come through the color. Ok what’s next? Ok um… Hahaha. Next we’re going to build our cable organization. So we have a lot of stuff that needs to be
organized and contained. Yes. So we’re gonna build an entire shelf that
goes along the back of our desk to contain all that stuff with holes going through it
for wires. But that’s not super pretty when you walk
in and can see it from the sides so… We’re doing these additional diagonal side
panels to hide it. That should be a cool design element. So, let’s go cut some wood real quick… du-du-du-duh
let me do that again. No stop, come back let me do it! Alright all that resin took a little bit longer
than we thought, so we’re gonna kinda speed through this woodworking part. Should we talk about what we’re doing? I mean that’s Danish oil. Yep. It’s really easy! Hahaha! We’re drilling holes for the cable organization. And 3D printing my favorite thing. Yeah, we made a bunch of custom brackets to
hold the wood pieces on, even to hold our lights in place, which we’ll show in a minute. Annnnd then we’re just speeding through the
attachment. You look so comfortable. Did you forget what you were gonna say? Alright so now we’re gonna add LED’s. That makes any project super epic. Toss them at your project and now it’s great. Looks great. Hey it’s me in the comments. How come you don’t just embed your LED’s in
the resin like everybody else does? Cuz we’re not sure if this is the technology
we want to be here forever. I actually wanted to use these which are individually
addressable, they have this cool micro-controller, but it’s, it’s, like we need to upload the
video tomorrow and we are not done yet. Really? *Evan singing*Do the montage. Wait you’re gonna montage over
this singing right? Right. *Evan singing* The time is now or never! The montage is gonna be great! LED’s do make everything cooler! Alright so now for the best part of the video,
an hour and a half to three hours of sanding and polishing cuz that’s what the internet
wants right? Yeah that’s good content. Alright let’s get going. While I work on this, let’s talk about our
sponsor, Squarespace! So this channel actually started as a side
hustle, and the desk we’re building is for our podcast which, in itself is a side hustle,
and when you’re starting up these things on the side, you don’t always have time to build
yourself a website. That’s where Squarespace comes in, it’s literally
a one stop shop for everything you need for a website. You can claim your domain name, build your
website, sell stuff, and even use their tools to promote it. Their templates really beautiful and easy
to use, and if you hit a snag at 2am cuz you know, side hustle, they have 24 hour support
to help you out. So go to Squarespace dot com for a free trial
and when you’re ready to launch go to Squarespace dot com slash Evan and Katelyn for 10% off
your first purchase of a domain or website. Squarespace dot com slash Evan and Katelyn. Whew! Awesome, scary! Wooo! Ok, alrighty, moment of truth. Ahhhh… Oh my gosh. Look at that. Ohoho yes. It just looks so good. Looks so good! This just brings out the richness. We’re so rich! We’re rich! Rich… in… Danish oil! Haha we’re almost actually already out. This looks so good. Ahhhhh! Katelyn is broken. This looks so good. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Watch your step coming up here. You ready to test the lights? C’mon, c’mon, ready? Ohhhh my gosh! That looks so good let’s do the color fade. Woah! It’s kind of like what we thought. With the pastel colors, they’re sheer enough
that it lets the color of the light show through, but when it’s off or when it’s just a white
light the rainbow shows. Hmmm!! Ok ready? You guys, we’re done! Yay! We love the desk, thanks for watching and
we’ll see you guys next time. If you wanna check out our Twitch stream or
our podcast that’s at Twitch dot TV slash Evan and Katelyn or Evan and Katelyn Podcast
on whatever podcast app you like. Including YouTube. Yeah! Bye! Bye! Oh god! I did it to troll you. No you didn’t . Hey guys.. hahaha oh my. I can’t take a gentle sip. I used up all of my seriousness. Hey guys… haha noooo! Resin is the best thing in the world. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be really cool. It’s gonna be… LIT.

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