Rainbow Sorbet Block of the Month for March # 15
Rainbow Sorbet Block of the Month for March # 15

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. It is time for Rainbow Sorbet Block of the Month number 15. This has been a free follow-along block-of-the-month from Quilting Confections. I’ll put a link in the description so you can follow along. We are on block number 15. Block 15 is this great star block. It looks like it’s very complicated with all the points, but when we break it down in sections, it really is simple. We have four corners and four sides. Let’s get started. For the fabric we’re going to need a background fabric, two squares at 3½”, eight squares at 2½”, one square which is 6″ and it’s going to be cut on the diagonal twice to end up with four triangles. Fabric: We have one big piece at 4½” and two at 3½”. Fabric B: We need two 5½” squares. We’ll cut those in half on the diagonal so we will have four large triangles. Fabric C: We need one square 6½” and that’s going to be cut on the diagonal twice so will we have four of these great little triangles. The very last piece, which is fabric D, we’re going to need four pieces 2½” by 4½” We need to build four corners and four sides. The four corners are the same and the four sides are done and the center is just that big block. That big block is that 4½” square. We can put that aside. Let’s take a look at these side blocks. We’re going to need the C square which was cut at 6″ then cut on the diagonal twice to get the triangles. The same for the background fabric, so those are the same size triangles. These are triangles from the B. All the triangles are going to make those sides. The rest of the fabric are going to make the ends. The two smaller triangles are going to go together and that larger triangle is going to go on the bottom. All the layouts are the same. They just get twisted as we go around. The first thing we need to do is sew these two triangles together. If you bring it to the machine and have the light side up, you’re going to be able to stitch right down coming off of that point at ¼”. With those two pieces done, press the seam allowance to the darker side. That triangle is going to be able to fit right on. Just match up that edge and stitch a ¼” seam allowance. If the tops are a little off that’s fine because we’re going to be able to trim these down. Once that has been stitched on we’re going to be able to trim it down but we can trim it before we press it. Turn it over so you can see your seams. I’ve sewn my seams in a darker color so you’d see where they’re at. Throughout this project we’ve been using the Quilt in a Day 6½” Triangle Square Up Ruler. We’ll continue using that for this piece right here. This block needs to be squared up to 4½”. We need to find the 4½” line on the ruler. That line is going to be placed on the stitching line. Line up the ruler on the stitching line. This center line also needs to go on this stitching line. So both those lines are sitting on top of stitching lines. Then we can trim off this extra. With that fabric cut off, when we open it it’s going to be a perfect 4½” square. Before I open it I like to trim off my dog ears. Go from the stitching line and take a little snip inside. Now I can take this and press it to that solid piece. We will have four of them which will be those four sides. With those four sides done we need to concentrate on that corner. We have the background and fabric A that we need to make half square triangles out of. Place the right sides together, draw a line down the center and stitch on either side. By sewing ¼” on each side, when we open those up they’re going to give us those half-square triangles. We need to trim these down to 2½”. We can use that same ruler and the same method: That 2½” line is going to go on the stitching line. It can go anywhere on that line. Trim off the extra. We will always have that seam allowance hanging out. Trim off those little dog ears. Press this to the dark side. Choose one corner and lay all the blocks out in the same direction as that one corner. So I have the white coming down and the pink coming up. For this corner square I need four of those 2½” squares. They’re going to be placed right on the top. This is the piece we’re going to make within that unit. That portion is now done. We need to work on this D with the little white end. We have the 2½” by 4½”. 2½” on top of the corner. Following that stitching line we’re going from the center up. Drawing a line from corner to corner will give you a stitching line. You’ll be able to stitch right along that edge. When that is opened up, it’s giving us the angle that we need. Do that to all four pieces. Once that’s been stitched on, we can remove this corner Now we’re going to be able to press that back. These two stacks just need to be stitched together. This corner piece is now done, and it sort of looks like a tulip. We’re going to be able to put this together. We have the center square and the four corners. The four corners are just going to go around the block. Then we put in the sides. It’s just a matter of walking those pieces around. This triangle piece is going to be pointing as if it’s going around the block. From here we just sew those three rows together, pressing the seams going in opposite directions. Rainbow Sorbet Block 15 is now done. It’s a great star block with all those lovely points. If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been doing two blocks: The original pattern, and then I went into my scrap basket. I started with a dark fabric with lots of floral print on it and pulled in all of my scraps. The background fabric in the original pattern is a lovely white. I’ve replaced it with a dark. All of my blocks have been opposite. In the first block, which were these sides: Where the white has been I’ve put the dark in. The same goes for the corners. Where the background fabric has been white, I’ve done it in the dark. For my center one I’ve chosen a black because I had an exact 4½” square. I’ve put my sides on; now my corners. All of these blocks are now 4½” squares so I can rearrange them. Let’s take that corner point and put it to the inside. Now it looks like I have tulips coming to the inside. Let’s switch up the sides to see what they look like. Just move them by one twist so the lighter color is going into the inside. What happens is the darker corners are now joining up. Let’s twist these one more time so that the darker triangle is coming towards the center: Yet again another design. Let’s put those corners back to the way they were supposed to be. Those 2½” corners are all pointing out and it still looks a little bit different. There are many different combinations we can do just by turning each one of these blocks. I’m going to put that back to the original layout and sew them together. Three rows, and then sew those rows together. Scrappy version is now done. Same size, same layout, just different colors. It’s amazing what a color can do. It is a beautiful star block with all those lovely points, regardless if we’ve done it in the Rainbow Sorbet selection or the scrappy selection. It turns out beautiful either way. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

32 thoughts on “Rainbow Sorbet Block of the Month for March # 15”

  1. Janet Hoffman says:

    You were right, easier than it looks! Nice block!

  2. Deborah Gilmore says:

    Hi Laura, I must tell you I love these blocks!! I made a king size quilt with only #4, It is beautiful! I'm still making the Sorbet quilt; its just so simple yet elegant! I think I just might have to do some twins with this block. My daughter is going on a missionary trip in January and I want to make as many quilts as I can. Good thing I don't work. Now all I need is the "fabric fairy" to come visit and dump fabrics in my sewing room..lol 🙂

  3. Patty Provost says:

    Love this block

  4. Eileen Jones says:

    Looking great!!!

  5. cathy Gosack says:

    I love your videos Laura. You are so good at explaining everything keep it going

  6. amal hassan says:

    Bien 🌹

  7. MGS says:

    I like this block pattern and my favorite with your scrappy version is for the center blocks with the dark toward the black center. It makes the fabric look like the colors entwine! Pretty❣️👍

  8. Julie Bais says:

    I know I’ve seen this question before so excuse me for asking again, but I would like to make the quilt behind you. Can you give pattern information for ir

  9. cathy Gosack says:

    I think I love this block the best! But they are all beautiful!!

  10. Maggie Meyer says:

    Appreciation from Clearwater 😻

  11. Lesley McNeely says:

    You are a great teacher Laura. Love this block 😍

  12. Susan Serefine says:

    I love the black and lavender block.

  13. lyn sincock says:


  14. Kay Perry says:

    I am so glad I found your utube channel, you make things so simple to do. I love the way you teach us sewing stuff. Thank you.

  15. newbeequilter says:

    I still want that black floral fabric! 🙂

  16. nancy cogar says:

    I was just wondering how many more blocks will this quilt have?

  17. nancy cogar says:

    Also how can I get the fabric for the first block?

  18. Rebecca Renner says:

    Thank you for all of your videos! I saving these for a summer project. BTW I love your blouse! Did you make it!😊

  19. Angela10226 says:

    I can't wait to see your scrappy version I absolutely love that dark floral fabric!! Laura is the lavender fabric that you used mottled? I thought either it is mottled or maybe she accidently (or intentionally) has the back of the fabric showing for a couple of the strips?

  20. Sasslette says:

    This is really coming together! So enjoying this!

  21. Susan Brown says:

    Just finished my "March" square and it turned out great. I noticed on the printed directions under "Background" one 6 1/2" square, cut diagonally twice. Should have been 6" square, cut diagonally twice.
    Love your videos and always look forward to the next month's new square.

  22. Rhonda W. says:

    How did I miss this series? Now I've got lots of catching up to do. Fifteen blocks to make and I especially love this one. Thanks for the great tutorials.

  23. Mary Pino says:

    I’m catching up! On Block 11 now about to go to 12. How many blocks in all? Love love this BOM

  24. Teresa Lima says:

    Thank you I really enjoy that .

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    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blocks! On my to-do list

  26. nancy cogar says:

    I can’t wait to see it finished!!! Especially your scrappy one!!!

  27. Linda Frazier says:

    I’m new to quilting and at first glance the block looks so complicated 🤪. Thank you for breaking it down so well! Love seeing the scrappy version too. So many choices!😁

  28. Sylvie Shewchuck says:

    I am going at a retreat this week and I will try it. Thank you

  29. Rebecca Renner says:

    Would you share the pattern number of your blouse? Thanks!

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    I'm loving the way these blocks are coming together! You really make each one easy to do! Thanks!

  31. Mary Pino says:

    Lara hey I’m catching up just caught up w this block! Just wanted you to know the instructions show to cut the background as 6.5 in block instead of 6. Oops . Watched your video and saw that. I hope to post my blocks soon. Thanks again as always!!

  32. S J CHAUHAN says:

    Hi, all your blocks are really very easy and will do all…. How can i make smaller size….??

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