“Rainbow Sorbet” Free Block of the Month-Block #3
“Rainbow Sorbet” Free Block of the Month-Block #3

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And it is the beginning of the month, which means the free follow-along block of the month from Quilting Confections. The quilt name is Rainbow Sorbet. It is a beautiful block and we are on month three. The pattern is a free block-of-the-month pattern from Quilting Confections. You’ll be able to go each month to their website and print out the pattern. You can also order the kit, and I’ll put a link in the description if you’d like to get hold of them. I will be showing two different colorways: The one that is recommended, and the one in scrappy fabrics. The scrappy fabrics have started with a dark print with a lot of pattern in it and have pulled colors out of it, so every month it’s going to be different. Where the pattern recommends light, I’m changing it for dark. But for the original colorway, it’s going to have these beautiful purples, yellows, and the nice crisp white background fabric. Because I’m doing it in two different colorways, I make marks on my pattern. The first thing is I write the colors that I’m going to use right at the top. And the second colorway, I do the colors that I want to do along the bottom. These arrows are representations of the blocks that need to be sewn together. For example, I need to take two of the background fabrics and match them up with two of color C. What the arrows represent: What is going together. All of these squares are going to be cut at 4½”. We will need six white background, two of the dark purple, four of the yellow, and four of the medium background color. I will match up my squares right at the beginning to what the directions recommend. Then I’m going to be able to take them and sew them all at one time. So I have the two background and the two medium; the second four are going to be matched up to the four yellow, and then my medium and my dark will get matched up. These are all going to be made into half-square triangles. There are many ways you can make them, but today we’re going to use the Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day 6½” Triangle Square Up Ruler. The first thing we need to do is sew these together. All the squares are going to be treated the same way: Draw a line from corner to corner. Stitch a quarter inch on each side of the line. Cut, following that first line, from corner to corner. After they’re cut apart we’re going to be able to square them. If you’re using the Square-Up ruler, you do it before you press them open. The half square triangles need to be trimmed down to 3½”, so we will use the side where the measurement has 3½”. That 3½” mark will sit on top of the stitching line—not on the cut edge, but right where you did stitching. It won’t matter the size of your seam allowance; it will still work out. Line up that line right on the stitching line. Trim off that corner. Once it’s been trimmed down, when you open it up you have a perfect 3½” square. Before we press these open we need to decide what direction the seams are going to go in. The block has four corner. For two corners the seams are going to go in one direction; the other corners they’re going to go in the opposite direction. So you need to take your piles and divide them in half. Press one seam going in one direction; the other seam allowance is going to go in the opposite direction. With these two piles that the seams are going in opposite directions, they’re going to go together. It will be easier if you assemble this block upside- down so you can see the seam allowances. You will have two blocks with all of the seam allowances going in one direction. The second set looks the same as the first in that the fabrics are in the same arrangement, but the seam allowances are going in opposite directions. We’re going to sew this together just like any traditional block. Start by making units of two. When the two sets of two are done, take the one block, press the seams so they’re opposing and they’ll match together. Do the same for the second set, but just change up the direction of the seam allowance. So you will always do opposite on two blocks. Continue the same pressing: That last seam is going to go in one direction and opposite in this direction. The darker corners are going to fit together. You’ll see how those seams are going to be opposing. So you’ll have two corners and two corners. And when you take a look, all of these seams are going to be opposing. We’re going to be able to stitch these two together, these two together, press opposing, then your final seam. When you finish sewing that last seam together you will be able to press them in opposite directions. One will go in one way; one will go another. In that center, that little seam allowance is going to open up and it will look like you have a little four-patch. With all of those seams opposing, it’s easier to match up all of your corners. Block number three is now done. Now in the scrappy version, where I have the white I’m going to be putting the dark. Using scrap fabric is great. It gives you an opportunity to make the same block and yet it’ll look totally different. Here’s the rainbow sorbet block and here is the opposite block. Where I have the light, I’ve replaced it with the dark. But there’s nothing saying we can’t change this. By turning the two inside blocks you have changed that center. Or we can put all the floral into the center. We can change the outside blocks so that the pink is facing in. Change the outside blocks gives a big striped border around the outside. We could change it. One more change, one more way. We can still change this even further. It gives us another different look. So many different possibilities. Follow the seam allowances going in one direction for two corners and in the opposite for the other two corners. Block three is now done in two different colorways. I’ll put a link in the description to the free follow- along pattern from Quilting Confections. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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  1. Kathleen Bermanseder says:

    Thank you for another great block display.

  2. Angela10226 says:

    Your fabric choices for these 2 blocks are beautiful. I am definitely more partial to the black background with the floral.

  3. Jennie Lynn Schlageter says:

    Even though I do n ot do this..still love watching what y ou do. Your amazing..

  4. Sandy Ocean says:

    I love the scrappy color combination! I am downloading the blocks for my project list. Appreciate all the detailed instructions and variations!

  5. Denise Mcintosh says:

    So cute! I love how you break things down for we beginners! Thank you so much!!!

  6. newbeequilter says:

    Mmmm – Yummy! I really like the Rainbow Sorbet of that "fishnet" print.

  7. Maria Dolores Poladura says:

    Muchas gracias. 😚😚😚😚

  8. Suzi SaintJames says:

    👍 With love from sunny 🌞 Arizona 🌵. 71/43f today.

  9. Em Bee says:

    This may be a silly question but could the seams just be pressed open on all squares or does that run into a problem one you start sewing them together? Thank you for your tips!

  10. Christine Sutton says:

    Great tutorial as usual. Chris from. Northern Ireland

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    You are sew amazing. Thank you

  12. Elaine Riley says:

    Thank You for your perfect instructions for perfect points.

  13. Anne S says:

    I've been following this block of the month. I absolutely love it!! I'm making one in the original & a dark colorway out of my stash. Thanks for your tutorials on it. It really helps.

  14. darlene palmer says:

    Over your blocks. Was doing another block of the month from my guild. But the directions are so bad. I stopped dong that one. Now doing yours. Thank you so much.

  15. Gypsy's Mom says:

    You always say you'll put a link in the description but I have yet to find one on any of your videos.

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  18. Chris B says:

    Love the dark scrappy colorway! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Gypsy's Mom says:

    Thank you Laura and thanks to everyone who tried to help.

  20. Sharon C says:

    I love your block of the month tutorials! And love that you do two color versions – I love both color ways! Can't decide which I prefer. Your videos and instructions are some of the best quilting tutorials available. Is there a video showing the finished quilt? I think I may have missed previous videos for this quilt. I love this block. …… Did I mention how much I enjoy your videos? Seriously, I really appreciate your sharing your skills with us! Thank you!

  21. greylady 2 says:

    I'm not really good with colors. Pulling things out that go together. Part of the reason is because I'm color blind, the other part seems to be that particular quality skipped me in the genetic pool. I love the colors you choose, and many times I have used your pallet tune create my own projects. Thank you!

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    Absolutely LOVE your teaching style. The way you demonstrate techniques is Spot On with state-of-the-art video education theory. Also appreciate your commitment to excellence in procedures and outcomes. Thank you.

  26. Mary Pino says:

    Thank you again!! This is an awesome block as they all are. I had a quilting retreat this weekend and gave everyone a link to your YouTube. Told them I'm a big fan and they should follow you as well! 😉

  27. Kim Sanchez says:

    Love your videos, I am hooked but I have a question: your fabrics never seem to fray, mine always fray. What am I doing wrong?

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  30. D.W. Read says:

    When you are piecing together two different-colored fabrics, do you change the bobbin and top threads to match the fabrics?—or is there some neutral-ish thread color that you can use for all of the piecing?
    Never mind my question; you discussed thread color in "Fat Quarter Friendly Pansy Quilt":

  31. Eve Ward says:

    Hello Laura: It is not like you to not have block 4 out. Are you ok?? Is there something I should be praying about? Thanks – Eve

  32. Eve Ward says:

    I did forget that 2pm – I am so sorry. Yes I am enjoying this!!!! Very much

  33. Nancy Hurley says:

    Thanks very much for your helpful video. I've been following along and learning from you. On this block I measured my fabric and seams carefully but when I finished I had only a 12 1/4 inch block. I made the 3 1/2 inch square triangles and assembled them Can you give me any ideas on what went wrong?

  34. jaime 1251 says:

    I'm enjoying this so much. Making blocks in opposite colorways is a great idea. Thanks for sharing your talent and n making it so easy.

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