Hey guys, welcome to the
Carl & Jinger Family Channel. We have some friends
over today. (cheering) Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, Lizzy. We have all these friends over. We’re gonna do some
cool stuff with RC cars. We have Nerf Blasters. Hey! We’re even building a
bridge across the pool and crazy karts of Wubble Bubbles. So that’s what our motto– It’s gettin’ a little crazy around here! – [Carl] That’s what we’re gonna do, so every day is a new day and we’re– Let’s make ’em! Gonna make it an awesome one! Yeah!
Yeah! (Gage laughs) You guys we got the car ready. Check out this new and improved– – [Carter] Oh, that’s so cool! – [Carl] I don’t know you guys. It looks like a long ways to
get from that little ramp, all the way across the pool. – [Group] Three, two, one, go! – [Carter] Here it comes. (group cheering)
(electric motor whirring) (group groaning)
(upbeat, rhythmic music) This is the smallest
Nerf Buster in the world. – [Carl] It is! – [Jinger] Hey kiddo. Give it a test shot. (firing)
Whoa! Where’d it go?
Where did that go? – [Carl] I didn’t even see it. It went behind the counter. – [Carl] Did it go down
the garbage disposal? – [Jinger] Oh no! No. – [Jinger] He got it. – [Carl] Let me see how big
those little tiny things are. Oh my, that’s it, that’s the whole thing? Yeah, and it actually goes pretty far. – [Carl] It looks like a pencil eraser. – [Carter] It does, yeah. (chuckles) – [Carl] Be careful where you aim that. (firing)
Pshooow, that’s awesome. Check it out you guys, we
got a new Nintendo Switch. And look, out in front of
our entertainment center I got Mario and this little coin block, and this little dude, and we got this whole thing,
it’s themed Nintendo for Mario. We got all of this at Nintendo
Headquarters in Seattle. It was way fun. (swooshing)
Look at the size of this. It comes in its own little case so you can carry it
around, on your key chain. – [Jinger] On your key chain, never know when you need a Nerf box. – [Carl] Is this yours? (group laughing)
Does this belong to you? Yeah. – [Carl] That’s so funny. It’s Carter’s.
Wait, show it these two– – [Carl] It’s Carter’s? Yeah, it’s mine actually, yeah. It’s his favorite Nerf gun. It’s literally smaller than a Nerf dart. – [Carl] Oh my gosh! That’s like the shotgun ones, huh? Yeah. – [Carl] Oh my gosh. it’s literally smaller
than that, it’s so small. – [Carl] That’s hilarious. Yeah we did a whole video
of this on our channel. It’s super fun. – [Carl] You’ll have to
go check it out guys. Yeah. – [Carl] If you guys are here and you’re watching from the Sharer fam, look at what we got. – [Carter] Oh Yeah! – [Carl] These guys hooked us up. It’s a swag bag. Yeah, check it out. Look at this, we all got ’em. – [Carl] We all got swag bags. Yeah!
The Holy Grail! – [Carl] That’s so awesome. Look at how cool these are,
they’re like spinning cards. – [Carl] They are. That’s really cool.
It’s such a cool idea. – [Kyle] Bigger spinner cards! – [Carl] And they
autographed them, everything. That is a genius idea you guys. Oh yeah. (Carter chuckles) That is so cool. Okay guys, so in a recent video we had a picture of this jar of gumballs. And we said if you could
guess the exact right amount of gumballs in that jar you’d get to be Instagram
Follower of the Day. So what’s your guess? Okay I would guess that
there’s probably 732. – [Carl] 732, (group
groans) Carter, alright. That’s a little high. Is it?
It’s definitely a lot. – [Carl] That’s okay, that’s okay. I shouldn’t give any hints. ‘Kay, Stephen? It’s 257. – [Carl] Ooh, that’s a good one. ‘Kay, what do you think? 301. (chuckles) – [Carl] ‘Kay, 301, okay. Is everybody ready? – [Group] Yes. – [Carl] There is exactly 171 gumballs. – [Carter] I was a way high. (group laughs) – [Stephen] I was so far off. – [Carl] And the person who guessed right, right here
(dinging) is the Instagram Follower
of the Day, congratulations. Good job! (cheering)
(applauding) We are going to do Carl and Jinger vs Stephen
and Carter and Lizzy Sharer RC car’s jumping, stunts and tricks, and jumping them across the swimming pool with our ramps that we have built. And then tomorrow we have
a Walk the Plank challenge where we’re gonna put this across the swimming pool long-ways, and there’s gonna be a
whole obstacle course set up and you have to try to get across this from one end to the other while people are throwing
dodge balls at us. We’re gonna do a whole bunch
of collaborative videos. It’s gonna be really fun,
(dinging) so make sure and Subscribe, and turn on Notifications
if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss any of these uploads. We are setting up this insane
jump competition right here. We have this four ramps Oh yeah, this looks so cool. – [Carl] It looks really amazing right? We have all four lined up so there’s little chance of missing but if you guys wanna see
this RC car jump challenge– Go to Stephen Sharer YouTube right now to check out this awesome
RC car jump thing, it’s gonna be crazy. – [Carl] It is gonna be awesome. Don’t miss it guys, click
the link and go. (swooshing) I think it’s time to get our RC car driving across the water ramps down. We broke the car. Yeah sorry about that. We landed in the water too many times. – [Carl] I know. They were jumping the car off the ramp into the water on their channel,
and it turned out amazing. So you guys totally need to go watch that. But the car did break, so
it’s in the shop right now, and when it comes back
we’re gonna try and drive it across the land, into the
water, and then back out again. The strategy here is that
we’re going to duct tape this boogie board down
to the edge of the pool so we have a smooth transition
from land into water. Because the whole goal here
is an amphibious vehicle. We want it to drive all the way in, all the way across and back out, and be able to do it as
many times as we want without wrecking the car. You guys think it’s possible? What do you think? – [Luke] Yeah! It’s looking good! Yeah this ramp looks really good, and now it’s just a matter if the car is going to actually ride on the water or if it’s just gonna sink. – [Carl] I guess we’ll
have to find out, right? [Group] Yeah. Yeah, let’s do it. – [Carl] I don’t know you
guys, it looks like a long ways to get from that little ramp,
all the way across the pool. And then we’re gonna have
to drive up this ramp, which is a narrow target,
to make it on there. ‘Cuz you have to kinda turn. – [Carl] We’re gonna have to
make a little bit of a turn, it’s not straight shots, so. Have a little faith in
yourself Carl, you got this. (Carl gasps)
You can do it. – [Carl] I think so. You can do it. – [Carl] I think we can. One thing that I am a
little concerned about is how slickery this boogie
board is on the bottom. I wonder if we’re gonna be
able to get the traction (group gasps)
and keep it, in order to climb out. I did not think about that. – [Carl] It’s going to be
a total challenge, huh? – [Jinger] Kyle are you
turning into a prune yet? No. (Jinger laughs) – [Carter] You’ve been in there all day. – [Jinger] You’ve been
in there for so long. Are you ready for this next RC video? Yeah! – [Jinger] Let’s do it! You guys we got the car ready. Check out this new and improved– – [Carter] Oh that’s so cool. It’s a boat modification
that we have on the bottom with foam and everything,
so it should float. You guys have special tires? Oh we have paddle tires.
Paddle tires, yeah. So we’re gonna get maximum speed and distance and flotation, and we’re gonna try and
drive all the way in, across, and back out again. This is gonna work. This is definitely gonna work. I’m smashin’ that Like button. But I don’t know about going back out, I feel like that’s gonna
be the tricky part. Yeah – [Stephen] Might be hard to turn, yeah. There’s only one way to
find out, let’s do it. – [Stephen] Oh yeah! – [Jinger] Are you guys ready? Oh yeah!
Yeah. Yeah we are. Let’s do it. – [Group] Three, two, one, go! (group cheering)
(electric motor whirring) (upbeat, rhythmic music)
(cheering) – [Carter] Whoa! Turn, turn! – [Carter] No way. – [Carl] That’s not turning very good. – [Jinger] Keep trying. – [Carter] Uh oh, uh oh. – [Group] Oh no! – [Luke] Get it. I got it, here. Keep going! – [Carter] Is it still workin’? (motor revving) Oh, that’s so awesome! I can’t believe it floats
in the water like that. It’s still going! – [Jinger] Yeah! Let’s try it again. I think it still works.
(engine revving) Yeah, totally still
works! (group cheering) – [Carter] Carl, you totally
missed the entry ramp on that one. I know, I got wind–
It flew off the side. No need for an entry ramp
just fly it in and just go. Should I just go full speed this time? I think it’s full speed.
Full speed. – [Jinger] Yeah! Okay, we’ll do it. Oh my gosh, this is gonna be awesome. – [Jinger] Everybody tell
Lizzy in the Comments thank you for the slow-mo
she’s capturing for us. (group cheers)
You’re awesome! Are you guys ready? – [Guys] Oh yeah! – [Group] Three, two, one, go! (upbeat, rhythmic music)
(engine whining) (cheering) Oh, that was so close! Whoa! – [Carl] Aim it towards the ramp, Kyle. Can you aim it around towards the ramp, and let’s see if it’ll go up, back up. – [Stephen] Oh yeah! – [Carl] Here we go. ‘Kay watch out! Go! (water spraying) – [Stephen] Oh, come on,
come on, come on, go! (group cheering)
(laughing) – [Carter] So close. I’ll grab it here. – [Carl] Keep that up
out of the water Kyle, so it doesn’t sink. Let’s see if I can drive it up the ramp. Ready? Go!
(water spraying) (group gasping) – [Carter] Go, go, go! – [Gage] Go, go go! There, go! Let’s see if it’ll even make it, ready? Yeah.
(engine revving) (Carl gasps) It’s slippery. (group laughs) I don’t know if it ever would
have even worked at all. It’s too slippery
It’s way too slippery. – [Jinger] Darn it. So it’s not a problem with the car, it’s a problem with the
ramp. (Jinger moans) Alright Stephen, it’s your
turn to give it a try. Oh yeah, this is gonna be awesome. The strategy is just don’t let go. Yeah, I’m just gonna go for it. Go for it.
Let’s do it. – [Carl] Okay Stephen are you ready? Oh yeah I’m ready. – [Carl] I think he’s gonna do it. I think if he can get the ramp, he’s gonna be able to make
it out, but I don’t know. Let’s do it! (claps) – [Carl] Alright, everybody ready? Let’s give him a countdown. – [Group] Three, two, one, go! (upbeat, lively music) (cheering) (engine revving) [Carl] Aw, so close! – [Jinger] No go! – [Carl] That was really, really close. – [Kyle] Look it’s floating! That was awesome. – [Carl] See if you can keep going. – [Jinger] Go, go, go! – [Carl] Punch it Stephen. I am, that’s full speed. – [Gage] Oh no. (group groans) – [Carl] Oh no, it’s swamped. That’s awesome. – [Carl] I think it’s totally swamped now. I am so impressed that that worked, that modification totally worked. – [Carl] Stephen is the car still alive? Is it still working? – [Stephen] Let’s see,
ready? (engine revving) – [Carl] Oh, it’s still working, alright! Yeah, it’s still workin’. – [Jinger] Perfect. – [Carl] Does someone
else wanna give it a shot? Yeah I wanna give it a try. I gotta try it. – [Carl] Carter and Stephen’s. Whoo!
It’s gonna be intense. – [Carl] Let’s see what you got man. Are you ready to go? Yeah I’m ready, let’s do this. Here we go. – [Carl] This is gonna be amazing. – [Jinger] Let’s do it. – [Group] Three, two, one, go! (cheering wildly) (groaning) (upbeat, lively music) – [Carl] It’s still going! Come on, come on, go go go! Okay, it’s swamped!
(Carl chuckles) – [Carl] That was a really good run. That was fast. – [Carl] Everybody made it
all the way to the other side. There wasn’t anybody that didn’t make it. I think the modification totally works. – [Carter] Yeah, that’s awesome. – [Carl] Luke do you
want to give it a try? Yeah!
Yeah let’s do it. – [Carl] Let’s see what you’ve got man. So dry it back out
there, it’s still goin’. (laughs)
Be careful. – [Luke] Yeah. – [Carl] Luke are you in position? Yeah! – [Carl] Alright, let’s
see what you’ve got. – [Kyle] Two, one, go! – [Carl] Go! (engine revving) (cheering)
(upbeat, lively music) Whoa! – [Carter] Oh! (laughs) (tires squealing) – [Carl] He hit the ramp. He made it to the ramp! – [Jinger] So close! – [Carl] That totally worked. (chuckles) That was so close.
Yeah. – [Carl] I think that was
the closest one so far, That was the best one. – [Carl] Don’t you think? Wow, that was so awesome! That was really good. (engine revving) You guys, tell us down
in the Comments below who you think had the
best run with the RC cars Riding on the Water Challenge. – [Stephen] Yeah, you ready? – [Carl] We’re gonna try a trick shot here where Carter’s gonna throw
the RC car while it’s going. So he’s holding– It’s a hard, too hard
trick shot, are we ready? – [Carl] Yeah! Okay here we go. Three, two, one, go.
(upbeat, lively music) (engine revving)
(group cheering) – [Carl] That was so close. – [Kyle] That worked, Carter! – [Carl] I think we
need to try that again. That almost worked.
I think we’ll get it. We just gotta try it one more time. Yeah! – [Carl] I agree. Alright we’re gonna
try this one more time. You ready? Yeah I’m ready. Somebody give me a countdown. – [Group] Three, two, one, go. (engine revving)
(group cheering) (rhythmic, jazzy music) – [Carter] Oh, so close! (Kyle splashing) No!
So close! – [Carl] I think we can get it, I really think we– – [Carter] Alright, one more time. – [Carl] Don’t you guys think? Third time.
One more time. (laughs) – [Stephen] One more time. – [Carl] We can’t give up this easy. Alright we’re all set, and you’ve got a better angle this time. I think we’ve got it. Two, one, go!
(engine revving) (group groaning) – [Kyle] Go! (water gurgling) (group moaning) No! – [Carl] Man! Well I think we need to revisit
this idea at a later time and work on a better ramp system. Don’t you guys think? Oh yeah. Yup, it’s the ramp, is the issue. – [Carl] The ramp is
the problem, but the car totally worked, didn’t it? Yeah, we could go double wide with the boogie boards
too, that would help. – [Carl] Ooh, that’s a great idea. We’ll save that idea for a future video. You guys, we had a great time
hangin’ out with the Sharers. Make sure and check out their
channel, click the link. Show ’em where to click guys, so they can go find you on YouTube. We’re right there! Right here.
Right there. Right there.
Right there. Right up there, yeah. So go click the link and check ’em out. You gotta watch their RC jumping video. They jumped across the
pool, it was amazing. And click anywhere on the
screen in order to Subscribe or to watch more videos, and
we’ll see you guys next time. – [Group] Bye! (cheering)

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