100 thoughts on “REACTING TO MY GIRLFRIEND’S EX BOYFRIENDS… **super awkward** | FaZe Rug”

  1. Lil Clout says:

    Who else just loves faze rug?

  2. Tony Angeles says:

    Molly just stop lieing 💯

  3. Leslie Lozano says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Brian: That's enough honey

    Molly: wtf

  4. Lisa's World M says:

    This lady is like a lot older!!

  5. Jay Jimenez says:

    She’s cute faze rug

  6. RAF says:

    I really like Molly

  7. Omar Bieber says:


  8. Omar Bieber says:


  9. Isaiah Jimenez says:

    yo rug you are the best youtuber in the world

  10. Marcos Medina says:

    That face is lying🤦🏻‍♂️😡 13:57

  11. Yash Ghadge says:

    Molly's a food digger

  12. Irgs 01xX says:

    Show your boobies’ more

  13. Omar Bieber says:

    Hi Rug

  14. Brianna Cerrillos says:

    She so pretty like u

  15. Edward evaortiz says:


  16. Spoouz says:

    2019 ?? Recommended??

  17. Reelingss says:

    Vid starts at 13:36

  18. Kimber-leigh Pillay says:

    Rug u can do better 💞

  19. Bais_ Quotient says:

    I don't like the fisherman

  20. Zara Shabir says:

    Love you faze rug

  21. Roman01 Faze says:

    Not to be rude but she might be with you for your money

  22. Lilly Jacobson says:


  23. Apple Mae says:

    Molly stop wasting ur time with brian. U r too much for him.

  24. MrOrange says:

    Molly is a gold digger

  25. Jorge Ocampo says:


  26. Jorge Ocampo says:

    Molly i
    Molly is
    Molly is a
    Molly is a g
    Molly is a go
    Molly is a gol
    Molly is a gold
    Molly is a gold d
    Molly is a gold di
    Molly is a gold dig
    Molly is a gold digg
    Molly is a gold digge
    Molly is a gold digger

  27. Aali Martinez says:


  28. Isabelle & Anqi channel says:

    Who else is watching this in 2019!?

  29. ADEM BOUDIA says:

    I like faze rug I subd and turned on post notifications

  30. تاج راسكم says:

    like why do i feel she is gold digger like ummmm

  31. HiMaX says:

    I thought Molly was 22

  32. Mia Batay says:

    0:32 ok what the hell is on the back A kids toy A kids Car tony Bro Briaaaaannnn!!!! U r a teenager not a kids

  33. Devin Barillas says:


  34. Ivon Dg says:

    I love Molly and rug

  35. RAZAN Kkkk says:

    I hate molly she just wants money 😡 kaylen is better

  36. basketballboy24 says:

    18 hmm

  37. basketballboy24 says:

    Rug she said she wants a kid TAKE A HINT DUMBASS

  38. CJ 2698 says:

    She dosent like you but she loves ur money.She is a fucking gold digger⛏

  39. Amrs says:

    The more money you have in your bank more nice and cute u get

  40. Axalate says:

    look at her ex
    now look at faze rug

  41. Krazy Krew says:

    Lol that outfit was wack I like how rug dresses

  42. Mark Gonzalez says:

    Molly a gold digger

  43. Ali Zaman says:

    I swear to god i will like this comment.

    You swore bro lol 😂

  44. Oby Imyama says:

    Faze rug is Molly your girlfriend

  45. Nicolas Di Lillo says:

    Wtf happened to molly she was way cuter before then now

  46. Loki’s sen Buio says:

    Sadatkgsffahgaagfl s. 💃🙇‍♂️🧞‍♀️. 🏋️‍♀️.

  47. Enzo Cys says:


  48. Payal Chandiramani says:

    gold digger

  49. mario bedesco says:

    I glad they broke up..

  50. Nato silao says:


  51. WaHu _Flash says:

    14:18 confer mid gold digerati

  52. Mony Ly says:

    Rug never change his attitude love him so much❤️❤️

  53. Reqhzi says:

    What is the Jacket your wearing, thought to come back and ask 😅??

  54. ITz-_ND 3 says:

    Guess what I was looking at

  55. Kameryn Walker says:

    14:13 why did she say it’s awkward then exposes her boobs for everyone to see 😑 like I mean you just made it more awkward

  56. D M says:

    Every day that I wake up there is a beautiful sun raising out of my window only my window

  57. D M says:

    The new camera was blurry

  58. Iam Drop says:

    They got a vans store no shit i never seen one out here in michugan jelly af

  59. Iam Drop says:

    Molly n faze like rob and big and man i wanna chill faze

  60. AshtonPlayz - Roblox says:

    Who loves faze rug

  61. Dequindell Jackson says:

    Well I watched Faze Rug every day

  62. Lucas Rosen says:

    Of course she loves the lambo

  63. Mohammed W says:

    honnestly i prefer more his ex

  64. Christian says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t any comments about her titties lmao

  65. Christian says:

    Wtf why does the kid at 6:03 look like FaZe Dubs lmao

  66. WTTC OriginZ says:

    I love how the first thing she sees is the lambo not rug😂

  67. Cute Animals says:

    He is so cute

  68. Stacey briseno says:

    Best YouTuber love u rug.

  69. Jackman C-10 says:

    2019 if so like. If your from the future comment

  70. jason soliz says:

    i hate molly she is a gold digger rug

  71. ESSPO Misos says:

    Molly est avec brian juste pour la popularité et l'argent

  72. Geedalia Ranee says:

    Why did u brokeup with Molly Rug, shouldn't have left those big tits

  73. Slim Gem says:

    Him: you want Molly to feed you some food?
    Dog: maybe that'll work
    Me AF 🤣😂💀

  74. Supreme -_-74 says:

    She is a gold digger

  75. Samantha Rojo says:

    I Love you and Molly ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. Ayvah Cabello says:

    Molly wants him to get bullied

  77. LaZypreet says:

    Brian can u help me with my channel cuz ur lit and I need tips bro lol hope u see this ;]

  78. rainbow dreams channel says:

    Molly is not a gold diger

  79. Damian Yeet says:

    No cap

  80. SpideyMatt says:

    hwen shes sees the lambo

    Me: uhhh are u a gold digger

    no efence tho

  81. Number1 says:

    mame ro bebein oofff

  82. Lil poop Big poop says:

    Face Rug=Pedo🤔

  83. kingslayer rollins says:

    you want a kid


  84. Adrian Cerina Kordic says:

    Seems like a gold digger..

  85. Deergha Prasad Pandey says:


  86. Jessica Ganji says:

    Molly is a bad person go down for the roast

    You thought yur a bad person for thinking bad

  87. Julian Magana says:

    14:50 molly andddddddddddddd u fuckin gold digger

  88. Void EggGamez ッ says:

    Bibbity boop you should look at 13:38 and btw don’t tell me about the rhyme I know it stopped

  89. ELLY BAILEY says:

    You are ther best YouTuber EVER and I subbed and also I tried to push the notifications bell but it would not let me (sorry)

  90. Travis Fester says:

    she dated him becoz Rug has Clout

  91. Jeremy Rodriguez says:

    Aye clout clan

  92. Average Channel says:

    4:35 no, you guys definitely did do stuff 😂

  93. Natasha Rowland says:

    Ur better looking than both of them guys x

  94. Beni bace says:

    Hi faze rug

  95. Taetae BangtAn says:

    I don't like molly 🤗

  96. RiverOfDeath 327 says:

    Molly trying to get back with him?

  97. Angel tinoco says:

    Hey you looking at the comments YOUR AWSOME.

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