Reclaimed Painted Accent Wall Material
Reclaimed Painted Accent Wall Material

hi I’m Larry from Used Anew here in
Sparta Wisconsin I’m in a show house that we’re creating here to be able to
demonstrate to some of our customers some of the products and materials that
we have using reclaimed wood and this is a new product that we’ve just developed
here and we wanted to introduce that today the look is of vintage chippy paint
that’s the look we’re going for it but it’s actually not vintage paint what
this is is newer a lot more modern paint that has been sprayed on some of our
vintage reclaimed wood and then we’ve milled it so that it has a tongue and
groove fits together really nice and easily and it also has a skip planed surface
we call it and that’s where we have a planer knives set so that it just kind
of hits and misses on the surface so it takes off some of that paint and it
leaves some on but it also exposes the character of you know some of the
vintage wood beneath it also has some of the rough sawn surface still remaining
we might see some saw marks in here these are circle saw marks from an old
large circle sawmill and so all of that character is here we’ve now used new
paint and we skip planed it to approximate the look of old vintage
paint now we’ve also made it with several different widths we have two and
a quarter inch and we have a three inch we have four inch and we have five inch
boards the reason we do that is number one it give us a best yield of the
material so we have the minimum amount of waste and number two it just makes a
much more interesting accent wall when you’ve got a little bit more going on
for an installation because it’s tongue and groove it just snaps together really
easily and you just do a full row of one width and then you come back and do
full row of another width you try to randomize that so it just looks like it
came together almost accidentally we think this is going to be a really neat
product for those people that like the look of the old vintage chippy paint but
maybe you want to just make sure that you’ve got modern paints so you don’t
have to worry about any of the additives that were in you know the old vintage
paints so that’s what I wanted to show you today and we’ll be back again
another day with another product to show you thanks

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