RED CARPET CHALLENGE: HADESTOWN with Amber Gray, Reeve Carney, Eva Noblezada, and more!
RED CARPET CHALLENGE: HADESTOWN with Amber Gray, Reeve Carney, Eva Noblezada, and more!

–Hey it’s me, Matt, and I’m wearing a hat,
and I’m here at the opening night of Hadestown on the Broadway. And tonight,
we’re playing a game that I like to call Oh My Gawd. [music] –I’m going to name a Greek god or goddess –Okay
–And you’ll tell me what he or she is the god or goddess of. –Hygea –You can’t just make names up
–Chia pets –Flowers?
–Hydrangea or some water! –Water. –Weed
–Hi, Gia! –I know, I was gonna say. –Personal hygiene.
–Hygene –Clean
–Clenliness –Yeah, we got to keep it clean. [laughs] –Well, you know. –Pothos
–Oh, Pothos! –Oh, Pothos! –The god, genderless, okay? Of genderlessness. –Zappos shoes –The three musketeers
–Feeling things –Poconos theater
–Pot –Pogo sticks –Pogo sticks –Pogo sticks –Pogo sticks!
–Pothos is the god lisping. Pothos…
–Who? –Pothos is po’! [laughs] Pothos
–He’s… he’s po! –He’s po. –He needs some money. –Apollo. –Lightning. –Thunder
–Gold –Water?
–Nuts –Pinball . –The East –Beautiful men and fashion,
–Both things we love! –Aphrodite? –Shoes –Vending machines
–There was a party.
–Yes. –On Mount Olympus –All the gods were invited, except one… [fast forward speech] …and that’s why there was a Trojan War! –An now you know! –Sex
–Sex toys –Aphrodite is the sex lady. Yeah, baby. Like me. –Dionysus?
–God of the theater and debauchery and drunk women! –Ice.
–Theatre –Sex and drugs and shit
— Oh, sex! –Ragers
— Reality TV –The male god of sex toys –Right okay , great.
— I don’t know if I just say that on camera, but they sell it at the
drugstore. –If you hang out with Dionysus,
–Yeah? –You might lose your life. –Athena?
–Oh, love Athena. She’s my favorite. Goddess of the brain, came out of her dad’s skull, wore a wonderful helmet.
–Very dramatic. –Oh, I love her. She’s from Athens. –Queen of the … you know? She like the queen bee. — She’s it
— Grapefruit juice? –Also can’t say her s’s, but fierce all the same. She’s –Her name is really Asena, but she says …
–She’s Asena, but she goes,
Athena? [music]

31 thoughts on “RED CARPET CHALLENGE: HADESTOWN with Amber Gray, Reeve Carney, Eva Noblezada, and more!”

  1. healthywholemealbread says:

    I love Lillias White!

  2. Carys Harrison-duBoulay says:

    Half of the video:
    more sex!

  3. Sarah Hamilfan says:

    "Goddess of sex toys"
    "Male god of sex toys"

    … I'd like to know what goes on in your brain, Patrick

  4. Sarah Hamilfan says:

    Today I learned: you don't need to know Greek mythology to be in a musical about Greek Mythology…

  5. mads the random says:

    i love how all of alex’s answers are just about drugs

  6. v says:

    Personal hygiene 😂

  7. Sarah Hamilfan says:

    My answers:
    Hygieia: Who?
    Pothos: I genuinely don't know
    Apollo: Music, and Orpheus's dad! (Though beautiful men and fashion isn't wrong either lol)
    Aphrodite: the goddess of no chill and OTP's (also André telling the whole Trojan War story lol)
    Dionysus: Getting wasted lol
    Athena: Smart war god (Ares is the dumb war god). Also she is the protector of Athens. And I believe she is part of the asexual goddesses squad together with Artemis and I forgot who the third goddess was?? They piss of Aphrodite, it's funny. Yeah, Athena is pretty cool.

  8. Grace says:

    These are my favorite parts of opening night (besides shows opening of course) Matt, please keep doing these!!

  9. Juliet Antonio says:

    Did none of y'all read Percy Jackson???

  10. Steph Piano says:

    I wasn't aware till now that Patrick Page saying "sex toys" was something I needed in my life

  11. Janny Ann says:

    MAY WE HAVE A HADESTOWN VLOG? Maybe named "Way Down Hadestown" vlog with Reeve or Eva. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Emma Behrens says:


  13. Travis Roy Rogers says:

    haha classic andré knows everything about everything

  14. Jaime Pier says:

    I wonder how much Matt Rodin knows now just from doing research for these

  15. Liri Shanee says:

    Can you do a hadestown vlog please? Like I don't even care which cast member does it I just really want a vlog

  16. fairycatLJT says:

    Hygieia: Hygiene and cleanliness and medicine I think??? Isn't she related to Asclepius?
    Pothos: whomst'd've'll'y'ain't??? probably one of Nyx's kids, or else one of Aphrodite's kids with Ares
    Apollo: sun, light, medicine, prophecy, oh my gosh bro you got too many domains
    Aphrodite: love, beauty, sex, being an overprotective mom (though she shares that last domain with Demeter)
    Dionysus: "Dionysus? The god of hwINE?! DOES NO ONE WATCH THE ORIENTATION FILM?!" Also theatre, parties, madness, and getting lit.
    Athena: wisdom, war, war strategy, crafts

  17. MissKilman says:

    Let Andre De Shields speak!

  18. Fizzonion says:

    As a Greek, it was hilarious to watch hahahahaha. Fyi, hygeia in greek means "health" and pothos is "lust". We still use those words, just not as names 😊

  19. Argentum 47 says:

    let 👏Andre👏 talk 👏 (I loved this so much)

  20. Yo Alguien says:

    "reality shows" best one

  21. Elizabeth Lauren says:

    Release the footage you fast forwarded of Andre De Shields he’s an icon and I want it

  22. Ally G. says:

    0:55 ME TOO MR. PAGE

  23. Hélène Kuragina says:


  24. Music Princess says:

    Honestly their answers are hilarious XD but I love them
    Also André knowing everything about Aphrodite and the story behind the Trojan war is just incredible XD we stan a king and Patrick omigOSH I died at his answers

  25. w says:

    This is gonna be just as amazing as The Great Comet of 1812

  26. Daisy Murf says:

    I love Reeve too much for my own good

  27. splashpont says:

    "Does anyone still wear a hat?" Oh, wait, that's a different show.

  28. Emma Carlson says:

    This is where my extensive knowledge of Percy Jackson comes in handy.

  29. alex says:

    2:28 lmaooo??

  30. Sara Sleightholm says:

    How dare you fast forward Adnre De Shields

  31. Lydia Leigh says:

    Alex Boniello: "weed, pot, sex and drugs and s**t"

    Always in character.

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