Red Carpet Hairstyles – Chignon Low Bun with Elle Fowler | Pantene
Red Carpet Hairstyles – Chignon Low Bun with Elle Fowler | Pantene

Today, I’m going to
show you how to create a low chignon perfect
for any formal event. This tutorial is inspired by
the upcoming Academy Awards. And you will likely see similar
looks on the red carpet that night. Starting with damp hair, I’m applying
one pump of my Pantene BB Creme before drying my hair
with a round brush. I’m drying all of my hair
back away from my face as I want my hair to lay as sleek
as possible once I get it up in the ponytail. After my hair is dry, I apply some
of my Pantene Root Reboot Dry Shampoo to help give my hair some hold. I’m just rubbing it in and then
brushing it all back away from my face before pulling it up into a
low, sleek, side ponytail. To add some hold, I’m giving my hair a
quick spritz of Pantene’s Flexible Hold Hairspray. I’m smoothing out the top and
then applying a little bit more of the dry shampoo to my ponytail to
help give the hair some grit and hold. So now we are going to work on the bun. I’m separating my hair into three equal
sections like you would for a braid and then taking the back section
and twisting it towards my face and then forming a little loop about an
inch and a half high against my head. I’m using a bobby pin
to secure it in place. This is what it should look like. Next, taking the front section, I’m
going to twist it away from my face before forming another little loop and
securing it in place with a bobby pin. You should have two loops
now formed like all pretzel. Taking the last section, I’m
twisting it towards my face and pulling it straight up
the middle of the pretzel and then pinning it into place. I’m also using a few more pins
to further secure this look. This is what you should have so far. Next, I’m taking any loose ends,
twisting them, and wrapping them around the base of the bun
before pinning them in place. I’m giving my entire head a finishing
spritz of hair spray, and I’m all done. Just add some pretty earrings or a
statement necklace and a bold lip, and you have a look that’s
perfect for any formal night. You are Academy Awards ready. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And I will see you guys next time.

21 thoughts on “Red Carpet Hairstyles – Chignon Low Bun with Elle Fowler | Pantene”

  1. Nicoleta Stănciucă says:

    Love it!!! And LOVE you Elle!!

  2. mmccol01 says:

    wow holy blush.

  3. Prettywithsomepink says:

    Love it! Can't wait to try it myself! (:

  4. Kath Oneill says:

    That blush…woah…

  5. Arwa Atash says:

    Loved it !!!!!

  6. amyamyamy17 says:

    The blush placement was a bit too close to your nose and didn't go with the lipstick at all, but it's SUCH a pretty color! It looks beautiful with your coloring. What is it?

  7. López says:


  8. Cindy Fan says:

    Love it!

  9. Amelia Mejia says:

    Where's your bracelet from?

  10. Cherryblossom1973 says:

    You lost me on the last twist of hair? Should have filmed back of your head as you was doing it. Cute look though.

  11. charmmykitty81 says:

    love your videos 😉 happy every time you post
    are you and Blair going to design cellaris cases for the latest blackberries?
    hopefully you'll be getting a matching cartier ring, the silver heart is cute but it clashes with the bracelet

  12. fashfav98 says:

    Your eye makeup looks great! Do you think you could do a tutorial? It looks simple but flawless!

  13. Loli says:

    Is that an engagement ring Elle?!

  14. Kasharn Pratt says:

    That blush and first lipstick are beautiful! What brand/coloring are they?

  15. Abundio Serfino says:

    Your sooo gorg elle,,, like and subscribed

  16. Ali Giavanni says:

    Love this look, so sophisticated but still fun at the same time 🙂

  17. 2010misspinky says:

    Should be filmed back view how annoying

  18. lovely24030 says:

    too much blush

  19. ColleenPrice says:

    Please check out my new channel. Just search TheBeautyConclusion. Ive just uploaded a new haul video, would love you all to come over and see it 🙂 xx

  20. Jenbatoong Luong says:

    This video is about showing how to do hair……why am I seeing YOUR FACE more than the step how to do hair. Perhaps, you need to change the title to "I WANT TO SHOW MY FACE WHAT I AM LOOK LIKE". This title would be more appropriate for your video.

  21. Beth Buchanon says:

    It is amazing the ease with which you do these styles!

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