Red Carpet Inspired High Updo – Hair Tutorial
Red Carpet Inspired High Updo – Hair Tutorial

100 thoughts on “Red Carpet Inspired High Updo – Hair Tutorial”

  1. Tamara says:

    absolutely gorgeous! going to recreate!

  2. This is My Name says:

    Cool Hairstyle dear . ! 😍

  3. Ann Farque says:


  4. Christina T says:

    looks awesome thanks

  5. Nandini Anand says:

    soo cool. will totally show off these at school!

  6. I love u but says:

    it looks really beautiful but it takes so much effort and doesnt look much different from a regular messy bun..

  7. loveofwonder says:

    such a great video! I especially love how you pinned back the front pieces loosely and separately. That'll be amazing for protecting edges/baby hairs/hairline.

  8. Ariana Chavez says:

    Love you but This is way to hard

  9. vlajko444 says:

    This reminds me of Lily Collin's Golden Globes look!!

  10. Shreyoshi Das says:

    this hairstyle is really gorgeous….😍😍😍

  11. Margarita Ivanova says:

    very nice hairstyle 😘😍☺

  12. justanordinarygirl 10 says:

    Love it!This looks so fancy but at the same time easy!Thank you for sharing this hairstyle ideas with us!

  13. Sara Neklason says:

    Love this!!

  14. Rosario Diaz says:

    i love this hair tutorial, i am looking forward to recreate it , thank u so much gorgeous

  15. Aubrey Eder says:

    I love this hairstyle!! Your hair color is SO beautiful! I can't wait for more awesome hairstyles!!

  16. Audrey La Jeunesse says:

    500th like!

  17. my Lovers says:

    Follow me on insta @xnadine_x_ please 💕

  18. Uroob Sharique says:


  19. misskellie2 says:

    This is gorgeous!

  20. Viviana Vasconcelos says:

    Can you please do Lexa's from the 100 hair style

  21. G_Rivera says:


  22. Olga Duletic says:

    Red carpet?srsly i wear this to school lol

  23. Amber says:

    When I look for you on SnapChat there are no results for your name.

  24. Chloe Lee says:


  25. Rimsha Rizwan says:


  26. Isa Hartvig says:

    I really really love all your tutorials, they are so great 😊 and easy to follow, just wish someone would do wedding guest/bridesmaids makeup to go with your beautiful hair

  27. CoolChloe says:

    This updo is so beautiful!! I love this

  28. Burcu Gönül says:

    Looks nice! But buns or ponytails give me a terrible headache… I find all of them really uncomfortable. Do you guys have any idea why? I wish I can make them < 3

  29. Emily Nicholls says:

    omg I'm loving these modern updos! this is such a pretty look

  30. twominutetips says:

    With respect there is a difference between "old school" and classic. What's more important than trend is what suits the face and head in relation to the body. This style looks lovely on you and I like the mix with the little braids.

  31. Bittenshy says:

    Such an adorable updo! Thanks, I totally need ideas for wedding season!

  32. Brynne C says:

    Lord, if only my hair looked like that after blow drying. 0:47

  33. Almog Richler says:

    OMG! Your hairstyles are always so PERFECT! you got so much talent!

  34. Elizabeth Moua says:

    This is Lily Collin's updo from the Golden Globes isn't it? Love it!!!

  35. FaithhBeautyyFitness says:

    So frigging cute! 💕

  36. Iva says:

    Haircare routine pleaseeee, pretty please!!! Lots of love <3

  37. Robyn Fitch says:

    Omg! LOVE it!!! Found my dinner hairstyle for tonight! Thanks Girl friend!

  38. For You says:

    can i get some like for my birthday! ?

  39. Elo Cáceres says:

    Hi Kayley! What bun form do you use? I have one but it's too big for this hairstyle. Thanks!

  40. LovedHappy says:

    You look so gorgeous with an undo 🙂

  41. Monika Winship says:

    wow this is sooooo beautiful

  42. Kathy G. and the real life says:

    very beautiful hairstyle! 👍

  43. Charlie B says:

    Just gorgeous!!

  44. Clíscia Fernanda says:

    Very beautiful! ❤

  45. Mikayla Fulper says:

    Video request: cuts and styles for each face shape. I'm struggling with a round face and heavy thick hair

  46. crystal 430 says:

    can you please do a makeup tutorial on your makeup I really like the look please thank you 🤗

  47. CrazyMaisieMartian says:

    Omg I love this!

  48. liaotterman1 says:

    What lipstick are you wearing?

  49. Tahís Ahtty Arteaga says:

    Wow! #37 en videos del momento!

  50. Grace Desroches says:

    This is so pretty!! Would you do a video about some updos for shorter hair? I have prom coming up, and it's hard to find something that will work, especially because my hair won't hold a curl.

  51. sksk sksk says:

    ah this is so cute

  52. im_mac_ulate says:

    This looks like the hairdo Lily Collins had at the Golden Globes!!

  53. Starr Lee says:


  54. Andrea Lopez says:

    i love it ❤❤😍

  55. harrisonpamela40 says:

    I am IN LOVE with this bun!!😍😍😍😍

  56. Tiana Friesen says:

    This is a fancier version of the exact messy bun I made up a few weeks ago that I have been loving! It just came to me all of a sudden and it was perfect! Now I know how to make it a little funner, and what to do with those darn ends! 😜 It's hard to find good hairstyles for my thin, somewhat layered, medium length hair, but this is a great one!

  57. Hopey Copey says:

    wow this looks amazing! I'll be trying this tomorrow

  58. Jitendra Yadav says:

    those are a very poor you made

  59. Sirus says:

    Too bad I'll never get to go on the red carpet

  60. Ank Viv says:

    Very classy and messy at the same time, but dressy-er! I love it! I love your hair color too with the dark roots to blonde, I'm gonna get it done like this, it's very cool 😎

  61. Style Yourself Beautiful says:

    This looks so nice! Love it! 🙂

  62. Qammar Farooq says:

    thats a Lily Collins style!!!

  63. ayesha zahin says:

    loved it. wow

  64. charlotte 123 says:

    thank you so much this made my day yay to no haters!

  65. Moon Bears says: bdsm discord women

  66. Caycë-Leigh Hale says:

    OMG! I love this so much but my hairs to short to do it 🙁

  67. Kevin M Abraham says:

    She does not look like Caity Lotz (White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow), but at the same time she also kind does

  68. bitch tf says:

    Now I know what Lily Collins wore at the golden globes

  69. Mia P says:

    Can you please do a 7 days of braids video?❤️❤️

  70. Stephanie Leon says:

    i have seen it on asos and was wondering what it would look like on a different body type and in person

  71. Tia Jane says:


  72. Jess Lens says:

    could you do a tutorial on how to create the perfect Taylor Swift curls back from 2010? i love them but no matter how hard i try, i dont get it quiet right.

  73. Aisha says:

    I love this omgggg

  74. lauren hollingsworth says:

    I just got bangs so I was wondering if you would do a '7 days of bangs' video

  75. K_Ann_K_44 says:

    How do I get rid of frizz bunny temple?

  76. Patricia Tong says:


  77. Sara C says:

    Does anyone else think Kayley looks like That Poppy?

  78. Georgia Ambler says:

    Hiii would you be able to do Vanessa Hudgens Half Up Do from the VMAs? I'd love it if you could please and thank you! I love your videos keep up the awesome content! 😍😊

  79. Agathe GARNIER says:

    Your hair are so beautiful!!

  80. Olivia V. says:

    Omg Kayley! We share the same birthday! I didn't know! Ily and your awesome hairstyling videos! ♥

  81. Cristina Morales says:

    I loved the hairstyle, it's beautiful. Please could you tell me what nail polish are you wearing? I love it soooo much:)

  82. kassienmarie says:

    pleasee do a Lagethra (from VIkings) inspired hair tutorial! I know that you can slay it ! xx

  83. sendoabru says:

    Kayley, please… please… PLEAAAAASE teach us the wonderwoman braid (in the movie)
    Its fantastic, and i dont find a good tutorial! (sorry my terrible english hahaha)

    Kisses from Brasil! <3

  84. gelatogelato says:

    please do a lisa lobsinger hair tutorial 😀

  85. Moran Sharon Wollach says:

    GREAT ONE!!!!

  86. FoodieVeggieStudent says:

    Please do an up-do for thick and heavy hair!

  87. Maeve Palmer says:

    Do you think this would work on curly (3A/B) hair? Love you videos!!

  88. Katiann Wright says:

    Just wondering….do hairstyles ever give you headaches?

  89. Celeste Yi says:

    Please do more hairstyles like this! I love to have my hair at the top of my head, but it's so hard to find tutorials like that.

  90. Hattie Heffernan says:

    your literally my inspiration to do hair

  91. Adra Nordgren says:

    Please do more hairstyles like this one!! I love it

  92. Lamia Yasser says:

    You beautiful really and sexy wow love you so much 😭😭😭♥️👏🏼♥️😭ka

  93. Beatriz Albuquerque Teixeira says:

    Just loved It!

  94. JewelstheBFBFAXEAandCLGirl2002 says:

    Hi, Kayley!

  95. Anne Thong says:

    In all of your videos, you explained every hairstyles clearly. Also, I really enjoy watching your videos, you are one of my favorite YouTuber
    Love you

  96. Anushka Khan says:

    Your hairs are amazing 😍 and i love this hairstyle

  97. Major Robinson says:

    This style would be so good with random sizes of pearl bobby pins. Sorry for commenting on this video so late. I doubt you'll actually see it. Love your videos.

  98. Natalie Cottrell says:

    So you can just do this without a bun form? When the bun is being formed, will it look similar? I don’t have enough time to go out and buy a bun bun form, I want to try and do this for my Confirmation. Thank you!

  99. Esther Pace says:

    Her hair is goals

  100. Marianne X says:

    Nice video. I like that you use someone who's doing the hair themselves, not on a model.

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