Red Carpet Looks From The THRIFT STORE!
Red Carpet Looks From The THRIFT STORE!

100 thoughts on “Red Carpet Looks From The THRIFT STORE!”

  1. firewordsparkler says:

    What a perfect sponsorship! Great looks, and I can't wait to see the movie.

  2. May M says:

    I thought they were going to turn a red carpet into a dress lol.

  3. Becky Dye says:

    These were maybe some of your worst thrift flips… it'd be a bit embarrassing to wear to anywhere fancy. It seems like the quality has been going down in your videos

  4. Morgan! says:

    I LOVE Becky's dress

  5. Linda Smith says:

    Stunning outfits.

  6. Ana Carolina Costa says:

    Honestly it brought me so much pain to see that snakeskin dress get extra fabric sown onto it… It was already perfect!!!! 😭😭

  7. liimepva s says:

    Becky-straight to met gala….go girl!!!!

  8. Jessica Royal says:

  9. Lilly Tear says:


  10. Dani Lundqvist says:

    I think the blue should have been a cape slid off the shoulders and a pair of sunglasses would have gone good with it in the 90’s look

  11. An Average Traveller says:

    It's like a cape for Kelsey's butt 😀

  12. Akvilė Kazlauskaitė says:

    Love your thrift makeover video but it's really irritating when you do not show the whole dress, full lenght of it. Annoying as hell 😀 Please fix it

  13. Sergio Dominguez says:

    They’re not serious… 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️

  14. Lydia Rutkowski says:

    How did you get oceans 8 to sponsor you??? So cool

  15. Marianne Aurelio says:

    I love your thrift flip the best!

  16. FiddlebirdBlue says:

    I saw "Ocean's 8", loved it. Super entertaining, complicated but not confusing, really well executed all around, funny but no failed laughs, good drama, not too much drama … Just solid. A+

  17. Rebecca C Ramirez says:

    Is that your real last name? "sorry" have looked up the meaning of the word yet.

  18. Tiffany Hoang says:

    I love Kelsey's dress 😍

  19. Anna Rehbinder says:

    The red dress to die for ,and the choker for the snare skin dress just wow!

  20. Amme Jasper says:

    This video makes me want to run to the thrift store and watch oceans 8 while I make myself a gorgeous dress

  21. Molly Cady says:

    DIY thrift flip wedding dresses!!

  22. ZY says:

    Kelsey giving me disney villain vibes. Becky just classic! <3 <3

  23. kat17100 says:

    The choker was my favorite

  24. Addison Jo says:

    Why would she just wear the red dress instead of making it complicated

  25. Madelynne Tsai says:

    They should do a collab with laurdiy

  26. Trinity Tall says:

    The heels are by Gucci

  27. Tiva Ward says:

    Was I the only one getting handmaids tale vibes from the blue dress???

  28. Indu Uniyal says:

    I don't know why but the red one looks like its a dress made for vampires. And I love vampires so it was very pretty

  29. The Valerie Lorenzo says:

    That train was stunninggggggg! (Red dress)

  30. AmateurPhoto_er says:

    The snake dress would’ve been cool if you cut a slit all the way to the waist of the dress and sewed the blue into the slit. It would make a train and also look a bit cleaner.

  31. Hunter Principe says:

    what kind of sewing machine is that?

  32. Rebecca Crash says:

    All the people saying the dresses turned out ugly probably can't even sew. I thought they turned out really well.

  33. whataboutredlorry says:

    The improvised choker was the BEST thing about this video.
    In fact… the only nice piece.

  34. Yee haw says:

    I love beaky’s dress but Kelsey was very creative with her design.

  35. Deion says:

    the second one is wayyy better

  36. Tilda Greenight says:

    Wow, both are amazing, I love the red one! ❤️😍

  37. Shay Kisalu says:

    Nice!!! That’s so creative.

  38. iovii_ says:

    What thrift store was this at?

  39. RUDOLPH says:

    You guys are molly Ringwald in 16 candles

  40. RUDOLPH says:

    Ok so people are complaining about the simplicity of your work but for those who don't know what they are doing its a great way for starter video so kudos to you two…..

  41. Lanie Abbigayle says:

    Tbh Kelsey looked like Anna from fifty shades of grey In the before snake skin Dress.😂

  42. Thea Daily says:

    Red dress looked rad. Not into the snake and blue dress. It was better prior to the mod.
    Both girls looked gorgeous regardless though.

  43. Mila Malsomalso says:

    Do you guys know where kelsey got her Shirt from? I Love it😍

  44. Rose says:

    No thank you. I normally love you guys, but this isn't it. (And please. Just show a full on shot of the end product. It's very hard to see what it looks like when you keep moving it!) This just didn't do it for me. 🤷

  45. Aliciaek says:

    A + pr the red dress, she changed the whole style.. the other dress, not really, not at all…accesories? agggg

  46. diane bedard says:

    I really love the red one , she looked just like Jew Roberts in Pretty women. Awesome job. You look so beautiful.

  47. PNWblessed says:

    Met Gala is more avant-garde! You should have added volume and interest to the dresses. Met Gala is about taking fashion risks.

  48. Romana aranda says:

    The red dress looked more put together the other dress kind of liked it without the additions

  49. Kathleen Packard says:

    I love the belt as a necklace! I'd wear it 🙂

  50. Lilly LOL says:

    OMG I have a good idea for your next video. Make a red carpet look out of a red carpet😂😂😝

  51. Gillian Mellström says:

    Lol…The 90’s dress looked like a 7 year old stitched the blue (?) on the back!…Lol…What were you thinking? Nothing about that outfit looked glamorous let alone good!! Sorry to be such a hater…but seriously, you put so little effort into up-cycling that dress!

  52. Jessica Dugas says:

    I think Becky's dress was best. I would have preferred to see the snake one be maybe like a crop top, and the blue dress a full skirt with it. But that's just me.

  53. Nene Serrano says:

    That red dress was stunning. I don't know how that blue is supposed to go with the snake skin at all, though. I thought it was a really odd choice and I trusted you guys cause you always pull through in the end. Not really convinced, but I applaud you for taking a risk and going for it!

  54. Sarah Warwick says:

    But that was target, not a thrift store

  55. Briana Matheny says:

    6:00–6:03 she had a Dakota Johnson vibe going on lol😁😍

  56. Nova Miller says:

    Everybody is hating but i loved this xx

  57. Trishy Kittie says:

    Loved the movie and I love your looks!!!

  58. Meharmah Khan says:

    red one

  59. Jenny Molatová says:

    the red dress are soo perfect :3 even original as bought but after makeover even better

  60. Angela Lynch says:

    I would love to see you take the most hideous 1980s- 1990s wedding dress into a modern wedding dress. I buy them on dollar day at goodwill and redo them.

  61. Phoebe says:

    Both are beautiful.

  62. Mary Magdalene says:

    The necklace turned out great, but don't really like the dress. Not finished enough looking. But enjoy watching these transformation videos. Thank you!

  63. BRYAN MARTIN says:

    Finally u girls both look hot at the same time! 🙂

  64. Himanshi Singh says:

    Kelsey looked like Annatisia from fifty shades

  65. Diana Mulina says:

    For the red dress I wish we got to see a better view of the whole thing and you walking in it

  66. Nancy Tamvaki says:

    Sorry but didnt like any of the dresses

  67. TAYLOR MCCALEB says:

    I feel like the red dress would have looked really good with the train sewn on like the second dresses was

  68. Mary J Flanagan says:

    This is very cool! She should have made a navy ribbon from the left over fabric.

  69. Joan Jones says:

    you two are amazing!

  70. FunctionofLight One says:

    Amazing job, Ladies!

  71. GLENN TURLICH says:

    They are so extra

  72. Deirdre Dwyer says:

    So love your videos, I so wanna try what you two girls do. I can't afford nice clothing, I am going to go op-shopping and get stuff I can remake. I am so inspired by you two.

  73. Paddy Morton says:

    you 2 r too much fun.

    you brighten my day !

  74. Mississippi Mud says:

    The red dress redo is wow I love it

  75. RinnyDale says:


  76. Rose mary says:

    the red dress is my fav

  77. Batwoman Batman says:

    I think you both played it a little too safe… that red dress number had some serious potential. Not a fan of the snake skin dress but it wasn't too bad after completed

  78. Evelina Aksenova says:

    Very strange dresses

  79. Art by Zo says:

    The red one was stunning 💖 but honestly I think the gold snakeskin would've worked better if the added fabric wasn't blue. I think a gold or black cape would've looked AMAZING, especially if it was draped over the shoulders and not just attached to the waist.

  80. Lynn Schwemle says:

    I love the red dress

  81. Rosalinde Briell says:

    had to laugh at the belt as a choker moment, it was sooo pretty in pink =) love that movie!

  82. Anne Green says:

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oceans8

  83. the Sean ENT says:

    Kelsey looks like Anastasia Steele 😍

  84. Grumpy Pentagon says:

    Becky kinda looked like Emma Stone with that red dress and red lipstick

  85. Sheila Kaur says:

    I love that black and gold choker, and would prefer to use black velvet ribbon, but great idea when stuck for a one-off retro piece.

  86. Kaitlyn says:

    found you girls through your podcast. i decided to finally check out your channel after listening to a few episodes and i'm loving it!

  87. Leanna Beale says:

    5:35 Major Taylor Swift "Babe" vibes.

  88. CIngrid Faust says:

    I loveeee youuu and I loveeee Ocean 8
    I mean if this isn’t the best thing eveerr

  89. Carol Taylor says:

    you need to invest in a couple of dressmaker manikins to make your outfits on..that way you can pin and see how things will hang before sewing..cut out a lot of the guess work..

  90. Daniela Chamorro says:

    Why do I love the second dress so much with the choker and the train….what

  91. Donna Jakubos says:

    👍👍 up ladies 😊

  92. Veit Goehringer says:

    Holy s*** these could both be 200 dollars worth!!

  93. Nekoko Verena says:

    I like your fashion sense and the thriftyness of it all, well done. I have just one request. PLEASE sit down while you're sewing. I can't.. I can't even watch! How do you even get a straight seam like that! You may not be master sewers, but being so far away from the machine surely doesn't help. ( still love you girls, I just can't wrap my head around this and I DO NOT CARE if it looks better on camera or something. SIT. )

  94. CHAZZ AZZ says:

    Tbh I think those cape things on both of the back of the dresses would’ve been much better

  95. HippieMomma Christin says:

    The red dress is soooooo gorgeous 😍😍😍

  96. ageicorns love says:

    who else think they both look like a becky

  97. Jazzie Red says:

    I hate that they never finish all the hems, and they never iron anything. I use the hanger straps. I'm not embarrassed if they pop out because I'm an adult. If that's the worst thing that happens during my day, I'm having an amazing day.

  98. Kidedaion Symoti says:

    Whenever I struggle to dress for the day I ask myself "wwrw?" [What would Rihana wear?], an usually my life turns around.

  99. Kidedaion Symoti says:

    A golden chain would have gone absolutely great for the snake sking golden dress. Something the help the transition between the panel train and the dress. Other than that GOSH THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL

  100. June says:

    i think becky did better

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