Refinishing Wood Furniture : Applying Finishing Compound to Wood Furniture
Refinishing Wood Furniture : Applying Finishing Compound to Wood Furniture

Alright. Now, is the compounding stage. This
is a really smooth compound. It’s got a little bit of pumice mixed in it. And, it’s an industrial
product of course. And, we put this on by hand and rub it, buff it. And, it gives it
a whole other feel. This is really what makes it slick and smooth. We just simply put it
on with a rag.
You don’t want to be rubbing in a circular motion with this. You want to rub with the
grain. Because, this will leave very very fine scratches. At the same time, it is also
a smoothing finish. A lot of what this should be called, is elbow grease. Because, that’s
pretty much all your putting into it.
You can see it’s starting to kind of clear out, dissipate. That’s what your looking for.
That’s when you know you’re getting close to the end. The end of the rubbing, anyway.
We’re going to wipe off all of the excess off, anywhere you have it. Then, get a clean
rag and rub it some more. What happens is, is we do this more and more.
We’re bringing the scratches microscopically closer, closer and closer together. And, when
you get closer together light defuses differently. And, lays on the surface and penetrates into
the color and the richness. So, the finish becomes clear and richer. Also, feels a lot
smoother. That’s kind of where we’re heading now. We’re almost there.

12 thoughts on “Refinishing Wood Furniture : Applying Finishing Compound to Wood Furniture”

  1. Eyez On Me says:

    is this after the shading?

  2. kaisergrendel says:

    It's polishing compound, a paste full of tiny abrasive particles that rub very fine scratches into the finish till it becomes smooth. Kind of like toothpaste.

  3. fsxaviator says:

    haha, it sounded like he farted at 0:18

  4. alvaro garrido says:

    somebody knows wish 3m product it is. I don't find some similar here in Italy. Please help with the name. thanks

  5. George Raymond says:

    you would give your slf a heart attack like this

  6. 7universes says:

    fuck expert village, no parts numbering?? how stupid can you be?

  7. Rudimental Chef says:

    Lol @ elbow grease

  8. WCanyon says:

    Yeah without ordering this series isn't very helpful. 

  9. London interior decor says:

    what compound is that pls? the finish looks rich

  10. Aaron S. says:

    I use stuff like this at work, should I be wearing some kind of mask?

  11. Rocco C Marotta says:

    He's using 3M Company 3M-5954 Super Duty Rubbing Compound

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