Reinventing the S’more
Reinventing the S’more

100 thoughts on “Reinventing the S’more”

  1. Chris Roberts says:

    I think Link was a victim of divorce as a child

  2. Cynthia Williams says:

    Have Rhett and Link ever try pemmican? If yes, do they like it? Have they tried any foods from the Pilgrims and Pioneers?

  3. Christina Lewis says:

    I like Rhett's better!!!

  4. Green Bean says:

    "That evoked a lot of emotions.. And im gonna ignore all of them." Me

  5. Billy Reynolds says:

    6:00 LMFAO Link's like an amateur Spiderman

  6. Sariah Gresham says:

    Link's smore was messy but looks super yummy!

  7. DrowningDestiny says:

    I want to try the red white and brittle

  8. BuzzLightyearHugeCock says:

    Rhett's "s'more" looks delicious. The worst part is we don't have beef jerky at my house cuz we ran out 😢😢

  9. reptiles& more says:

    this episode got creepy really fast…

  10. Kelly Stewart says:

    There analogies are so weird but so funny

  11. Kpuff says:

    The part with Rhett and his kids was adorable lol

  12. Alina Nechiporenko says:

    When I eat roasted marshmallows, I basically act like link.

  13. Emily Con says:

    Remake oatmeal!

  14. Cody Mangos says:

    at the beginning Rhett says "our question and your answer"

  15. Zack Galasso says:

    That was so creepy until I heard his name

  16. Hannah Nicole says:

    If your making s'mores…use chocolate graham crackers instead of normal graham crackers!! Its magical!


    Link should have frozen peanut butter… Or used Reese's cups.

  18. NefariousHippie says:

    This was the most entertaining sponsorship I've ever seen.

  19. Nicholas Tsatsanis says:

    Timmy thick does not want a balloon because he already has one on his back end🤷‍♀️

  20. Jude Weiss says:

    turn on captions

  21. Dias Hussain says:

    will it s'more?

  22. Redstar says:

    That got dark very quickly

  23. SixBadger says:

    Who is watching in 2092?

    Yeah yeah i get it I'm not watching in 2092 but some other people might

  24. Banana Joe says:

    Should've used nutter butter

  25. Cindy Marshall says:

    People should send in weird snacks they have made up and love….then Rhett and Link should test them!

  26. Sincerely, Your Physics Teacher says:

    "I'm connected to you via what you're eating and that's disturbing"

  27. Sincerely, Your Physics Teacher says:

    omg the clown

  28. EPöXY says:

    When was the last time someone cleaned their carpet with the high pressure nozzle on a water hose?

  29. 2SHOT GAMING says:

    What about instead of jerky, you use bacon sauce?

  30. Kim Slice says:

    The clown isn't named bubbles. His name is pennywise

  31. DPGamez Derek says:

    Link get that off your face

  32. Javiergamerpro456 says:


  33. Raid Unknown says:

    The new IT movie looks great

  34. Kayra Perry says:

    will it smore ? … will it hotdog

  35. Alyssa Ruiz says:

    Is anybody else thinking that this is a low-key "will it" episode???

  36. Joe Shakalaka says:

    I though get they were going to bust a lady and the tramp with that string of jelly lol

  37. Quasar119 says:

    They ate Links one wrong, what they should have done was just pop it in their mouths. Won't be as messy.

  38. Zach Mealer says:


  39. Panic! At Hogwarts says:

    Who gave link the lighter???! He almost lit his hand and then Rhett’s face on fire

  40. Ghoul Pen says:

    I want the carpet suit.

  41. olivia crews says:

    Why are y'all wasting grape soda

  42. gunner smithson says:

    the most perfect science ever

  43. Grace Donnelly says:

    You guys scared me

  44. bonnie j says:

    i really miss how intimate and unscripted gmm was 🙁 its so different now

  45. Joshua Praznic says:

    whats up with the phsyco messages?

  46. Ms Ren says:

    Shoulda used nutter butter cookies

  47. blah blah says:

    my intense fear of clowns has grown!

  48. Debbie H says:

    so glad I can hose off my carpet inside my house. That's definitely how carpets work.

  49. oof_buckarooski says:

    The clown….. THE CLOWN

  50. Lisa Mitchell says:

    My kids and I love watching your videos. We watch them everyday. You guys are great keep up the awesome work. I live when you guys vomit.😊😊😊😊😖😖

  51. Dumpling Cat Cosplay says:

    You guys are great dads. Also Locke will be a lady’s man.

  52. Shannon L says:

    So along with knives, scissors and any sharp objects we now have to take fire away from Link? Just take a look at the video called 5 weird ways to start a fire video. Rhett runs for cover after the popping… Link moves 3 feet and then leans forward…… OMG

  53. Libb Rummy says:

    Good Mythical S'morning

  54. Team Ray says:

    Thank you for dry erase illustrating my theory that clowns are the killer. I tell my husband that all of the time. Lol.

  55. luke wojehowski says:

    My last name is Wojehowski

  56. luke wojehowski says:

    I am freaked out

  57. Some fat kid on YouTube says:

    Link's Red White and Brittle looks like dried up menstral blood.

  58. Chris Solano says:

    Link you always look stupid as shit

  59. Southern Bros' Garage says:

    I personally would gone with cheese to replace the chocolate instead of jerky. Kinda same principle applies to cheese. Melts when applied with heat. That I'm definitely doing lol

  60. ChrisTee82 says:

    I almost choked on my lunch from laughing so hard watching this. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  61. unicorn cat pusheen says:

    funny thing I'm from st. louis

  62. Maple Flavoured Bacon says:

    Yes Link, first is hot. Lmao

  63. MCG TheReaper says:

    Gummy bears are the worst thing to heat up and eat. The sugar holds heat and doesn't cool quickly. Can easily cause 2nd to 3rd degree burns.

  64. Kaitlyn J. says:

    Link: I'm connected to you via what your eating, which is disturbing!
    Rhett: hold on let me send you a message.
    Link: alright

  65. Eleyah Brooks says:

    U should do will it oreo and change the fillings or the outsides!!

  66. Monostar says:

    Rhett with his kids was so cute 😂

  67. The Greatest Huntress says:

    The first will it video

  68. Luci The Sick says:

    Lmao they look so happy…

  69. Jonathan Baer says:

    Thanks for the bad trip

  70. Freeze The 1st says:

    Will it s’more

  71. 한국인 사람 says:

    Asap science Easter egg

  72. Blumpie ! says:

    HOW IS THIS THREE YEARS AGO!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!????!!!!

  73. Sam V says:

    11:32 Shepard💀

  74. Corey Covington says:

    Eating a spiderweb

  75. becky martin says:

    free range kids,,,,,OMG,,,,,,lmao

  76. Sally Otley says:

    Locke looks so much like his dad.

  77. ItsLadyJadeyTTV says:

    You KNOW those kids think their dads have the best jobs ever.

    I'm inclined to agree.

  78. JessScreams says:

    Good mythical s'morening

  79. Melissa Houdart says:

    I'd like to see s'more of these videos!

  80. alice gray marks says:

    Does Link do the science drawings?

  81. Sarah Shealy says:

    3 years later and it still makes me 😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Jade S says:

    Smeat…what my brothers call their private parts.

  83. AESTHETIC 美的 says:

    Rhett got a smeat 😂

  84. Marisol Romo says:

    Should've tried it after letting it sit a bit or wine or make up stains. Those suckers are hard

  85. Sidney James says:

    His kids must have had the best time with that food fight!

  86. Ryan Dill says:

    This video took a somewhat dark turn. Bubbles seems like a sAAAAd clown. 😓

  87. Ryan Dill says:

    Rhett your boys are great. They looks just like their pops. Which is sad maybe??…j/k. You’re doing a great job mate.

  88. H Xen says:

    His kids' childhood: "I want you to pour three gallons of ketchup on me…"

    My childhood: "Hey! That's enough ketchup! You know money don't grow on trees!"

  89. Mellow ‘D’ says:

    @10:52 please do more dub step slow mo segments!!!!! I’m dying 😂😂

  90. Watch-my-magic says:

    "for the remainder of 2015"
    me watching in 2019- Dang I missed it!

  91. samantha Kennedy says:

    within each year they do this is still funny

  92. CJ Carpenter says:

    Are Locke and Shepherd named after John Locke and Jack Shepherd from Lost?

  93. Siena _thegirl says:

    Asap sci is quaking

  94. VIPKILLERX23 says:

    When I was 9 and I saw the amazingly amazing science part and it went to the part where link said that the clown is always watching you I couldn't sleep for about 3 days

  95. Adelle Nolan says:

    Demonic bubbles

  96. Jade Burrell says:

    yall should have Josh redo your crazy food inventions like these and the UFO pancake thing and your crackers cheese plate

  97. Deep Fried Potato says:

    Wait is know somebody named Ty Robinson, he goes to my school, Lake Hanilton

  98. Nish Patel says:


  99. Thetruestginger says:

    They missed an opportunity to say “good mythical s’morning”

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