Here is our reaction to looking into the safe for the first time… It’s pitch black dark in the safe and check this out before we look inside Like literally oh, shit this is heavy like the whole here. Let me flash my life Grow, like it all just came off. I Did not think the impact was gonna do that, but that is insane No way dude. Are you actually serious? Come look at this? Are you serious? What the match tool? No way that is in there. What does alright guys real quick before we get into this video? I do want to apologize about the ending of my video yesterday I let you guys all on a pretty good Cliffhanger because I have seen like youtuber do cliffhangers before and every comments about it and they’re always like oh my god What’s the next video that was so cool so suspenseful, but you guys were not too happy about it So now I learned my lesson. Okay, like no more cliffhangers on this channel That was my first ever time trying it and yeah, you guys you guys didn’t seem to like it So I do apologize for that. Please forgive me, but Today is the moment. You guys have all been waiting for Behind us. We have the open safe and when we dropped it off the 60-foot crane the door just flew off like you guys saw like it completely flew off and open and When we went to look inside I told my buddy to stop recording just in case there was anything like illegal in there stuff. That couldn’t be on camera So I decided to wait till the morning To show you guys what we found and I’m actually like whoo. I got the chills. Can you believe that? I’m still shocked and scared and I want this thing out of my house So I read a lot of comments of your guys’s guesses where you guys said there’s either money jewelry Blocks of gold. Yeah, well, I wouldn’t be shocked. It’s a safe Yeah, exciting about money, but you only come closer don’t show inside but just come closer guys. We’re gonna be taking up this about like five items in there Okay, are you ready you’re taking yeah I guess so but guys I’m gonna need you all to smash that like but if you are excited to see what is inside the safe you guys had a Bunch of guesses and I appreciate that you guys helped us out a lot Trying to unlock the safe and trying to figure out what was inside but you guys are about to see right now. I Kind of don’t even want to touch it. But oh Okay, so the first thing that was in there that I told Tanner did like cut the camera Is this thing right here? I have no idea what this is like It looks like a Ouija board, but it doesn’t say it’s a Ouija board And this is something that I’ve never like seen before and at the bottom right here if you could see it says rest in peace and It actually like okay, there’s like burn marks and like obviously dust and check this thing out I’m not gonna put it on the board, but Look, I’m actually shaking like I’m scared guys. I don’t know why It says let the spirit move you 1901 to 1997 Okay, so I Was wondering if this snapped? From the drop or if it was snapped already. Let me know what you guys think but It says cryptic at the top. I don’t know It’s like I think it’s a Ouija board, but it’s a certain type of a Ouija board, which I’ve never heard of before of course And I told you where I think why is it like this I think whoever played it was mad and They like bend it or something Yes, please Okay Here take this – this is a super scary like planchette. So let the spirit move you Okay. So the next thing I found was a picture of a family and we’re gonna cover their faces out of respect if they’re Great grandkids or something. Like see this video somehow we don’t want to show the faces, but there is an super old picture Okay mama. Do you want to come closer? So it’s like a super super old photo of a family which I have no idea what it could possibly mean therefore people Paper that says do not touch and you touch 1000. Is it the safe or the Ouija board Okay, wait, but look this paper is like It’s not even like a line paper like it’s like no, I don’t know I don’t know what kind of paper that is being look so There’s five of these they look like super old It’s okay Guys, there’s also two pieces of jewelry. Oh my god, which I’m gonna take out in a second. Okay. Let me see those So look at these, these are 500 Super Oh are these dollar claims? Probably would you know, these are silver. Wait, hold on These are silver 1883 what Wow here hold that 1923 1923 these are dollar coins. Do you think they’re worth more? Yeah, I think this is another 1923 coin 1921 hmm and 1922 so all within that that’s one yeah That’s like a hunger theory some you Wow What’s love there’s two pieces of jewelry, look at this look at this, this is a Rolex No way and I don’t know if it’s real or fake. Oh Yeah, at least you guys got this right you guys said there was gonna be jewelry inside Yeah, there is look at this like actually get a close-up look I’ve never seen a watch like this before if it’s real. I don’t think so. How old do you think this is? Oh That’s so oh look how old this thing looks Look how small the next thing is Come get a close-up on this So I think my dad was like Silver’s old kind of likes. Oh now it changed color. Let me see brother. So has like gems Little like rocks do you think this is worth anything or no? We’ll find out Safe itself is scary. Where are they going? Oh my god. I wonder I wonder how much this is worth today. Oh My gosh, okay, but this is gonna remain like secret like what we don’t know We don’t know that’s what I’m saying, like that’s what I need help with That’s why this family picture I would show you guys cuz I know you guys are good with like figuring out like Who it is and like what this would mean but seriously out of respect. I don’t want To show the faces. I really want to know more about this I don’t like touching it but get a close-up on this like oh Like that was that hearing me so I know me really Brian now we have to do something with this I don’t want it in the house No, that’s I know the way you look at me you I No, that’s the thing like What I was gonna say is why would he put the witchboard and it’s safe in there? Why not? Just bury the Ouija board? Well, that’s what I’m saying. There’s this suppose I’m not doing a what he meant by all the stuff inside Yeah, they should have been at least if you guys could please help me So there’s like jewelry a note that says do not touch a old old family photo and this weird cryptic McCune squeezy board and the court I’m thinking maybe the person who tried playing this brought jewelry to try to contact The person who owned this jewelry because I think I’ve heard I like a lot of things. We don’t know Yeah, I’ve heard that like if you have a piece of someone that you’re trying to contact them like you’ll contact that person I don’t know. I know I really have no idea So if you guys could please let me know in the comment section what you guys think at least we didn’t find anything like Body parts on a lot of you guys were saying and that’s what I was scared of them up. What’s all this mean? and who you know what I think the only way we could get answers is No Really I was gonna say the only thing I know is you’re not touching them right now playing that now I’m serious thing is if We do want some answers. I think that’s the only thing I think that’s why that was in there for us to play actually No, this is do not touch. Okay No Don’t do it there. I’m that was obvious if you guys are really want some answers though. I Might play I’m not gonna promise it Okay
Like if you guys really really want to see it and are begging me and like comment and like this video breaks like a certain Amount of lights, who knows I could possibly maybe touch them This isn’t a normal Ouija board and I already don’t like playing with Ouija boards because of like my past experiences so I wonder how powerful this thing was to be put in a safe and locked and buried like I really Look, there’s bird marks on it like I wonder if the previous owner tried burning it or if it burned on its own you never know what these kinds of things so Oh God I’m like I’m getting the chills you guys can feel the vibe of this video. Okay? Well, that is what was in the safe if you guys guess any of those items right like good job But like you I was expecting words. I’m not gonna lie. I was expecting either Like a murder weapon. Yeah Guys, I hit Danny. That’s why we didn’t show in the beginning because like we Wait and I was supposed to wear gloves before oh my god You owe me Okay, you guys okay end up the video and go watch your head Alright, so for those who missed the first video where we found the safe, we’re gonna show you the home Like this house when was this house built 2001 but before this is probably a dirt law, right and We already called the owner of the last house asking him about the safe and he had no idea. So maybe this was placed like Before there was even in a house here. I don’t know So those where we found the safe, I have a proposal for you guys. We discussed off camera I didn’t put the plant after we find the safe. Yeah, yeah I don’t I’ve decided to put somewhere else until we figure out what we’re gonna do so guys so right now what I need you all to do is go down in the comment section below and let me know what you think all those items me and let me know if there’s any like Symbolic meaning behind any of them because like I personally don’t know The only thing I think is that to get answers we might have to play the Ouija board so if you guys really want to see that please smash that like button and My dad and I agreed that we would play it out here where we found the safe. I know it’s a terrible idea Alright, my mom’s shaking her head behind camera But listen I don’t want to like fully promises I’m scared. Yeah, I’m super scared But if you guys really really really want to see it will really think about it And yeah but guys right now I’m gonna end the video you guys I’ve been waiting for this for like a week now, so Finally here. We got the door unlocked yesterday. We found out what was inside and like I said it good thing It wasn’t anything crazy like body parts are Why oh I don’t know guys Please smash that like button subscribe to our new and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this one day And other than that, it’s been rug My memory and we out. Peace


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