Ricky & Henry 22 Problems In Bed (EN.ES.FR) Trailer
Ricky & Henry 22 Problems In Bed (EN.ES.FR) Trailer

♪ SONG ♪ Carluz Belo – “O Mundo Que Nos Foge” PROBLEMS IN BED I loved our night, yesterday! We must do it again! – Sure! I want you to think about me all day long! Of course I will! – Good work! See you later. – See you. I’m sorry, it’s 14,70€… Preciosa works in a supermarket, she lives there in the hostel. Don’t worry, I don’t speak to anyone about our things. Especially outside here. Ok. I even thought you had turned gay… Once you don’t have a girlfriend for such a long time… Oh, and I’d become gay, just because I don’t have a girl, right now? Calm down, you don’t need to be offended. Henrique… – What’s up? – What’s going on? Is it a contraction? – I think so, but it’s different… – Keep calm, sit down. Breathe!… When was it the last time you had a contraction? “Now she’s afraid of you”… – I don’t know. 20 minutes ago, maybe… But the time is getting shorter. “She’s going to lose her baby because of you!” Oh, I want to give her so many kisses! – Yeah, her name is Esperança (Hope). It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, it makes total sense. – What about her weight? Ricky, Henry is an uncle now! You must congratulate him, baby! – Congrats, Henry. You must be really happy. Thank you… I’m very happy. I would love to be a mom. Can you imagine, having a baby growing inside you? I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I can’t… I don’t know why. – But, where are you going? Don’t be like that, Ricky. You must be stressed out about something… But… I’m going to my bedroom, Preciosa. – But you can stay here! There’s no problem! We don’t need to make love. No, I’m going to my bedroom. I need to be alone… Francisca went to the house and she told me that you and your father blackmailed her, so your father could return to the company. Mother, I don’t know anything about that, talk to dad. She told me that you and your father did a bank transfer in her name to a tax haven! And that’s how you guys blackmailed her, so your father could return to the company! Mom, I know we didn’t use the best methods, but in the end of the day, dad managed to return to the factory. So, this is really true… You cut ties with your son, because he assaulted your factory, you abandoned me and your family because of what happened on that night in the museum… And now, you encourage your son to be a criminal again? This makes no sense! – They’re different things, Pilar! This never happened to me before. – I know. That’s why I want to talk to you, maybe the problem is mine… Listen, I know I’m not a very sensual woman and maybe I’m a little fat for that kind of lingerie… But you’re gorgeous! You see? And I know that maybe you have a lot of women around you… Maybe I’m doing something wrong… No! No other woman attracts me more than you! May we know where the next robbery will be? – In Azulejos Resende. Excuse me? Do you want to rob my family’s factory? No, it’s not the factory, but the art pieces that will be in the auction of a fundraiser! We can’t lose that opportunity. Don’t do that! Choose other pieces and other place! This auction will only take place because my sister has cancer! The material has great value and we must act now! Therefore, this robbery will happen! Either you like it or not! Here’s Esperança! – Oh, she’s so beautiful!… Is she calm? – Yes, I am so lucky. – She’s very nice. – Mrs. Alice, she doesn’t have any resemblance to you… Maybe she looks like her father… Well nobody knows. That’s right, nobody knows. Not even me! Well… But what matters is that she’s here with me, now. ♪ SONG ♪ Carluz Belo – “Ao Virar de Cada Esquina”

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    Songs in this trailer:
    Carluz Belo – "Ao Virar de Cada Esquina": https://youtu.be/44K7TmPtlWg
    Carluz Belo – "O Mundo Que Nos Foge": https://youtu.be/XKkS7FdZF4o

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  3. MINO ASIRE says:

    whats name this movie please?🙁

  4. Yemima Christy says:

    New episode please

  5. Fernando Gantier says:

    Obrigado por los videos, pero pq en el intro solo se ve cuando Henry le pega a Ricky, pero no se ve cuando Ricky le regresa el golpe? Pienso q eso solo hace ver a Ricky como el gay debil y victimado, no como lo q es, un hombre, homosexual si, pero un hombre!!!

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