Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon & Chris Move Furniture
Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon & Chris Move Furniture

Burnie: Do you wanna hear a funny story? About… something that happened at my house while we were gone? So, I’m moving but so in my old house I have a media room where it has a screen on the wall and it has a projector and all this stuff so I said, “Brandon, I don’t have any place to put this big screen, this projector, in my new house… Do you guys wanna take it? You can also have the couch in there.” He says “Sure!” I say “The only thing is, you have to go get it ’cause I’m gonna be outta town, and I need you to move that stuff outta there” so he goes “okay.” My wife explained what it was like to have Chris and Brandon show up at our house, move a couch, and disconnect the projector from the post She went up there, and they had the couch- They had the couch sideways up against the door- Like SIDEWAYS! She said “You have to turn it end to end to get it through the door And he’s like “Oh, Okay” Brandon: NO!
*room laughs* Brandon: Do you really think that happened?! There’s like “DURR HOW DO WE GET THIS THING URR” Gus (As Chris): NO FIT Burnie: Then they couldn’t get it out, they were ready to give up and she goes “Why don’t you take the legs off?” and Brandon says “You can do that?!” Brandon: NO!
Barbara: *laughter* Burnie: So then she watched- she said she watches Chris try to unscrew… the legs with a screwdriver, and she had to tell him on every leg; “Other way” to screw, because he kept screwing right to- to loosen it! They finally get the legs off this couch, they can’t get it through the door, so my wife suggests “So why don’t we just take the door off the frame?” So then in – somehow in the process they punch a hole in the wall Jack: *laughter*
Gus: Really? Burnie: Yeah. Then they try to get the projector down, and that has *two* screws, so they can’t do that, Burnie: so…
*room laughs* Brandon: We got the projector down… Burnie: Yeah, but the post is there and the cables are all like… Burnie: frayed out,
Barbara: *laughter* Brandon: We just didn’t know how much to take! Burnie: I just imagined Brandon in the room, punchin’ holes in the wall; (as Brandon)”I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TAKE!” *room laughs* Burnie: I came back, and I’m like “What the fuck happened in this room?!” I wonder if they didn’t take the door off the hinges they’d still be trapped in the room? (As Chris) “Water…”

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon & Chris Move Furniture”

  1. Not racist, just don’t like goblins. says:

    No Fit.

  2. ClodiuthMatrix says:

    Wait did he say they were screwing right, or she was telling them to screw right? 

  3. Smiku u says:

    For some reason, i see in the comments of the guy say derr dur dur  dur dur,  XD I thought i was dur howd we get this in here ? which is it??

  4. ASC GUY says:

    dahhhhhhhhhh no fit xD

  5. Doug says:

    That is apt and amusing! Plus makes me feel good about my moderate level of spatial awareness and mechanical skills! Laughing Out Loud! 😀

  6. Harry Callahan says:

    i can imagine jordan (burnies wife) calling them sweety cause shes older than them and to kinda make fun of them cause of how stupid they are. like "you have to turn it end to end to get it through the door sweety" 

  7. GenericUsername says:

    Did they PIVOT the sofa down the stair's?

  8. Truckin Convoy says:

    When I first saw this i was REALLY new to roosterteeth, had no idea who Brandon and Chris were. Now its been 3 years and I absolutely believe this story is true.

  9. Liam .Antonopoulos says:

    Oh my gosh Brandon's cries against this in the middle is so funny he's just saying no over and over

  10. Derek Shepherd says:

    Fuckin Millennials.   Bye bye to fundamental skill sets.

  11. Dextron50000 says:
    Please… I need riot points for league!

  12. Thomas Weeden says:

    "I don't know what to take!"

  13. Angel Juliet says:

    Ah poor Chris and Brandon

  14. SlimShadyLovesPastries says:

    pivot…. PIVOT

  15. wicked_swami says:

    NO FIT

  16. DrDoja says:

    I come back to watch this from time to time just to laugh at the "No fit" line… its seriously well animated 😀

  17. HeadphonesUK says:

    This whole story sounds like someone reciting the lyrics from the song 'Right Said Fred', it's eerily identical

  18. 2- Delta says:

    Keep pressing 4 for automatic laughs.

  19. The King says:

    I love this one

  20. Jay McPherson says:

    Does it bother anyone else that Gus is laughing his ass off at 0:36 yet in the RTAA, he's just sitting there?

  21. jeramahia123 says:

    Bunnie's dating someone else now, isn't he?

  22. Sharky says:

    jesus gaming christ, how idiots like that get awesome jobs? 🙁

  23. Mr_Diddles says:

    Remember that one time Brandon almost killed everyone.

  24. Jack P says:

    Press 4. You're welcome.

  25. Alfredo Perry says:

    Did Burnie divorce?

  26. 1st Captain Raldoron says:

    And here i thought stupidity was Gavin's thing.

  27. Zhajn says:

    Whenever I see a video with chris and brandon, I always think from the way they talk to the comments they make: "they're pretty stupid". But I always chalked it up to a internet personality thing but "daaaayum" this seriously takes the cake.

  28. Squibbs Walker says:

    "duuuuh no fit"

  29. MegaAnimazing says:

    "Duurrr how do we get this in here?"

  30. Maddox Boykin says:

    This is the best one ever

  31. sharpshooter13ify says:


  32. Pesce says:

    vai se fude

  33. Makapaka says:


  34. Cherry Blossom says:

    well we found Donut and Caboose X3

  35. DatFaceGamer says:

    these are like crack,if you watch one,your gonna watch 100 more

  36. 98kazer says:

    This RTAA should be renamed to "Derp"
    That's it

  37. Kine Kagami says:

    You guys are the best and funniest douches ever!!!

  38. Retro Gaming says:

    Tap 4 for unlimited derp

  39. Adam Valdes says:

    Comedy Gold

  40. Purple Nick 14 says:


  41. Fryd Fish says:

    What is furniture mommy?

    Magic, honey, magic.

  42. Dr. Lytch says:

    wait, did burnie's wife devorce him?

  43. Colt JL says:

    Is Ashley his wife

  44. Xero Gravitation says:

    Ive been watching RT for years but like… Ashley and Burnie are dating…? Yet hes married…? and has children..?

  45. Caboose is the Vehicle Destroyer says:

    you can do that

  46. Kasper Kunnerup says:

    This is and will always be the best episode ever

  47. Matt Smith says:

    I can absolutely believe Brandon would do all that

  48. H.R. Tucker says:

    I can watch this video a hundred times, and Gus' impression of Chris ("No Fit!") makes me laugh every time.

  49. Stealthlock says:

    That thumbnail XXDDD

  50. Stroke The Forge says:

    When you turn on captions it gets 1 million times better.

  51. Daniel Cooper says:


  52. Esro Coeus says:

    What happened to Bernie's first wife before Ashley

  53. DCVertigo says:

    Then Burnie dumped his wife for a gold digger :3

  54. Rocnati says:

    Click on the video and press 4.

  55. Jeremiah Douglas says:

    cofirmed brandon is a dumbass liberal

  56. Daniel knellor says:

    You can do thy

  57. MegaAnimazing says:

    This one definitely deserves a 3D Animation.

  58. Hazztech says:

    whatever happened to his wife anyway

  59. Forever_ Ghostjoy says:

    This animation is a lie, they survived 10 days without water.

  60. G_Guy001 says:

    RTP #161 at 25:30

  61. Noah Wright says:

    "No fit"

  62. Starwarsguy 47 says:

    Chris and Brandon reminder me of chip and dip from camp lazlo

  63. SkittleFartZ says:

    who's here in 2017??

  64. Jeremy Hagar says:

    someone needs to rtaa and source this xD

  65. ClearedCrayon says:

    sounds like the issues of a college kid

  66. DoYouEverWonderWhyWe'reHere says:

    So many views for sticks on a paper…… I love you Rooster Teeth

  67. Rusty Kerman says:

    "No Fit"


    Didn't Bernie and his wife get a divorce

  69. Cephalon Blue says:

    Every time I watch this, I go into a laughing fit.

  70. Tory YT says:

    Still so funny

  71. ZeroSpawn47 says:

    I can't believe that Chris and Brandon are functional adults.

  72. GBM Gaming says:

    Right too loosen?

  73. Espeonage the Espeon Spy says:

    That moment when you realize this was before Burnie was with Ashley. Hell, before Burnie got a divorce.

  74. London Sample says:

    No fit

  75. Sinnex Cryllic says:

    No fit

  76. Alex Breedlove says:

    Oh this is back when burnie was married

  77. cardeyar says:

    I come back 5 years later and its even funnier than the last time

  78. John Walker says:

    I mean what do you expect? These two are probably the dumbest people at Rooster Teeth.

  79. Mute games says:


  80. Victor says:

    0:54 No Bernie.. Lefty loosey righty tighty.

  81. Mute games says:


  82. Tsuki The Anime robot says:

    You can do that!?

  83. Todd Layo says:


  84. Pyromaniac says:


  85. Har- Binger says:

    Brandon would be the worst burglar

  86. Nerd_World says:

    Awe 2012 back when burnie wasn’t dating a girl who is 10 years younger than him and only works at rooster teeth cause she dates him

  87. Lord Bloodraven says:

    Chris and Brandon working together…. and Burnie wasn't expecting stupid trouble?

  88. Nobienify says:

    0:34 Gus’s ostrich laugh is the best thing ever

  89. Virgin BOI says:

    See this

  90. Jonny Green says:


  91. Werewolves779 says:

    Burnie is a great story teller.

  92. Oof Oof says:

    The Caboose virus is spreading

  93. Chris Daniels says:

    Press 4, you're welcome

  94. Masterxl MVs says:

    Still the best thumbnail any of these have ever had.

  95. nobody says:

    Chris and Brandon seem like the nicest guys but god dam have they had some documented dumbassery

  96. Feedsomefood says:

    I wish she recorded it I'll definitely be a roosterteeth first member 4 that

  97. demonetization cereal says:

    they are so stupid

  98. Mitchell Hart says:

    Well. Good to know I'm not that stupid.

  99. Liam EFC says:

    0:27 I really want to believe this but I just can't🤣🤣😭

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