Round Fringe Backdrop Tutorial | FUN & Festive DIY Party Decor
Round Fringe Backdrop Tutorial | FUN & Festive DIY Party Decor

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m going to show you how to make
a French backdrop that you can use for any fun celebration here we go have you may seen this beautiful and
colorful full of life French backdrops and love sorry love so today I’m going
to be making my version of it let’s get started
this PEX pipe is 3/4 by 20 feet long so it’s pretty big so what I’m going to do
is cut it with my PVC cutter I got this at Home Depot and I love it so whenever
I’m doing any type of DIY with PVCs or pax pipes I can just go ahead and do
this nice all right so let’s cut so I’m gonna cut right about there okay I’m going to be using a 3/4 by 3/4 pecks
coupling that is going to tie these two ends together to make it a round circle
just make sure that when you buy your couplings it says 3/4 by 3/4 be very
careful because they have 3/4 by 1/2 or by 1/4 and you don’t want that because
then you’ll have to go and exchange it and it’s very annoying I’m just gonna go
ahead and place it on one end and tie it on the other next I’m going to be
attaching this protective mesh covering it’s also called deer block this is
usually something you use to placing your burden to keep animals out and I’m
going to use it to attach the fringe you can also use this Dollar Tree non-slip
rug overlay but you will have to glue a few of them together and then glue it to
the frame ok so this is another alternative this is a dollar but you
will have to buy a few and this one is 23 bucks and you get a lot for your
money it’s a hundred feet long I’m going to use floral wire from Dollar Tree to
attach the net to the frame all right and that is nice and tight and
secure now I’m gonna go ahead and cut all of the excess netting around the
frame so they go in my backdrop I’m going to be making my French out of
table covers these are rectangular covers that I got from Walmart
these are 97 cents there or you can find these idolatry as well and what I’m
going to do is just cut them into strengths and then place them on the
backdrop and then I’m also going to be using a for your French curtain and the
color paint and I like it because it’s metallic so I can give it a little bit
of pop alright so now I’m going to show you how to turn these table covers into
French now it’s time to place a French Ondine netting and if you’re wondering
how I hung the frame on the wall I use thumbtacks and fishing line that’s what
I use alright so basically what I did was place the thumb tacks right on top
on the board and I have fishing line connected to it and that’s not very easy
I’m going to be starting from the bottom and I’m also going to be cutting these
strains in half okay because they’re pretty long you already cut this in half
and then you are going to fold it in half as well make a loop okay and then
you are going to put this loop through one of the holes all right you’re gonna
bring it over and then you are going to put the rest of the string through the
loop okay and that’s security now I’m gonna give it a little trim and
that will be it guys alright guys this is a this is my french backdrop and it
is absolutely fun and amazing I love it what I love about this is that you can
use it at any celebration baby showers bridal showers weddings can send you at
us with sixteen anniversaries you name it you can use it anytime anywhere
love it I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please make sure to
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sharing is caring if you know of a friend or a family member that would
love to have this beautiful and colorful and full of life backdrop
make sure to share with them at the end of this video alright guys until next

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