Ruckus – Rekha Sharma-Crawford
Ruckus – Rekha Sharma-Crawford

we start with our newsmaker segment and focus on issues
that are a frequent part of the day’s news emigration and
immigration law those topics have been front and center the
past several days as immigrants parents and children have been
separated as they enter the you S. at the southern border here
to discuss immigration issues with us is Rekah Sharma
Crawford an immigration attorney in Kansas city break
of thank you very much for coming in appreciate you doing
so thank you in your private law practice
what are some of the immigration issues that you
frequently encounter money right now obviously the family
detention issues are big children who are going through
removal proceedings removal defense individuals who are
trying to obtain their status and then also families spent a
family they sponsor so if you’re if you’re married to a
citizen are you have a a relative that your petition for
so those are the types of cases that we take on there was a lot
of controversy over separating parents and children at the
border and it’s been all over television and newspaper radio
throughout the media a lot of people have been very upset
president trump issued an executive order to stop the
separation is that going to solve the problem I don’t think
it well I think it’s I think it’s when you read the
executive order the executive order doesn’t say release the
children it says make bigger bigger facilities to house the
whole family arms I think that’s going to cause more
issues it’s not necessarily going to solve the issue it
made temporarily solve the issue of of having the
separation between the children and the parents but I don’t
think in the grand scheme of things that will get completely
selfish someone who those present executive order or they
can be house together children and parents for a minimum of
twenty some days if you follow a court order I think it’s
called before is right decision actually came in
nineteen ninety seven and in in the did in that decision when
it came about as as it was under his coat floors V.
Reno it was then Janet Reno with a and the policy was to
hold you know when children will come to the border they
would hold them and at the time the court said look you can’t
do that you can’t just put children indefinite indefinite
custody A. A.
without some kind of of a of of safeguards because I mean the
the United States government is not in the in the business of
creating daycare person’s right of what may be now well and and
and it ironically they’ve asked the the District Court judge to
allow for them for these facilities to be licensed as to
modify the floor right solution so I think that that’s still
there on the floor as decision of course was part of the
executive order he has asked to modify but we we hear people
talk about immigration rights and you deal with immigration
rights what rights does a person receive automatically
when he or she enters the country without permission
illegally undocumented whatever term you prefer well I mean
there are constitutional protections the constitution
does not speak in terms of illegal or on illegal right and
they talk in terms of citizens and there are certain rights
that are reserve to citizens but there are also the rights
that are said to be of person right to those rights are
things like unlawful sees of us sees as searches and seizures
on the right to the Fifth Amendment on the right to due
process I mean these are all concepts that are meant N.
in in the constitution listed as towards the person there are
rights that this country grants to people who enter illegally
or undocumented clear whatever absolutely I mean look you
can’t you can’t strip away the fact that they’re still a
person do other countries extend these
rights as broadly and generously as this country does
I’m I think there are it depends on the country
obviously Mexico I think Mexico for there are there are rights
that Mexican citizens have that you know the immigrants not
Mexican citizens you know I’m not a scholar on Mexican law
but what I can tell you is is that asylum seekers
internationally and universally are treated differently and so
I think there is a difference between an individual who is
fleeing persecution and someone who’s not fleeing personnel
gets one trying to get at is this country humane and its
treatment generally speaking of those who enter illegally
currently now now I would say no I would say that if you look
at the detention facilities when we you and then you look
at the opportunities that are taken away your due process
issues are fundamentally outlined in the constitution
they do not exist right now we know that the Attorney General
has said he wishes to do away with due process for
individuals who are who do come in and may have a legitimate
way to remain or even asked to remain on the conditions of of
due process in the country are and at risk and I will tell you
that the current treatment of those at the southern border
they should be they should be concerning to most individuals
at but there’s not an inherent right to just come into the
United States and live here features of course not and no
one is advocating and countries have to have enforceable
borders we all agree absolutely I think that’s true
we’re running short on time Israel has declined fortunately
I wish we could go on for many more minutes but is finally if
you could unilaterally make one significant change in
immigration law what would you change
I think what I would change if it was immigration laws I would
have people who actually function at the border and
function at you who do this for a living at the table making
policy I think so often policies made an affair radical
way that it is it unworkable and unsustainable and that’s
why you see things that like what’s going on at the southern
bat border happened tough issue and a lot to talk about you did
a very well thank you very much for coming in leisure to meet
you thank you that is attorney ray co Sharma
Crawford now let’s meet the panel and start all ruckus
laser Johnston as a consultant

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