Rug Cleaning 101 @
Rug Cleaning 101 @

you rug is unique precious and a work of
art that’s what we believe in is how we
treat every rug we clean but in fact every rug is different not
only are there thousands of different styles, designs,
types and makes of rugs but the usage in the home differs
greatly from household to household ensure your rug gets the very best
cleaning possible for type, condition and requirements by
arranging a free consultation your rug will be assessed to determine
the best cleaning system and you also get free advice on how to
look after and maintain your rug for years to come. We can collect and
deliver your rug back to you as part of the service or you can bring you about to us at our
professional rug cleaning unit in Merton and we’ll be happy to give you free
advice and a quotation for the full cleaning along with no guarantees all rugs
cleaned come with a full 30 day after care service is and a full
money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied
we’ll clean it again for you if your still not satisfied will give you
your money back so I invite you to contact us on 020 8687 1711 or visit us at and
will be more than happy to arrange a free consultation written quotation and a very best
cleaning service you can possibly get for your type of rug

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