Rug Cleaning Pet Stains and Odours

We’ve had this into the rug cleaning shop
and as you can see from the backing it has a bad case of pet staining
Subsequently not a very nice odour. this is the back of the rug and you can see where
the staining has come through. So, the first thing to do is give it a thorough vacuum on
both sides. I’ll start off with the back first and then we’ll flip it over to do the front.
The reason we do the back first is because any grit will fall out of the rug into he
holes in the flooring underneath. Let’s get on with the vacuuming. So, now we’ve made
the wash pit. We’ve got the rug in there, I’ve made it slightly larger than the rug
for demonstration purposes. First thing I’m going to do is, I’m not going to put the cleaning
solution in, because I think this rug is quite bad and I’m going to rinse it with plain water
to begin with. So, I’ll turn on the hose and fill up the bath and let you see what comes
out . I haven’t filled up the bath just enough to cover the rug. Hopefully you’ll see some
movement of brown water. Then, we’ll rinse it and start the cleaning procedure with the
sanitising cleaning product. The rug has had three rinses with just plain water
and we’ve turned the rug over. So, this is the back of the rug and the stain is still
there. So, what we’re going to do now is start the cleaning process. Using the sanitising
cleaning solution. It’s a rinse agent and urine neutraliser, so this will not only clean
the rug ,it will sanitise killing all the bacteria and neutralising any urine. And removing
any odours excetera. So, we’ll fill up the bath again and apply the sanitising solution
and leave the rug to soak for an hour or so. Before starting the cleaning and extraction. This is how we scrub the back of the rug. I’ve put plenty of water on the back and the
cleaning solution and let’s give the rug a good scrub. Looks like that stain has been
removed. That’s how we scrub the back of the rug. We need to rinse the cleaning solution
off and turn the rug over to clean the front. The back has been cleaned and I’ve rolled
the rug up. I’m now going to put the rug into the cleaning solution, first thing I do is
get the sanitising product and put some into the wash pit . You only need a small amount
as it is very strong. Just fill up the bath with the water and put the rug in. The pit
is full of water and the rug is floating and it is easy to move the rug around this time
I’m going to use this brush to agitate and clean the rug. There’s still a lot of urine
coming out. I can see me having to rinse this quite a few times. This the fourth time I’ve
rinsed this rug but, It’s the first time I’ve used the sanitising solution. Leave that soak. I’ve rinsed the top end of the backing. We’ll then flip the rug over to get as much moisture
out of the rug as possible. Before putting the rug on the drying racks to dry. Flip over
the rug to do the other side now. I can assure you it smells a lot nicer in here. The rug
smells healthy. Flipping rug over to do other side now. Raking rug to brush pile all the
same way This helps with the drying, this helps the air get in between the fibres. The
rug is ready for drying. We’ve done the cleaning, the rinsing, sanitising and we’re now giving
the rug good airing. We’ve got the rug hanging up on the drying rack with blowers and heaters
on. The rug should be dry and ready to give back to the customer in a couple of hours.

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