Run – Mat Johns
Run – Mat Johns

Hi Mom. It’s been a while I know, things have
been a little crazy recently, but it’s starting to calm down now. I’ve settled in a nice city
in England. Well, not settled but it’s a pit-stop. It’s actually really beautiful here in the
fall, the air is crisp. Red bricks and golden leaves at the moment. Some parts, it’s like
stepping back in time. I think you’d like it. The people are OK, not as up tight as
you might think. I’ve already met some people, made some friends. I got talking to a couple, Simon and Stephanie. They’re very cool, do interesting work. She’s flirty but it’s OK.
Simon seems really relaxed. They’re really in love. They’ve travelled a lot. They told
me they almost died in a landslide in Cambodia once. She said their car was dam near pushed
into a ravine. Apparently the whole road collapsed. I believe them. Stephanie and Simon offered
me a place to stay. I know what you gonna say but it’s OK you know. It’s only going to be for a night or two. They’re just letting me do my thing. Some parts remind me of home. And I miss it. I miss it a lot sometimes. Feels like I was a kid when I left. I wonder what you’d think I’m like now. Do you miss me? Is there a hole in your life? What did the neighbours think of me leaving? I suppose it was always going to happen, one way or the other. But I’d hoped I’d be able to stay a little longer. I remember what you said to me when they came knocking at our door. The things that must’ve been going through your mind. I felt like I’d died when I saw the look on your face, when the pieces fit. But you didn’t scream. You didn’t swing for me. I don’t know what happened, but you were calm. I guess the mother in you took over. You put ninety dollars and your ATM card in
my hand, and you said: run. And I did. Far and for a long time. I’m still running Mom. But I’m not out-running what you want me to. I don’t think there’s any chance of getting
away from that. And I don’t think I want to. I think that if you knew what I’ve been doing
on the road, you’d wish you’d handed me over to those cunt pigs. People are beautiful things.
I think this is why I’m here. I don’t wanna be anything else. Give me love to Dad, speaks
soon, Sam.

4 thoughts on “Run – Mat Johns”

  1. Huy Nguyễn says:

    Could you please make a subtitle for this video? 🙁

  2. Mariela Cardenas says:

    muy atarrador.No pude contener las lagrimas.
    francamente las drogas desvian el verdadero sentido de la vida y la libertad.
    Estemos atentos quienes se hacercan a nuestros hijos.

  3. Krɛɛp ‽ says:

    I love this film and the music. Do you think a download for the music could be possible?

  4. MFO says:

    Amazing short and score! Talent like this is rare.

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