SABATON – Bismarck (Official Music Video)
SABATON – Bismarck (Official Music Video)

So, did you find the boat? From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm Sign of power Show of force Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course Pride of a nation a beast made of steel Bismarck in motion king of the ocean He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas To lead the warmachine To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine The terror of the seas The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine Two thousand men, and fifty thousand tonnes of steel Set the course for the Atlantic with the allies on their heel Firepower Firefight Battlestations, keep the targets steady in sight Into formation, the hunt has begun Death and damnation The fleet is coming He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas To lead the warmachine To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine The terror of the seas The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine At the bottom of the ocean the depths of the abyss They are bound by iron and blood The flagship of the navy the terror of the seas His guns have gone silent at last Pride of a nation a beast made of steel Bismarck in motion King of the ocean He was made to rule the waves across the seven seas To lead the warmachine To rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine The terror of the seas The Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine To lead the warmachine Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine The terror of the seas Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine To lead the warmachine Rule the waves and lead the Kriegsmarine The terror of the seas Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine

100 thoughts on “SABATON – Bismarck (Official Music Video)”

  1. Sabaton says:

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  2. Official Neon Sky says:

    HEY the Bismarck was scuttled by her own crew, after hr rudder was jammed the repairs would have ben too long to undertake and with the allies losing in the capt chose to scuttle her so the alliez did not aquirethe technology and advancements, the Bismarck was truly unsinkable <3

  3. Kaori Miyazono says:

    When you come because AzurLane……

  4. The Hobbit 2k says:

    Sabaton 🇵🇦🔥

  5. 404NotFound_X says:

    Somewhere in the world… Yamato is crying in the corner

  6. Leszy says:

    Played it to my rat,now it's Landkreuzer P100 Ratte

  7. OriginalRAB says:

    Adverts for World of Warships are getting pretty high budget now…….

  8. Adolf Gustav III says:

    Sabaton makes learning History Epic and fun
    It's absolutely great.
    Thank you SABATON ❤️

  9. Best time says:

    Top! 👍

  10. Роман Велюханов says:


  11. Пётр Конан says:

    они так помешаны на этих войнах. интересно понимают ли они какая это жесть?

  12. Marco Broeders says:

    Are they for real, singing about Bismarck

  13. Mr.Valkorion Darkstarethan says:

    Me playing World Of Warships after I unlocked the Bismarck: Plays this song at full volume over the Mic

  14. Charlie Harper says:

    God damn this goes fuckin hard

  15. Steven W says:

    00:31 I thought they were about to speak German.

  16. The Rocket says:

    Now we need one of Tirpitz

  17. Joao Silva says:

    Um grande abraço do Brasil!

  18. alan tabaoada says:

    yamato go go go

  19. Iron Tusk says:

    If viking metal came out in the 80's this is what I imagine it would sound like.

  20. Literally Nobody says:

    Sabaton can you do a song about the Boxer Rebellion "The 55 days at Peking"?

  21. Lucas Riett says:

    Thats awesome

  22. Wer Wolf says:


  23. Wer Wolf says:

    Узнал о группе от радио тапок😁😁 классно!

  24. TheRaging says:

    Next song: Sabaton – Yamato

  25. Alex Andrews says:

    This is probably my 20th time listening to this

  26. Gephoenix110 says:

    the best. I made an 8d version of Bismarck on my channel.

  27. Wolfsong 27 says:

    There Are Reasons Why The Bismarck was One Of the most unsinkable ships of Germany’s navel fleet, they Were skippered by brave men who fought to only 110 men surviving her sinkage, it took the combined Might of British, polish, And Swedish reconnaissance to help sink her, and to all the men who lost their lives in this conflict, You’re all remembered for your undeniable determination!

  28. rock star says:

    реклама world of warships выглядит не плохо

  29. Tacticalsquad 5 says:

    May it be said that the swordfish pilots had balls of nothing less than steel

  30. Hunter Zolomon says:

    Is it okay to cry while hearing this?

  31. PandalaulMagic says:

    Roaceri sa mor

  32. Muhammad Amran محمد عمران says:

    Girls doing a presentation in history class:"omg everyone is looking at me, i hope this goes well"

  33. Orlando Dreek says:

    Feels great for my ears listening to this after all the crap on the radio

  34. McStarLiner 742 says:

    Why this vid canot be downloaded?

  35. morondes says:

    Looks like the lead singer didn't get the memo about the metal hairdo

  36. Dalsou says:

    When I get the free spins

  37. Tim K. says:

    Boooah, IST DAS SCHLECHT!!😂😂
    Unfreiwillig komisch. Was für Poser!!

  38. Tsunamimimi says:

    Уже вижу как RadioTapok переводит эту песню для интеграции World of Warships

  39. Black Ghost says:

    Damn this song made me download world of warships on mobile =)))))

  40. WaapRepeat says:

    the name always seemed like a type of flip flop name, or an australian name for a south american native leather shoes:
    …Hey Mike "the bloody", where did you buy your sabaton?

  41. Cody Sonnet says:

    some things wrong
    2- Battle wasnt that quick
    3- THE BRITS STARTED THE FIREFIGHT that caused their whole surface fleet to chase 1 German SCHLACTS SCHIFFE





  42. Xaver Hauer says:

    Wer ist noch da von Knossi Sabaton Slot?🤣🤣

  43. Hello There says:

    3:26 set it on 1.75 its so good

  44. Zhong Yang says:

    We desperately need the spirit of masculinity today

  45. Strait Jacket says:

    Never understood why the Germans never attempted to help the BISMARCK.Why they never attempted to send subs or surface ships .Even one way bomber mission just to help break off the attack

  46. mateusz fryc says:

    after I Watch that video 40 Times I said It's must be a great ship
    after I Watch that video 1 milion Times I shoud at full loud

    Pride of a nation a beast made of steel

    Bismarck in motion king of the ocean

    and my neighbours said: "suck up"

  47. Telmo Soares says:

    2:38 same pilot from red baron??

  48. Szati231 says:

    I don't think that this song ja that what world need. Singing about nazizm schoud be a crime. I know that this ship was great but the nation wchich one build it is not a reason to pride.

  49. A Rogue Spartan says:

    Sabaton truly are modern day bards and that is glorious!

  50. pcandpsplayer says:

    Sabaton: exists
    Paradox Interactive: It's free real estate

  51. savvas74 says:

    It's official…nobody (non-British at least) gives a fuck about the Hood, the true underdog of the battle of the Denmark Straits. Oh well, at least Hood got it's revenge, albeit by proxy. The glorious Bismarck? Used for target practice by the RN and the FAA.
    Great song, though.

  52. Michelle Kirkland says:

    I love this song! I grew up hearing “Sink the Bismarck” by Johnny Horton. As a metal fan, it’s cool to have this version of what I heard as a kid.

  53. vijay ram says:


  54. Kommissar Krownen says:

    Wish they would do a song about Battle of Kulikovo.

  55. vandorian likerson says:

    Dont cry because the Bismarck is gone, smile because it existed

  56. Joe93212 says:

    Chuck Liddel on the vocals

  57. vandorian likerson says:

    I wonder what the Canadian navy would look like if they made massive warships in WWll just like germans and Japanese did
    Edit: and American

  58. pringles says:

    Its that yamato?

  59. СЕРЁГА РУСС says:

    6,1 к пидарасов дизлайковых бродит по-ютубу

  60. Asynchr0ny says:

    I can't wait for them to make a song about the Luftwaffe.

  61. LordHarvey1701 says:

    I like to say how much I loved this song and music video I have my whole life been fascinated with naval warfare and the vessels that took part this is a true homage and respect to the Bismark well done Sabaton

  62. Сидней Рейли says:

    Fuck despacito

  63. Arturs Pipins says:

    UK lost Hood and now are slaves of jevish mafia.

  64. Nutella_GamingPL :D says:

    Most budget sabaton video.

  65. Thanasis Dompazis says:

    To all the soy boys that disliked this fuck you to the moon

  66. Power Armour says:

    It was literally Bismarck against the whole world it isn't fair😭😭😭 Bismarck literally is hope and never give up!!!

  67. Александр Никулин says:

    Может у нацистов на флоте и не служили такие ублюдки, как в сухопутных войсках. Кто его знает. Нацист на флоте особо беременных женщин не пожжёт в сараях.

  68. Greg Siska says:

    I like that Sabaton's lyrics say "He", just as Captain Lindeman decreed.  Ships are traditionally referred to as "She".

  69. Wiktor Kazka says:

    Я то выразился образно 😁

  70. 3aDoHaTuJl_ KaPToXe says:


  71. Arter Kararer says:

    Лайк если Заебись!

  72. Friedrich Hohenstaufen says:

    Сабатон попса для детей и девочек.

  73. Costy Bercea says:

    "he was made to rule the waves across the seven seas"

    I love that

  74. Elmar Jabarov says:

    Ох.ительно, потомки викингов!))👏👏👏👍✌

  75. infinitecanadian says:

    I normally hate metal, but I never heard this before. There is much to be said about music which actually has a function.

  76. Chris Laney says:

    Why have I never heard their music I believe I'll make up for it

  77. Beans Shiken says:

    Didn't expect Chuck Liddell doing some metal

  78. Chris Denslow says:

    First time listening to this band cause of Erick Rowan endorsing them by wearing merch and they’re pretty awesome

  79. Eric Quellhorst says:

    History and Rock&Roll. It does not get better than this.

  80. Otto Ernst Lindemann says:

    Sailor: Sir, what are those guys doing on the that tiny fishing boat?

    Me: They’re singing the language of the gods

  81. 威亞塔 says:

    Just watch this after some Bismarck hentai

  82. Gilles Dupouy says:

    Where is France ?
    points the map
    Where are the US ?
    points the map
    Where is Prussia ?
    puts hand on heart, sheds a tear

  83. Paradise Bungalows says:

    herrlicher schwachsinn

  84. Rick says:

    Now make Yamato

  85. Александр Лебедев says:

    Молодцы САБАТОН!!!
    Никакой политики, только факты истории показывающие что такое война.
    Война нужна лишь маленькой горстке людей, народу она никогда не нужна.

  86. Jake Shatrau says:

    The storyline of this video: Sabaton wants to give the Kreigsmarine a show of Swedish metal force

  87. C. Bass says:


  88. Scot Johnson says:

    Gets better everytime I watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Hanerzen says:

    Row row row your boat

    Gently down the stream

    Ha ha ha I fooled you

    Its the Kriegsmarine

  90. DJ RAY says:


  91. Doljen Byl-Kosarь says:

    And that’s when the dead men are marching again

  92. Scolfot says:

    Кто-нибудь ещё помнит Тирпиц?

  93. bloodreaver says:

    Great song too bad its about fuckin nazis also greetings from the uk

  94. Rowan Brouwer says:

    Hey guys love the music, any chance you guys wanna look into the beginning of ww2 around the netherlands? We held them for 3 days with ww1 equipment mostly. Its one of the lesser known resistance stories and i know you guys love to tell the stories that aren't as well know! Would love to see one, in any way love you guys and keep on rocking! Greetings from a fan from netherlands!

  95. Nikolai Ivanovich says:

    Long live the kriegsmarine from chile

  96. O-Contexsial says:

    I never felt more proud to be a prussian.
    Bismarck was a fucking genius AND one of the most powerful Warship of its time.
    Sabaton, you honour me and my people.

    Edit: also, fuck the nazis and what they did to my glorious Reich.

  97. Carolina Salas says:

    Me: I can control my emotions
    Also me: cries about a battleship

  98. Athanasius Contra Marxism says:

    Sabaton: All your history is belong to us.

  99. Goreon says:

    This song always puts me to sleep as my bedtime story.

  100. 블러드테일 says:

    이곡을 침몰한 비스마르크 전함과 그 승무원에게 바침니다.

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