Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 103 – 12th October, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 103 – 12th October, 2017

Hello, sir. Did you see Mr. Premchand?
– Yes, I did. I could not see his face though. What? how do you know it was him
if you didn’t see his face? I could not see the face since
he had a blanket on him. A blanket you say? Why would he need
one during the day? Did you not find it suspicious? Do you eat almonds for your
brain or for your belly? Sir, I did have this question. I wondered why he had
a blanket on him during the day and I was about to ask but Jay told me that
Mr. Premchand has caught a cold and hence he is
getting facial steaming done. What team?
– I said ‘steam’! Get it? Yes.. And that’s why
I couldn’t see his face. If you want, I can
go and try to see his face. No need for that.
Stay right there. I’ll be there in a minute.
– Where will you be? At home!
– Is that so? All right. Come.. Ms. Malpani,
are you trying to blow him away? Shut up, all right? I am not trying to do that.
I am setting his hair. I have just
applied gel on his hair. Dad, what are you doing?
Get here at once! Dear, the gel is on.
It is drying up. Once it is dried,
I’ll be there. If I come over
there like this we will be caught. Just hold on for a while.
For a little while. That is it. Dear God! Jay! Jay!
– What happened? He is here.
– What? – Yes! God! What happened?
– Dad, Mr. Lokhande is here. I am coming!
– No! Your hair is not done yet.
Wait! – Dear God! Dad, this is the last chance. I will try to stop him
by any means I can but you have to get under
a blanket and be in your room. Okay?
– All right. All right. Come on, sir. Where have you been? We haven’t seen
you all day long. Jaya, he seems so tired.
– Right. Please have some rest.
– Yes. I will meet
Mr. Premchand, first. – What.. You may meet him but first
you should rest. – Yes. What I’ve said is final! I will meet Mr. Premchand first. Mr. Lokhande is here and he
is going towards the room. I am leaving.
– No! Your hair is not done yet.
Wait! Please be seated.
Be seated comfortably. Rest easy.
I am a fool that I keep saving you.
Please be here, be comfortable. Malpani, how much longer? About two and a half minutes.
Please wait. That is it? It is enough
to get caught. – Shut up! You are here with gel
on your head but later your head
will be in jail. Why do you keep me worried?
I am going! – No your hair is still wet! If you go there, even
your lies won’t save you. Please wait.
Do not listen to him. Sir, you should go.
– I cannot wait. I am going. Listen to me!
– I am going. – Listen! What is the matter,
Mr. Lokhande? No, nothing. ‘Please do not lift the blanket.
Please do not do it.’ ‘My hair is not set yet.’ ‘Please wait for a minute.
Please.’ ‘Do not lift this blanket.
It’ll lead to trouble.’ What are you doing,
Mr. Lokhande? Mr. Premchand. If you keep your head covered the cold will never be cured. ‘If the gel has not
set my hair by now’ ‘you will beat me to pulp.’
– Do not cover your head.. Let’s
go, sir. Let’s go. What is the matter? Why did you lift
the blanket? You thought
it was someone else? Isn’t it, Mr. Lokhande? No, dear. Your hands
are shaking. Yes.
– Yes. Are you lying to us? What are you saying, Jay? He never lies. Right?
– Yes. But why are your
hands shaking? That is why I said that, Jaya. All right. Sudhakar, handle it.
– What! Hey..
– What happened? He is.. While we were
on our way back home even sir caught a cold.
– Is that so? But sir, you
are sweating. Look. Really? No.. Sir,
let me take you to your room. Mr. Premchand,
please forgive me. Let’s go, sir. If we all get infected we will all fall ill.
– Yes, let’s go. Dear,
tell everyone to go out. They can get infected.
– Sure. – Yes. Let’s all go out.
– Yes. Father-in-law, please take care.
– Yes, Jaya. He will. We should go now. Yes! Yes! How can this be? The same man was in the office
and here as well. How can two people
look so alike? What is the matter, sir?
Please tell me. Sudhakar, I went to see
the boss at Penguin Builders. The owner of that company
and Mr. Premchand look so similar.
Like twin brothers. Exactly the same?
– Yes. There is just a simple
difference with the hair. His hair is curly. Is that so?
– Yes. I was saved by my hair. Whose hair? My own hair saved me. Why would anyone
else’s hair save me? Sir, you got
saved because of me. I spat out the
concoction in the shampoo bottle at the right time. Otherwise, everything
would’ve been compromised. Our game would’ve ended. Yes..
– Correct. You are right, dear.
I was saved because of you. I shouldn’t have
scolded you, dear. Dad, next time, such a
situation shouldn’t arise. Tomorrow, show the photograph
of Mr. Lokhande and his family to all your staff members. They should know
who they need to steer clear of. Yes. You are right, dear.
We need to be alert. I could never imagine that Mr. Lokhande
will come to office. What a co-incidence, sir! I had a dream
about Mr. Lokhande! Had he come to
the Penguin office? Yes!
In the Penguin office. Gosh!
– What? When did you see the dream? This morning. When I had myself
gone to the office. You know, Deepak, dreams
which are seen in the morning often come true. I wish my entire
dream would’ve come true. I kept seeing
Mr. Lokhande in my dream. Just a minute.
Just a minute. Did you see Mr. Lokhande
in the office? Crystal clear!
In HD!- God! Then, why didn’t you tell me? If you clearly saw him
in your dream why didn’t you
tell me about it? Sir,
I thought it was just a dream. Besides, nowadays,
I keep dreaming about Sushma. What is the problem
if I dream about her family? After all,
they are my to-be in-laws. Gosh! Deepak,
I think you have fallen in love with Mr. Lokhande,
in the process of loving Sushma. I can never do that. Have you both
lost your senses! Mr. Lokhande didn’t come
in his dream he came to office.
You saw him in the office! You didn’t even mention
it to any of us! Hit him, Mr. Jay.
He has become worthless. He just keeps
being over dramatic. Darn useless git!
Foolish guy! You annoy me! All right, I am worthless,
right? – Yes, you are. You had a blanket over you and you were
taking steam, right? The amount of steam
that I have faced.. I’m sure that’s
the limit of taking steam. You should’ve told us that you’d seen
Mr. Lokhande in the office. You wouldn’t have
had to go through all this. What if dad hadn’t
reached on time? Then, what.. It would’ve been over.
This story would’ve been over. He would’ve found out
that I am Paramveer Chopra. I mean, I am Premchand. I mean,
I am both of them. Even I grew suspicious
in the beginning that Paramveer and Premchand
are the same people. They are the same. Sir.
This can be possible. How is this possible?
Paramveer was in the office. Mr. Premchand was
under the blanket. Am I right? No.. I had a doubt,
but no doubts anymore. Your doubt
got cleared so soon, sir? Yes, I have no doubts anymore. I have to apologise
to Mr. Premchand. I will go
and apologise to him. Wait, sir. Sir, don’t you feel it isn’t
wise to not have any suspicion? You always say that
if there is a slightest doubt one must get
to the bottom of it. Yes, I had said this.
I keep saying this. But how can one man be
in two places at the same time? It could be
that Mr. Premchand went under the blanket
before you got back home. But you had told me that you saw Mr. Premchand
under the blanket. Whatever I saw,
I saw it from the outside. What if the man
under the blanket wasn’t Mr. Premchand? That means,
we have been duped. It could be so.
– No.. No, Sudhakar. How is this
possible? This is not possible. Sir, are you certain? Are you
100 percent sure? Sir, you have taught me that until
the suspicion is cleared one must always suspect. Dad, are you certain that
they are certain about the fact that Premchand and Paramveer
are not the same person? Yes, certainly, dear. That’s because he saw me
in two different places at the very same time. Just a second. If he had trusted you,
he would’ve told you that he had met your lookalike. Look! Darn detective!
She speaks utter nonsense. She isn’t speaking nonsense. She is saying the right thing.
– Exactly. Mr. Lokhande didn’t mention
Paramveer Chopra all day long. This means he is still suspicious. Oh, God! Mr. Jay.
– Yes? What if is he
is still suspicious? Then.. He will try to check whether these two people Paramveer Chopra
and Premchand are present in
the same place at the same time. Yes..
– It’s over. Jay,
I am really scared. I have a feeling, this
time, we’ll get caught for sure. I can’t think of
anything. I’ll have a shot. That’s it!
This is how she can think. All she can think
about are shots. Ms. Malpani, forget about her.
Think about this. How can one person
be present in two places? That too, with different
hairstyles of the hair. Urmila, hairstyles
are only for hair, all right? That’s why I said
hairstyles of the hair. Dad,
thank God I recalled this. You will always have to carry
that shampoo and the gel which helps
you harden your hair. No. I won’t use
that shampoo on my hair. My hair starts stinking. I won’t drink
that concoction again and I won’t put
it in the shampoo. I can’t do it again, please. Who asked you to drink it? I won’t give you
my straightening gel. Hey, just a minute!
Just a minute! Just a minute! First of all,
we all have to adjust. How will we do that,
Mr. Jay? Just a second, look,
Dad, meet Mr. Lokhande right now and see whether he speaks about your lookalike or not.
– Correct. I’ll ask him directly if
he’d seen my lookalike or not. No, Dad, not like that. Don’t ask him blatantly whether he saw your
lookalike or not. Ask him tactfully,
if you ask him directly he will grow suspicious. You are right, dear.
You are right. I will go and test
the situation. Dad! Don’t forget that
you are unwell. You have cough and cold.
Don’t forget all that. Okay? Look! Mr. Jay, I have a suggestion.
I’ll accompany Mr. Param. Why?
– He is unwell, right? – Yes. If a daughter accompanies
her sick father it will look
appropriate. Fantastic!
– Correct. Good.
– Good, Urmila! Very good. Very good. You are not that unwell.
Come on. Sir.
– Yes. Don’t go to meet him.
– Why? He will come to meet you. Why would he come
to meet me? Sir,
if he has done something wrong he will
certainly come to meet you. If he comes,
don’t tell him anything. Just speak
about general topics. He shouldn’t be suspicious
that we are being suspicious. Come.. Come.. Come, Mr. Premchand. You have a terrible cough.
– Pretty much. Since when did
a cough become pretty? Pretty much so,
I have a terrible cough. One’s immunity depletes with age. Mr. Premchand.
– Tell me. No, nothing.. Just.. That is quite..
– Yes. Nowadays, that is quite.. Yes. Who are you speaking about? You know..
– Who? Inflation.
– Inflation. It’s too high these days.
– Yes. Everyone is talking
about inflation these days. There’s no other
discussion happening. Yes, of course. There’s
no other discussion happening. Everyone keeps talking
about inflation these days. By the way how are you?
How was your day? Well..
My day went good.. I had been to meet a builder. Relax..
– To buy a land or a house? Not at all, Mr. Premchand.
I had just been to meet him. Okay.. – Okay.
– So, what else? Nothing special.
How are you? Great. I mean, I’m absolutely fine,
sir. – Good. How’s Sudhakar? – What!
– Me.. I’m great. Okay. – So, how about you?
– Even I’m absolutely fine. Good. – Dad, you have got cough.
So, how can you be absolutely fine?
– Yes. Well.. A bit.. I have got cough.
That’s it. So, tell me.
– Well, I’m fine. Sudhakar is fine.
Sushma is fine and so is Jaya. Anything else?
– No, nothing else. Anything else?
– No, nothing else. Fine. We’ll take your leave.
– Okay, fine. Let’s go.
– Let’s go, dear. Hold on, Mr. Premchand. He’ll spill
the beans now. Yes?
– You have a cough, right? Yes. – So, take
the concoction with you. Sudhakar.. – Yes.
– Oh! – concoction. I thought.. No.. I’ll take it to my room
and have it. Yes. But do drink it.
– Okay. It’s a bit bitter. But don’t spit it out. No.. Sir, don’t you worry. I’ll make sure
he drinks the concoction and doesn’t spit it out. Urmila will see to it. Anything else?
– Nothing else. Go, fast. Okay.
– Have the concoction. You’ll recover from your cough.
– Fine.. – Sure. Wow, sir. You’ve acted so well.
Why don’t you take it up as a career?
– Will you just keep quiet? Okay.
– Fine. Nothing is fine.. He didn’t say anything
about my lookalike. That means, he doubts us.
– Forget that. One thing is good for sure.
– What.. We got this concoction.
You don’t have to worry about your
hairstyle anymore. I can’t apply this. I just..
I just can’t apply this. Sir, you will have to.
It’s important or else,
we will all be done for. Can’t you do this silly thing
for Jay? Listen, go and update Jay
about everything that happened. Okay.
– I’ll just find out what’s going on, all right?
– Fine. Listen carefully, dear. All right?
– Yes. Don’t you worry. I’ll listen carefully. Come on..
All the best. All the best. He has a doubt, dear!
He definitely has a doubt. He never mentioned
Penguin Builders or Paramveer Chopra. He was even about to say it once that he had been
to Penguin Builders’ office but Sudhakar interrupted
immediately and stopped him. ‘Sir..’ We’re done for, Dad. We’re definitely done for.
They definitely have a doubt. Sudhakar would just
add fuel to his suspicion and that’s something
he’s best at.

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