Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 17 – 14th Jun, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 17 – 14th Jun, 2017

Do you know him? Him? He.. He is our..
– Yes? Tell me. Who is he?
– You don’t know him? Ma’am, what I said just now means that I don’t know
who he is. Please take a good look
at this photo. Yes! I’m positive
that I don’t know him. I saw him in this office
just two minutes ago and you all are saying
that you don’t know him! Ma’am, if I have your permission may I enquire the people who’re
employed in this organisation? {an5}Does anyone know him?
– No.. – No.. {an5}No.. – No..
– Did you hear that? So, you think I’m lying? {an5}He was in this office
just two minutes ago. {an5}His name is Jay.
– I know. {an5}You do?
– Yes. {an5}I know that because you
said so just now. Ma’am, please forgive me {an5}but you should tend to your job
and let us do ours. Security, come here, please. {an5}Sir.
– Pray escort My Lady out. What do you mean?
What do I need to do again? Hush. Please show her the door.
– Okay, sir. Please come, ma’am. Please come.
– Go on. – Please come. “Beloved..” He’s here.
Sir, that man is here. That is the postman. Now, you should go
and teach him a lesson. “Lokhande..” Mr. Neil! How are you?
I hope everything is okay. Yes.. E-Everything is great.
Everything is okay. Do you know? Yesterday,
I ran into your brother, Nitin at the square.
He was selling mangoes. Yes.. I thought it was you. And I was bound
to mistake him for you. He looks exactly like you. When I called out to him
by your name he got very angry!
– Okay. But your third brother, Mukesh.. Yes.. – The one who looks
exactly like you. He’s in terrible shape. The poor guy’s broke.
Now, he lives on the streets. He begs, you know. All the three brothers,
Neil, Nitin and Mukesh should stay together,
look out for each other. Ma’am, you’ve opened
my eyes today. I’ll leave right now,
hug both my brothers and apologise to them,
okay? – Great.. Thank you.
– Yes.. Goodbye.. – Yes.. Goodbye. Mister, what time is it? Tell him what the time is.
– T-Twelve.. T-Twelve..
– It’s not twelve now. Tell him
what the correct time is. I..
– What time is it? Eleven. – Yes.
– Thank you.. One, two.
– Three! Two hundred.
– Okay. Four. – Five. When I’m asking you
to hold me by my collar insult me and throw me
out of the office how does that make it a sin?
– Sir, why don’t you understand? I have never raised my voice
or hit a person. So, how can I throw you
out of the office? – Hey. Why don’t you understand? I bet you got mad at someone at
some point of time in your life. Yes.
– You did, right? Great. No.. Actually, people get mad
at me, always. – Goodness.. Now, I’ll be getting mad at you. No..
– If you don’t shove me I’ll get mad at you.
– Do not get angry. Please calm down. I’ll try.
– Come on, shove me. Shove me, quick..
– Get out. Will you shove me
or should I shove you? – No.. Please don’t get violent.
– Then shove me! – I’ll try. I’ll try. I.. – Oh, come on.
Jaya is leaving. Come on, do it, quick.
– How is that possible? Jay entered the office
as if he owned the place but no one seems to know him! Get out!
– Don’t shove me! Jay! Get up.
Get out. How can lowlifes like you
waltz into our office? – Hey.. What are you doing?
– For a job nonetheless! Get lost! – Fine!
I don’t want your stupid job! I don’t want to work in a place
where the poor aren’t respected! Got it?
Leave my hand.. Jaya! You! I said get out! Fine, I’m leaving.
Enough of this.. Don’t make me angry
by asking me to stop. If I lose my temper I can even raise my hand on you. What are you doing?
– A thumb! Why are you showing me
your thumb? Go look for a job elsewhere!
Got it? Is this enough or should I
continue? – Goodness! You’ll break my thumb!
Leave it! – Okay.. Go!
Throw him out! Kick him out!
– Jay, let’s go. – Come on. Let’s go.. – Don’t touch me!
We’re going! Let’s go, Jaya.
Come on.. What are you all staring at?
Go work! Oh, God! The things
they make me do! You came here for a job?
– Exactly, Jaya. What did you think?
That this is my dad’s company? But, Jay, these expensive
clothes.. – It’s a rental, Jaya. Rental?
– Yes, it’s a rental. The whole world
is dictated by pretence, Jaya. The whole world
is a slave to pretence. Here, apart from qualifications,
everything else matters. A poor friend of mine
has been looking for a job for one whole year in
tattered clothes and torn shoes. Whenever he’d appear
for an interview people would show him the door. He asked me
to get some clothes on rent because it would make a good
impression on the interviewers. I’m feeling suffocated here. Let’s go.
Come on.. Jay. What about the expensive car
in which you came here? My poor friend dropped me here. Your poor friend
has such a big car? How can he afford one? You want to know
how he can afford one, right? The poor guy is a driver. Let’s go..
– Jay. Tell me something.
– What is it? Why did you lie to me? That you
had gone to the cowshed. Jaya, which story should I
cook up now? – What! I mean, which other
morbid detail should I give you? What did you ask me?
– The cowshed.. – The cowshed. The cowshed.. Yes..
The cowshed, right? Surprise.
– Surprise? I wanted to surprise you by telling you
that I had bagged a job. So, I lied about being
at the cowshed. Anyway, this place is no less
than a cowshed. All the inhabitants here
are animals. I’ve realised something. In this world, people respect
candlelight dinners but talent and skills
hold no value. They hold no value.
Le’s go.. Hold on, Jay.
– What happened now? Dad’s calling me up.
– Okay. Hello.
– Jaya, tell me. You wanted to tell me something.
– Nothing, Dad. I came to meet Radhika
but she’s busy today. I was about to leave for home.
So, I thought of asking you if you needed anything.
– No, I don’t want anything. Just come back home.
– Poppadoms. Ask Ms. Jaya..
– Hold on.. What? – Ask Ms. Jaya
to get some poppadoms. I haven’t had poppadoms
for some time now. I want to have some.
– You want poppadoms? I’ll slap you silly.
Keep doing the squats! Don’t be long.
Take a rickshaw. Okay, Dad..
– O-One more thing. Get some poppadoms
on your way home. Okay, I will.
– Bye. – Bye. Thank you, sir.
– Don’t thank me. Keep at it! 182, 183. Anyway, what are you doing here? My friend, Radhika,
lives close by. I had come to meet her
but it’s very late now. – Yes. Come on. Let’s go home.
– Yes.. – On our way back we’ll buy some poppadoms.
Dad asked me to. – No.. I-I can’t go home.
You.. – Why? Why?
I got these clothes on rent. Yes..
– I have to return them. If I’m late even by half an hour the shop keeper will charge me
an extra Rs. 100. Okay. You carry on.
I’ll meet you at home. – Okay. Bye.
– Okay. Albert, how long does it take
to serve breakfast? We’re famished.. What..
What are you doing? I was just looking. We’re famished. Hurry.. You’re done?
Okay.. Turn it.. Goodness! Not my wheelchair!
What are you doing.. Turn the knob!
The knob of the radio. Yes. Let’s go!
– Yes, let’s go. – Let’s go. Go where?
Make the door rotate. – Okay. What’s going on?
– Drat! We’ve been caught. We’ve been caught..
– Sorry.. Why are you apologising?
It’s me. – Jay! Dear, why do you do this? You should complete
your sentence, you know. ‘Dad, what’s going on?’ My heart leapt into my mouth! Dad, what’s all this?
– It’s breakfast. Even I know it’s breakfast but why are you all doing this? We’re hungry.
– Oh, God! Even I.. Even I’m hungry. Dad, only one more day
to go, right? Mr. Lokhande is leaving
tomorrow evening. After he leaves,
you can eat whatever you like to your heart’s content.
– It’s a matter of one day. Dear, we’re eating so that we
can make it through another day. I think even you have
an itch for this. There’s no time for that. I’ll feed you myself. You needn’t go hunt
for some soothing ointment. First and foremost,
I need to clean this plate. What are you doing? Hey! – No,
you can’t have this. Sorry, Dad. We’ll get caught. Dad, sorry but today, you’ll have to be
content with some tea and Rotis. Come on..
Go.. I’m having to leave
empty-handed. – Come on.. Cherries! Even the cherries
are back on the rack. Go..
Come on.. Go.. Go. Thank God! Goodness!
It must be Deepak. Stop sending me
pathetic jokes, Deepak. Whose number is this? ‘I love you a lot.’ ‘I can’t live without you.’ ‘Yours truly, Soo.’ Someone named Soo loves me? These days people send texts
even to wrong numbers. No.. Till now, you owe me Rs. 5,432 and that’s what I want.
– I’m giving it to you! I’m giving you Rs. 6,000! There’s some extra money.
Just take it! – Why should I? Why should I take
the extra money? My best friend’s beloved and
accepting money I didn’t earn are off limits for me.
– Then how do you expect me to arrange for the change?
– Well, I can’t arrange for it. How do I arrange for it? We can barely get change
for a 2000-rupee note. Try going out and experiencing
the problem we folks face. Okay. I’ll write you
a cheque. – No.. Hey..
– No.. Cash.. It was my first condition.
I hope you remember that. I want the money in cash. Oh, yes!
The man with a turban. Why don’t you ask him?
– Jay! Him?
– Yes. Later..
– Hey! My cash! “Beloved..” Jay!
– Yes? Oh, you’re here!
– Yes.. I’ll be troubling you a little.
– I’m used to it. – What! The poor are used
to braving troubles. Yes. No.. I don’t mean
that kind of trouble. Okay..
– I don’t see Sudhakar around. Did he leave?
– How can he? – Right. The two of us will leave
together tomorrow evening. Okay. So, I’ll go look for him.
– No. No! You needn’t look for him.
Look for a bucket. Is Sudhakar in a bucket? Sudhakar isn’t inside a bucket.
– Okay. Is there any water there? Where? Let me explain. What rhymes
with the word ‘dispensary’? The word ‘dispenser’ does,
right? Dispenser..
– Dispenser.. Dispenser.. – Have a look.
That’s a dispenser. A hot water dispenser.
– Yes. Is there any hot water
in that? – Yes, there is. But there’s no bucket in which
I can store some water. No bucket.
– So, go look for one. I’ll go look for a bucket.
– Yes. – Okay, I will. Good.
– I will. I’ll look for one.
– Look for one. Hello. – ‘You didn’t reply
to my text message.’ Who is this?
– ‘Your Soo.’ What!
– A bucket. I’ll get you one in a bit. Yes? Sorry. Who is this again?
– ‘Your Soo.’ Okay.
You’re the one who has sent me several texts
since morning, right? Listen, you must be mistaken. You’re sending texts
to the wrong number. ‘I have neither the wrong number
nor the wrong person.’ ‘Jay, how are you?’
– The water’s getting cold! Get a bucket. – Yes.
I-I’m looking for one. Sir.. I found one.
I’ll bring it to you. I’m telling you,
you must be mistaken. You’ve called up the wrong Jay. I’m Jay Chopra.
– ‘And I love Jay Chopra.’ What! Sorry..
– ‘I don’t want to hear that.’ ‘I’m waiting for you
to say ‘I love you’.’ I love you? ‘I’m coming, Jay. I’m coming
to meet you very soon.’ H-Hello? H-Hello.. Why did you say ‘I love you’?
Who were you talking to? Well.. An NGO.
– What! It’s for social service. – Okay.
It’s an organisation. – Yes. I got it. Who did you say
‘I love you’ to? ‘I love you’ is the name of an..
– So, you said that to a person? ‘I Love You, Kids’ is the name
of a charitable organisation. ‘I Love You, Kids.’
– Kids. A charitable organisation
for poor kids. – Great.. Great.
– They had called me up. They had called me up
to ask for help. And the call got disconnected.
– Okay. Then go ahead. I’ve already heated some water. I didn’t mean that.
I mean, call them back. Call them back.
– Call them back. Okay.. – Yes. ‘The number
you are trying to call’ ‘is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later.’ Who’s this new trouble
that goes by the name Soo? I’m waiting for Mr. Lokhande
to leave this evening. May nothing go wrong
in the meantime.. – Jay. – Yes? There’s a letter for you.
– A letter for me? Yes. I was just wondering
who writes letters these days. Exactly.
People don’t do that these days. ‘This is a letter
from that girl’ ‘that too, written with blood!’ Who sent you the letter? No.. It’s nothing.
– Come on, tell me. No..
It’s not important. But someone must’ve written it.
– It’s not important. And why is it so red? It’s blood. It’s not blood.
So, why are you asking me that? It’s written with red ink. Who writes letters with red ink? Jaya, actually I had gone to
give an interview for a job. They’ve sent me a reply. I’ve failed
their so-called test. And when someone fails his scores are written
with red ink. So, they wrote the whole letter
with red ink. Had I passed their test they’d have written the letter
with blue ink. I’ve never heard
of such a thing. That’s what they did
in our report cards in school. Don’t you remember?
When we used to fail an exam the teachers used to
write our marks with red ink and if we passed an exam,
they’d use blue ink. – Yes.. I remember.
– Yes, but I.. “Beloved..” Jay, listen.
– Yes? You mustn’t take this to heart. Refusing to give you a job
is their loss. You’ll see, you’ll bag
an even better job. Please don’t let this
spoil your mood. I’ll make you some tea
real quickly, okay? Take it easy.
– What! If you take it easy,
the tea will taste even better. What does it say..
‘Jay Chopra.’ ‘I’m writing..’ ‘I’m writing this letter
with blood.’ ‘My words are set in stone.’ ‘I can’t live without you’ ‘not even for a moment.’ ‘Jay, meet me sharp at eleven..’ ‘Meet me sharp at eleven’ ‘behind the tea stall that’s
present next to the house.’ ‘I’ll wait for you
with some tea.’ ‘You better be there
before the tea gets cold’ ‘otherwise I’ll enter the house
with some piping hot tea.’ ‘Don’t feel shy and coy
upon reading the letter.’ ‘Sharp at eleven.’ ‘I’m dying to..
To see your dimples.’ ‘Yours truly, Soo.’ I have dimples? No, I don’t. Why am I having to brave
fresh troubles? I can neither tell Jaya about it
nor hide it from her. I just don’t understand
what to do. Who is Soo?

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