Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो  – Ep 40 – 17th July, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 40 – 17th July, 2017

Ms. Kalia!
Ms. Kalia! Come here right now. Henceforth I should not see this vodka bottle
anywhere around here. Do you understand that?
– This is not vodka. This is just water.
– What? If this is water
then where is the vodka? It is over there.. ‘If Sudhakar comes to know
about the vodka’ ‘he will surely tell
Mr. Lokhande about it.’ Sudhakar,
that glass is not clean. What? Sir! What is wrong with you? I meant that someone
used this glass. All right.
– Take another glass. Should I give you one? Mr. Jay. There was a lot of water
when I went to fetch the glass. So, how did the water
decrease in it? Sudhakar, Jay is also
a human being like you. Even he can get thirsty. I made a mistake. Henceforth I’ll ask you
before having water. Okay? Stop kidding, Mr. Jay. I am not the one who started it. Is your thirst quenched? Would you like to have
some more? Now, do you understand
what I was trying to say? Henceforth I do not want
vodka here. That’s water.
The vodka is right here. Please tell me
which is the vodka! I do not want any
bottle here. No bottle! Calm down, Jay.
You are stressed. Have a sip
and you will feel better. What nonsense, Ms. Kalia!
What nonsense! Throw both these bottles out!
Come on. Jay, my vodka!
Jay, my vodka! Jay.. Excuse me!
– What! Deepak, what is this? No. I am Deepak’s mom. Will you please help me
with the sari? What is this drama, Deepak? I have given you
so many ideas and yet you cannot help me
with a sari? Please! Help me. Okay, I’ll help you.
Come here. – Good. What is this? There you go.
Are you happy now? This is not how it is done! Why do you not understand? I can be anything
to make Sushma mine. I can do anything. I am going there
as Deepak’s mom. I will impress Mr. Lokhande. I ignore.
– Even I ignore. I am waiting for you,
Deepak Tijori. Will you be there to talk
to my father? You have called so I have to come. Once I am done
with this sari, I.. Jay, this drunk
will get us all in trouble. What? What did she do now?
– What? No matter where you go
in that house you find these.. All of these!
– Oh, my.. We can find such bottles
of liquor! Be it from the couch
or the flower pot. Under the bed..
And everywhere else! What is all this? What are you doing? Where
have you kept all these bottles? Please tell me
about all of them. Right away! I have.. I do not remember!
– Look at this! Congratulations!
You are doing fantastic! She forgot, it seems. Excuse me. Why are you screaming? Have you not seen yourself
in the mirror? Hey, Mr. Overacting! I look better than you! Listen to me, help me
with this sari. Get lost!
What is up with him? What are you all doing? This is just a sari. She has left bottles of vodka
in that poverty-stricken house and all you care
is about the sari? Go and stand there! Stand right there! I have so many problems
on my head! Now I have to find those bottles
and dispose of them. You are only causing me trouble,
Ms. Kalia! PC! Look, what I have got! What trouble have you brought? Not troubles, but lemons! Lemons? Ms. Malpani, I am not so drunk
that you need to worry about my hangover. No! This is not for you. I got this for Mr. Lokhande. Well, the last time I gave him some bread
and sapodilla for breakfast and he was mad at me. So, now I will give him..
– Bread and lemon? No! Lemon and sapodilla! Please God! Take her away!
Do something! No? Excuse me. Where else can she hide them? “Rum..
– Whisky!” “Rum..” Mr. Lokhande sits here! “Whisky!” “Open your eyes and look wide.” “Rum..
– Whisky!” “Rum..” Thank God!
This is empty! “Rum..
– Whisky!” “Rum..” Where do I hide it?
Where.. Yes, here. Jay, what are you doing?
– Watering the plant. But this is a fake.
You don’t need to. It is a fake?
A fake! I did not realise. Actually, I love plants a lot,
so I start watering it. A fake? How did it end up
in this house? A follower of father
brought this for him. – Okay. A fake plant? Let me tell you something. Only our love is true
in this house. Everything else is fake. This sapling, this tree,
the ceiling, the house.. This footwear of mine, my dress
and even my watch.. They are all fake. Jay, I know that your love
for me is true. Always keep this love going. I will always love you, Jaya. What about this lie
of poverty? I do not like to lie to you but I have no other choice. You think I cannot pull this off
without your aid? Excuse me.
How do I look? How do you feel? Always overacting! Someone please help me
with the sari. I’ve been waiting too long
for this. Ms. Kalia. Ms. Kalia, you are amazing. Jay, you are late to say that. I know
that I am amazing! Why is your belly
inflated? It is all because of you. I did not do
anything! He is lying! I can find all these bottles
in every corner! I am so troubled! There are still some left? What is wrong with you? You are addicted to vodka. Do you add vodka
instead of water to the tea? Actually,
sir, I did try it once but the milk
had curdled. – Gosh! Jay, you didn’t listen
to my idea. Lemons.. And sapodilla.
I have heard it. No, Jay. We will
stick these lemons on the lemon tree
at their house. Then, a fresh set
of lemons will grow. We will pluck them
and make juice. We will
make lemonade. We will give
it to Mr. Lokhande. Then Mr. Lokhande
will be amazed that we are nice
and simple people. That isn’t a real tree.
It’s a plastic tree. What! You didn’t mention that
the tree isn’t a real one. It doesn’t matter
if it isn’t a real tree. We will paste
actual lemons on it. I am with you. Ms. Kalia. Give me the new
vodka bottle that you’ve bought. Yes, I am aware of that.
Give me that bottle. Give me the bottle.
I’ll tell you where to hide it. Give me the bottle, right now. Get the bottle, Ms. Kalia.
Get it right now. – Okay. Give me the bottle.
Give me the bottle. Dad, please warn Ms. Kalia. Someone help me
drape a sari. Someone make
Mr. Lokhande have the lemonade. Shut up! He’ll come. Your beloved will come. Some or the other day,
I’ll come to take you away. Gosh! That’s strange. All the things
are here. Then
where is my bottle? Chill, baby.
It’s okay if you can’t find it. We will buy a new one. But what about
the one I bought? I vividly remember,
I kept the bottle in this after I shopped
from the mall. Just a second. Is it in the other
vegetable basket? Oh, my God! Ma’am? I guess, she forgot
the vegetable basket here. Oh, gosh! Such of a lot
of vegetables! How will ma’am
chop all of it on her own? I will
chop a few of them. What happened? Have you seen a ghost? Why have you been
rendered speechless? What happened?
– Sir, the basket has.. What is in the basket? There.. That.. Sir, does the basket..
– Yes? Does it have a snake? Yes..
– Is there a snake? Snakes come out
during the rainy season. I know that. It’s not an issue.
I’ll take a look. No, sir! No..
No, sir. Careful.. Be careful..
– Yes, dear. I’ll deal with it. Be careful, sir!
– Quiet! Careful.. It’s not there?
It’s not in the kitchen? Or did you forget
where you’ve kept it? Or did you
finish the bottle on the way
from the market? Tell me. No, sir. I remember.
I’d got it from the market. I don’t know
what happened after that. Don’t tell us
what you remember. Tell us your doubt. Doubt? Jay, actually,
I got a vegetable basket along with the vodka. I fear, it is
in the vegetable basket. Why are you laughing? Where is the basket? The basket
is at their house. What!
It’s in their house? Dear Lord!
– What happened? Mr. Jay.. Mr. Param..
This alcoholic’s bottle was found
in the vegetable basket. Oh..
– Oh.. – Oh.. Thank God!
– Thank God! – Found it. Urmila found her bottle. I didn’t get the bottle. Sudhakar and
Mr. Lokhande found the bottle! What! – What! – What! – What! Yes. Ma’am,
whose basket is this? It’s mine. Whatever
was in there, it belongs to me. What all is in there? Don’t even ask about
the contents of the basket. I mean, don’t ask me.
She has bought the stuff. You should ask her. Ma’am, tell me. Yes.. This has bottle gourd. Spinach. It has cauliflower. What else is there? Okra.. Okra! Eggplant..
– Roasted! Roasted? Did you not bring
roasted eggplant? She is joking, She keeps cracking jokes. She is too humorous. Whenever she sees
an eggplant she gets reminded
of the roasted dish. We’ll be
roasted for this. Did you forget something? No.. The bottle! The bottle of phenyl. It isn’t there? What about this bottle? It was found
in this basket. Whom does it belong to? Deepak..
Deepak.. You are acting too pricey. Now, you remember
your friend. Deepak, please go. I wonder
what’s happening in there! Deepak!
Deepak! What is it? When I was planning
to go disguised as my mom so that I can get
married to Sushma none of you had come
to help me drape the sari. When I was trying to make a
good impression on Mr. Lalit then no one
came to my help. Now that you guys
have got into trouble you have come to me,
asking for help! I refuse to pose
as your neighbour. Come with me.
– Let me go. Leave me, evil guy!
I won’t come with you. It’ll take only
five minutes, pal. Won’t you help your friend?
– Which friend? Me.
– And who am I? My saviour!
You have always rescued me whenever
I was in trouble. Isn’t it?
Tell me. But you didn’t
set me up with Sushma. Of course, I will.
I will set you up. Rescue me from this tight
situation for now, pal. You know that no one else can
play this role, other than you. No one has
that kind of talent. You are looking
so beautiful! Listen, take this
and go inside. Take this. Listen, perform well, okay? Just wait and watch! Hey, you are playing
an old woman not a young one. Mr. Premchand.
– Yes? So, whose bottle is this? From far, it appears
to be a glass bottle but it might turn out
to be a plastic one. That’s not
what I am asking? I asked to whom
this bottle belongs. PC, he is asking,
what is there in it. What bottle is it? Whether it’s a rum bottle,
a whisky or a vodka bottle. She is absolutely right. This is a liquor bottle. You already know
that I hate liquor and the people
who consume it. This bottle
was in this basket. It means that someone
in this house drinks liquor. Tell me.
Who is it, then? Ma’am, where are you? Hey! Mr. Premchand! Greetings.. Maintain some distance.
You already know the problem. Hello.
Hello. Ma’am, who are you? Madhuri Dixit. What!
– I am a big fan of hers. Sir,
I am their neighbour. I had gone to buy
vegetables with this old woman. You know, it so happened,
I was busy buying vegetables and when I turned around,
my basket was missing. She had left
with my basket. Our baskets had
got exchanged, then. Yes, she is right. The thing is, both
of our baskets are made of cane and look quite similar. See,
they look almost the same. They get exchanged
all the time. Sudhakar,
give me my basket. Sure. How do
you know my name? You are very famous. Everyone
in this colony knows you. He buys candy
from the paan shop. He owes money
to that shopkeeper. Mr. Lalit,
I’ve already settled the dues. Pass my
basket to me. – Sudhakar.. Here you go. Let me check. Where is my bottle? Here you go. Sir.. Thank you.
Thanks. I’ll make a move.
– Okay. Ma’am.
– Yes? Drinking liquor is not
a good habit. Tell that to my son. You mean,
your son is an alcoholic? Yes.
– His father doesn’t care? Why would he? In fact,
he gives him company. Both of them sit
together and enjoy their drinks. Okay, fine,
I’ll make a move. ‘Poor Deepak,
he always helps us out.’ ‘But we have never
helped him.’ ‘This is the right
opportunity to help him.’ Ma’am! Since morning,
you were insisting that I
introduce you to him. So, come on,
let me introduce you now. Meet Mr. Lalit Rao Lokhande. And Mr. Lalit She is Deepak’s mom. Deepak? Deepak Tijori! The match
we had got for Sushma. Whom you had chased away
by yelling at him. She is the mother
of that same guy.

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    I like Jai ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜❣️💜💜❣️🌸🌸🌸🌸🍀🍀🍀🌾💐🌸🌸🌸💞💞💞💞🖤🖤♥️💗💝💟💗💖🌹💖🌾🥀🌾💗💐💗💐💜🌾💜💖💜💐💓🌾🖤🍀🥀💜💖🏵️♥️🏵️🌸💜❣️🌸❣️🌸❣️🍀❣️🌻💜🌻🌾🖤🌾🖤🏵️💝💟🍁🌹💓💐🌿💓🥀🌱❣️🍁🍁💐❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💖🥀💖🍁🌹🌸💝💕💞💋💙💓💗💗💗💞💞💋💞💖💙💞💝💘💘💘💘💘💕💕💘💕💘💕💖💞💗💞💞♥️♥️💟💟💟💕💖💕💖💕💖💕❤️🙀♥️💘♥️♥️♥️💘♥️💘♥️♥️💜💗💙❤️💙💖💙😿💙💙💘💙😾💙❤️💙💖💙💓💓💞💞💟💕💯💞💞💖💙💗💜💖💜💜💖💜💖💜💖💙💖💞💝💞💞💞💞💞💙💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💛❣️🥀🥀💋🌹❤️💟💋❤️💓❤️❤️💕❤️💟🌸😼🌸❤️💟💋❤️❤️💘💘💘♥️♥️💐🌹💐💐🌸💋❣️💋💋🍁💋🌱🌱💋🌸❣️🥀😼💐😼🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱💞💞💚💜💜💖💟💖💝💝😾❤️💕❤️❤️❤️❤️💟❤️💟😾💟❤️💟💋❤️❤️💟❤️💟💓💓💟💓💟💓💟💓💟🌱💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🌹🌹💝🌹💝💜💚🌸💚❣️♥️🌸💝♥️💝♥️💝♥️💝♥️💗💘💙💙♥️💛♥️💝💝♥️💝♥️🌹🥀💋💚🌸💞💕💞💐😾💜💖💜💝🌱💝💟💝💚💝🍁💚💝💞💐💙💞💝💜💜🍁💖💜🌹🍁🌸♥️🌸💚♥️💝🌸🌸🌸💙💙💛😾🌸💚💋🌹💗🍁💗🍁💗🍁💗🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁💗🍁💐🍁💗😾💗😾😾💛😾💘😾🍁🌹💜💘💜💐🍁💐💋💕💘

  100. hashim raza says:

    best jodi of sushma +depak=deesu

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