Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो  – Ep 42 – 19th July, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 42 – 19th July, 2017

Yes. – I’m not talking
about the recipe, Jay. What else?
– I’m talking about this. This contains a decoction
to cure cough. – Decoction? I saw Sudhakar holding
a similar bottle. I think our bottles
have been exchanged. The bottle containing vodka
is now with Sudhakar. What! How could you put vodka
in the decoction bottle? She did!
– Oh, no! – Ma’am.. Where were you both?
Come.. Yes, ma’am. Tell me.
– Ma’am will not tell. Why? – Because there’s
decoction in the bottle. What do you mean?
– She has cough. That’s why, she’s holding
the decoction bottle. What’s this, Deepak? It fell down.
– Why this wig? Are you going to rob a bank,
dressing up like this? Sir, I’m not going to rob
a bank. I’m going to win over
Mr. Lokhande and his daughter. So, will you go to Mr. Lokhande
and get beaten up again? In love, when one gets
slapped by the girl’s father it feels as though he’s
been given a car as dowry. You will not understand.
– Look at him. And this time, I’m going
to impress Mr. Lokhande as Deepak’s grandpa.
– You’re not going anywhere. You’re just not going anywhere!
I won’t let you go. Sir, don’t you worry.
Just order some sweets. ‘Jalebi?’ Only ‘Jalebis’?
Nothing else? Who are you talking to? Sushma. Sushma? I don’t see her here.
– You won’t be able to see her. I can feel her presence. You’re going blind in love.
You’re spoiling the entire game. ‘If not ‘Jalebis’,
even sugar would do.’ Silly. I can get all
the varieties of sweets for you. Why not? As if you own the shop
that you’d get them for her. ‘I can get all
all the varieties of sweets.’ Sir, look, she’s upset.
– Who’s upset? Sushma..
– Hey, you.. Move.. Sir, she’s getting hurt.
Try and understand. Sir, look, she opened the door
and left. Sir, you just don’t understand.
The poor girl.. What’s wrong with you?
– I’m in love. You’ve lost your mind in love.
Love.. Do you want to marry Sushma?
– Yes.. Take my blessings
and you’ll surely get married. Sir..
– You’re not going anywhere. You keep creating problems
one after the other. Sir.. Sir, be careful.
I’m yet to get married. Forget about marriage.
I will deal with you for now. Go away! Dear, I can surely tell you
the recipe for ‘Vadas’ but that would be like,
rob Peter to pay Paul. What do you mean?
– I mean, it is actually Jay’s mother’s recipe.
I definitely made the ‘Vadas’ but the recipe was hers.
– Do you mean to say that I gave you the recipe? She is very humorous.
Why don’t you just tell them that it was your recipe?
– Okay. So, ma’am gave you the recipe?
– Yes, dear. So, it would be better
that she gives you the recipe of the corn ‘Vadas’.
What do you think? But I’m wondering why
I should tell them about it. She is absolutely right.
Why should she share it when it was your recipe? Just keep them busy
in the conversation. It’s important that we leave
from here. Is it important to leave?
– It’s very important, Mom. Aunt has cough. Look, she has a very bad cough. Look, aunt can recover only
if I give her some warm water. Yes, dear. Come on.
I’ll have some hot water with salt.
Only then I’ll feel relaxed. Let’s go..
– Don’t worry, Jay. They might forget their names,
but they’ll never forget the recipe for the ‘Vadas’. Come.. Come, Aunt.
I’ll offer you some water. Come on.
I’ll offer you some warm water. Well, girls, take out
a sheet of paper and pen. The recipe
for corn ‘Vadas’ begins by going to
the grocery store. You’ll have to stand in a queue at the store
in the burning heat. You have to spread your arms
and pray to God. Pray to God
at the grocery store? That your turn comes soon. Hey.. Sushma. Just as the unemployeed
don’t get a fixed salary the wireless doesn’t have
a cable similarly, the brave..
– Hey! I, Deepak Tijori, never give up.
– Sudhakar! What are you..
Move.. Mr. Premchand.
– Please come.. Where are you coming from?
– I met one of my old friends. Okay.
– Bhagwandas. B-Bhagwandas..
– I gave those corn ‘Vadas’ to him too.
The delicious ‘Vadas’. You must have had them too.
– I did.. He gave me dry gooseberries.
– Okay. I’ll make a decoction
with those later. Okay, fine. Hey! Where are you going? Yes?
– I’ve got something for you. What is it?
– Sweets from Lonavala. Oh! I just love them.
– Ma’am did tell me. Who?
– What? We have two ladies
in our family, right? Yes. Jay’s mom.
– Okay. Jay’s mom. You got these for me
with so much of love. That means a lot to me.
– Not at all, Mr. Premchand. Once I consider someone as
my own, I never forget them. Sir..
– Yes. Take the bag inside. It has dry gooseberries.
I’ll make a decoction with them. Have them.
I’ll be right back. I’ll remember this forever. He’s gone..
Mr. Lokhande has left. Come out.
Come out.. Sir, how long should I keep
hiding in this house? Just give me a chance
to show my acting skills. If not me, trust
my acting skills at least. Please. – That’s something
I don’t trust. I’ll show you right away.
You can stop talking to me if you don’t like it. Is this your acting?
– Do you think I was acting? What else? Where’s my bag in which
I had kept the wig and beard? How would I know where it is? Is this how you treat
a poor man? Come on. What are you saying?
Go and find your cover. I’ll leave. Move.. Everyone is jealous
of my acting. Where did I keep it?
I searched the entire house. Where did I keep the bag? Yes, it’s Lokhande speaking. Yes. Yes, sir. Tell me. Greetings.
Yes. “Lokhande.” Kindly hold on. No, it’s nothing.
I guess it was a rat. You tell me.
Yes. Okay. Okay, you may come. You should be ashamed
of yourself, Ms. Kangana. You have no right to live. You are right, Jay. I’ll jump from here
and end my life. Deepak!
It’s Deepak! Sorry.. What nonsense! What are you doing here? I have come for a stroll! Mr. Lokhande is roaming
in this area. Hence, I’m hiding. You also hide. Why should we hide?
He knows us. Why are you here? I am looking for my beard! You can grow a beard. Tell me.
Have you seen Sudhakar? He was lying somewhere
over there. Why? What happened? Tell him what you’ve done. Were you with Sudhakar.. Shut up!
What nonsense are you talking! Sudhakar and my
decoction bottles got exchanged. What’s the big deal? That bottle doesn’t
contain the decoction. She had stored vodka in it. I hope Sudhakar
didn’t drink that. He must’ve had it by now. I had heard Sudhakar say that Mr. Lokhande
has asked him to finish the decoction
by this evening. He must’ve finished
half the bottle by now. He must be terribly high
after having half the bottle. If Sudhakar had it, then
he would’ve told Mr. Lokhande. But Mr. Lokhande is roaming
around unperturbed. That means,
he didn’t drink it. Maybe. Or maybe, he isn’t high yet. That’s why I am saying that it’s paramount
to find Sudhakar. Before that,
it’s important for me to leave. Help me get out of here.
Please. You are incorrigible!
Follow me. Come.
Let’s go. Jay!
– Yes. What happened? I am not your friend.
I am a mother figure to you. Oh, all right.
A mother figure.. The drunkard is there. Oh, no! It’s over.. What do we do? His actions show that he is going towards
Mr. Lokhande. – Yes. If he tells
the truth to Mr. Lokhande then it will cause our death. Do something, Jay. I feel like.. Should I put the noose
around her neck? I was merely joking.
I said that out of fear. You got serious.
– What do I do with this? Put this around
the neck and pull. – Okay. Around my neck? No, around Sudhakar’s neck. One, two, three. I can’t do this..
I can’t do this.. You can do it. Imagine putting this on Jaya.
Think of it this way. You can do it.
– Yes. Okay..
– Try to picture that. Jay, Jaya is an expert
in this act. You can do it.
– Jaya. Jaya..
– Jaya.. Jaya.. Jaya. You caught him!
– I caught him! Pull him this way! Yes, okay.. It’s a crow. I guess, someone will visit us. Ma’am, consider the fact
that we’ve got the cornflower. Then?
– Then stand in the queue
to catch a bus. Ma’am, where will
they go in a bus? I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you. Sir, we are not going.
We are coming back from the store after purchasing corn flour. Why would you go
to the store for that? Sir, if we don’t go
to the store how will we get corn? If we don’t get corn,
how will we make corn ‘Vadas’? Sir, I have this habit
since childhood. Whenever I start a task,
I start from the beginning. ‘Thank God she didn’t go
to the corn farm’ ‘to get the corn.’ Oh, gosh! Speak softly.
– Yes. Has he been possessed? He is possessed by a drunkard!
He is drunk! He drank the vodka which
was in the decoction bottle. Our bottles got exchanged. Ms. Kalia. Urmila.
We will take care of him. You both go and look
for the decoction bottle which has vodka.
Okay? Where do we look for it? If we knew, then we
would’ve found it already. I was asking her.
Where did you keep the bottle? I had kept it here.
– Yes. That’s when it got exchanged.
– Okay. Just go! Don’t shout.
We are going. We are going.
– Go. Now, we have to handle him.
Come. Ma’am, you took a bus
after you left the store and came home.
– Yes, we did. You are in the kitchen.
– Yes, we are. She wants to know
what happens after that. Yes, ma’am. We got the corn,
chillies, flour and coriander. What happens after that? Wait. After getting all this,
we need to wait the way Thakur
waited for Gabbar in ‘Sholay’. Wait.. Like the police forces
were waiting for Don. Wait..
– Yes. Just like Sachin waited
for the World Cup. Okay. Yes, ma’am.
But who will we wait for? We have to wait for
the gas. You mean, indigestion? Mr. Lokhande. Our gas cylinder
is out of gas. Jay’s dad has called for it. If there is no gas cylinder then, how will you cook? Okay, ma’am. Once the gas cylinder is here,
you can tell them. Come on.
– No, sir! No! No! They were adamant
to learn. So now, I won’t let them
go without teaching them! But there
is no gas cylinder. How does it matter? We will
create a bonfire. We will light it. And then, we will make
the corn ‘Vadas’. Now, to start a bonfire we have to go
to the forest. Handle him!
Handle that drunkard! Hey, fill the water. What is your problem?
Why are you sitting down? Stop it!
You know what? Water is of great use. You can mix it with
alcohol to get drunk and then, it helps you get
sober as well. Don’t move. Take this.
Take this. Take this.
Take this. Why have you come
with this much water? This isn’t going to work.
Get a bucket full of water. That’s how he will get sober.
Go now. Sudhakar! Stand straight!
Idiot! We got saved. What is this, Dad? She didn’t even
get to the recipe. She is very innocent. It’s good that we
came out. Let’s go now. Let’s go.. Jay! Jay! Is someone here? Why? Why? Generally,
in this month, we pour water on Lord Shiva’s idol and not on the
father-in-law to-be. Why? Jay, why did you pour
water on dad? A-Actually..
– What is it? A-A-Actually.. Water! Why did you pour
water over me? Tell me. I didn’t pour it over you. You didn’t pour it over me. Then, who did you pour it over? I wanted to pour it
over those two. Over these two? I had to pour it over
the drums. I am talking about
the two drums. You had to
pour water on these? You came in between. Why were you pouring water
on those? There is dust on them.
– Yes. It doesn’t have hands
and legs. Yes, that is.. So, I bathe them.
I clean them every month. The drums.. But I poured water over you
instead of the drums. I mean, you got wet. You became wet. Tell me something. Why are these
huge instruments here just like the
cannons of Shivaji? Can a person play them?
Look at me. How will anyone play them?
Tell me. Well..
– Tell me. My dad..
– Mr. Premchand? His father’s.. His father! Just because
he asked him to.. That’s why, these instruments
are here. – Okay. I will ask dad if these are
kept here to play or to wash. Okay. What does that mean? “Lokhande.”

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