Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो  – Ep 44 – 21st July, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 44 – 21st July, 2017

I was here dressed
as a principal to sing praises for you
in front of Mr. Lokhande but I can see trouble for you. Here, Sudhakar is gathering
a crowd and entertaining them. What?
– What happened now? Mr. Lokhande is checking
the bottle of the potion. What? Mr. Lokhande found the bottle? Then Gabbar said.. How many men were there?
Two? Mr. Lokhande asked me
how many Rotis did I eat? I had two. Two! And yet I am back! Starving? What was I thinking? That Mr. Lokhande will give me
two more? Mr. Lokhande will slap me,
am I right? Hail Mr. Lokhande!
All hail! Sudhakar, come down! Sudhakar, come down! Hello, government laboratory? A laboratory? Dear God! Earlier we had to worry
about you drinking and now we have others taking
a sip from your bottle. Is that so? I am sorry! I am so sorry!
– You didn’t hurt me. Then why did you shout? I could have gotten hurt! Sir, why are stumbling around? You may fall
and you’ll get hurt. You are drunk and yet you ask
if I am stumbling. I’ll teach you a nice lesson. Sir.
– Yes? I want some snacks. You want a beating? Poor Sudhakar. He’ll is getting scolded
for having a drink. Stand here, next to this pillar. Mr. Lokhande. Why is Sudhakar acting
so strange since morning? What is the matter, Sudhakar? Hello, ma’am. I want a drink. I want your blessings. Always be drunk.
– What? Always be happy. I do not know if he can
hear me well. Stand still. I will put this bottle
in the store house. I cannot even hold
such a foul thing. How did it end up
being in here? What is in that bottle? We will know soon. Are you going to taste it? No, ma’am. The forensic team will be here and they will test the contents
from this bottle. They will determine
how did it come here and who put it here. Everything will be out. We just have to wait
for a while. The truth will be out. We need not worry. Stay still, do not move. I will put this bottle
in the store room. Sir, why do you bother? You have your duplicate
standing next to you. Why do you not send him? Silence! Urmila, the bottle is not going
away from us. – Yes. The wedding card of Jay
and Jaya is moving away. – Yes. There is no chilly in this. Sudhakar, you cannot see
chilly in here? Want me to rub some
in your eyes? No, right?
Go on now. He is always spying. Even when he is drunk..
– Indeed. Jay! There is a problem.
There is a huge problem. KK and Urmila told me that the forensic team will soon
be coming to check the bottle
that Mr. Lokhande found. But why are they coming here? Tell them to go to that house. Dad, do not be afraid.
Do not worry. I am already so scared. Why are you scared?
Why do you get scared? I am there for you. I am there for you
and so is Deepak. Deepak is not with us!
That is the problem! Deepak is not with us. Deepak, you refuse
from helping us? Yes, sir, since no one thinks
about me. Tell me, what should I think? I will think for you. Please do not think
of anything. Please. – Okay. Why do you say that? You do not care
about Sushma and me. Very bad!
You told them both but not me! Please calm down. I have decided not to help you till I get something
to gain from this. Well, my brother. If my wedding is cancelled
because of us being caught then even you will be left
out to dry! Simple. What do we have to do? Sir, she is messing up again. Please stop.
– I am sorry. Look at this. This is the bottle
of the potion. It has the potion in it
and Ms. Kaliya has one. There is another bottle
in Mr. Lokhande’s store room which has
Ms. Kaliya’s drink in it. We have to take this bottle
and switch it with that one. All right?
– I got it. We have to make the switch. Consider it done. No need to act like James Bond. Get it done first
and then you may flaunt it. Sir, do not worry.
I am Deepak Tijori. Consider it done. I can take
any risk to get this done. What a great thing! You have been giving me
ideas to win my love but now you are ready
to die for me. Thanks. I am not doing this
for you but for my love. You are already set. I am speaking
about Sushma and me. Tell me something. How do you
plan on entering the warhouse? Ms. Urmila told me that Mr.
Lokhande is near the staircase. You chose to tell
this to me now. Why do you think we
are buttering you? I would’ve gone
if it was that easy. I have a great idea. Tell us the idea. We shall decide whether
it is a good one or not. Let him speak. Go ahead. You will have to keep
Mr. Lokhande busy in your talks. I’ll use the staircase behind
him to get to the store room. How is that? So, my friend. I can risk
my life for this task. But there is a condition.
– What? You’ll have to praise me in front of Mr. Lokhande. He must know
all the good about me. For that, there must be
some qualities too. Don’t do that. I accept it. – Yes! I’ll praise you to the heavens in order to clear this mess. I don’t about that
but I want two weddings. Done, pal.. Deepu!
– Don’t you know about Deepu? Deepu is such a wonderful boy! He is such
a wonderful boy! Isn’t he, Jay? Yes..
Well.. He.. What a wonderful
boy Deepu is! Indeed! What a wonderful buy!
– What! What a wonderful boy!
He is amazing! Yes.. – Is Deepu
a wonderful boy? – Yes.. Will you go
ahead of this? Not ahead, sir,
he is behind you. – Hey! C-Come on! He is after something. Right.
– Behind you. He is desperate
to serve people. He is greatly
into social service.. Better not ask! Amazing!
– What kind of social service? Day and night,
poor Deepak is engaged!
– What? He is engaged in serving..
Serving the needy. – Yes. Okay! For instance, he is serving us,
needy people today. – Sorry? Yes! I spoke to him today
and he asked me to inform him
when I get engaged. And that he will gift us rice and sugar! He is going to gift
those to us. He is going to offer
rice and sugar as an engagement gift. – Yes. You need not worry
about rice and sugar at all. I know..
– Right. Earlier, Deepu was someone
and now, he has turned into someone else. Deepu has reached
the top today. Right?
– Right. I hope he will gradually
reach the top in this manner. We just pray to God that he does not stagger
while going to the top. No! What! – No.
– No. Let me tell you. If he comes down,
we will be in trouble. Sorry?
– She wants to say that if Deepu’s
service-mindedness comes down a large of number of needy
people will be in trouble. A large number of people.. I am just not getting why
are we speaking about Deepu. I agree. Why are
we speaking about Deepu? Let’s speak about Bindu. Why would we do so?
We won’t do so. L-Let’s speak about Deepu. We will speak
about Deepu itself, Dad. We haven’t told Mr. Lalit yet
about Deepu’s achievements. And he wants
to know, right? – I agree but I am waiting
for Dinakar. I see.. He is coming from the lab.
He said he’ll be here by 5 p.m. He is very punctual.
– I see! Two more minutes
left for 5 p.m. What!
– What! T-Two minutes are left.
Two minutes are left. – Right. What is this?
Only one minute is left. One minute is left. It is 5 p.m.! Reached.. What!
– I mean, Mr. Dinakar.. It is already 5 p.m.
Has he reached or not? Please go check. We can’t
see the door from here. – Right. He hasn’t reached yet. He hasn’t! Is he not to be seen? You were saying
that he is very punctual. That he arrives
right in time. – Right. But he isn’t here yet.
What do we do? Keep waiting.
He must be on his way. Where is the bottle?
Where is it.. Here it is! I found the bottle. KK, how do you
manage to drink this? How do you prepare
such potions, Mr. Lokhande? This has more quantity. The level of liquid
in this one is less. What do I do? I should dispose it
over here. But it will
start stinking. Let me drink it. This is surprising. The time is passing
and Dinkar isn’t here yet. 15 minutes have passed. Lalit, when he comes over make sure that you give him a lecture on punctuality. I have had enough. Yes you have. Forgive me, I was just
giving you a suggestion. I didn’t say anything to you.
I was referring to Dinkar. So, can I continue? Please, don’t.
– That.. Sudhakar? Sudhakar.. Sudhakar? Long live Param!
Long live Param! He is intoxicated. Param, I am just
used to him. I am going to call Dinkar
and ask him not to come over. That’s a great idea. I will take the bottle
and go to the forensic lab. We are in trouble.
– What? That’s a great idea.
It’s a great idea. I will put it
inside this bottle. Here’s the potion and here’s
KK’s drink. It’s going to be fun. Mr. Lokhande you
can bring any forensic officer. I have fixed
this situation. Dad..
Dad, we need to stop him. Deepak is still hiding
in the store room. We are dead.
We are so dead. He’s going to open
the door and spot Deepak. It’s all over.
We are in trouble. What is the problem? It’s not like Deepak
is getting dressed over there. Shut up! Yes! Mr. Lokhande, you should
definitely go over there. You go over to
the store room and get the bottle
by yourself. You need to go over
to the store room and collect the bottle. Later you can go
to the forensic lab. – I will. Yes, Mr. Lokhande. Go over to the store
room and bring the bottle. Go on, Mr. Lokhande.
Can you hear me? I am going to
do that itself. Why is everyone
repeating it? Just like that.. I am on it. I am so dead.
Mr. Lokhande is coming here. We are dead.
We are going to be in trouble. How did it get locked
from the inside? Who’s in there? Ma’am, please don’t
say anything. I am not going to say
that Deepak is in there. Quiet.. There’s a cat in there. Who’s in there? What do I do? Premchand? Yes? Is it possible for a robber
to be inside and bolt the door? It must be a robber. Open the door. I am dead. I am so dead. Open the door. Deepak is not
as smart as I am. I would have jumped
out of the window and escaped if I were him. There are no windows
in the store room for him to escape. The store room is sealed
just like your brain. This woman.. There are no rat holes
in this place for me to escape. I got into trouble
because of you. Are you listening?
Open the door. I am going to
break open this door. Who are you? I said, who are you? Quiet! First tell me,
who are you? Where are your manners? You were banging
the door and converted it
into a drum. You opened the door
by force and barged inside. Listen..
– I don’t want to listen. Don’t you have
a little common sense? If the door is locked
from inside then it’s obvious
that there’s a person inside. You barged
in here forcefully. Who are you?
– Get out of my way. You don’t get
to ask about me. Move! Are you going to conduct
a prayer ceremony of mine?

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