Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो  – Ep 48 – 27th July, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 48 – 27th July, 2017

Sushma! Sushma! Look, I’m home! Listen, dear! Even after so many
years of marriage whenever you see me,
you say the same thing. Revelling in my beauty, don’t
forget to bring Pintu home. Okay, go.
Bring him home. Sushma, do you know? Pintu
asks a lot of questions lately. He was asking me when will
we get a sibling for him. I told him, very soon! You’re too much! Sushma, when will we bring
a sibling for Pintu? Hello, KK? I’ve brought food
from the rich house. I’ll quickly put the food in the
dishes and put it on the gas. You just come and act as if
you have made all the dishes. Okay? I’ll hang up now.
Bye.. Oh, my God! Who is Mr. Lalit and Ms. Sushma staring at angrily? Look, Chintu, your mother!
Say hello to her. Hello!
Chintu! Tell me,
when will Chintu come? We’ll go together
to drop him to school. Oh, God! Save him!
Deepak, you’re dead! – Tell me! Mr. Lokhande will burn
him with his angry eyes! Deepak! Thank God! They’re gone! Today, Deepak had
a narrow escape! You scoundrel! You fool! You shameless! You ill-mannered! What are you doing here? He’s gone! You’re dead! Deepak,
you’re gone for good this time! Mr. Jay!
I should call up Mr. Jay! Poor guy!
– What happened? Quiet.. Tell me! How did you get inside?
Tell me! You’re caught, you Romeo! I told him but he
wouldn’t listen! Now you’re begging for mercy? I’m not begging you!
– Then? I’m begging..
To God! God, save me!
Protect me! Help me! Now nobody will save you,
understand? I burned your photo
and I’ll do the same to you! Oh, God! He’s dead! Caught him! I caught him, sir!
I have seized him! You caught him? Sir, not in that manner.
I’ve caught him like this. Why have you come here?
Who have you come to see? I’ve come to look for Pintu! Pintu, who? Chintu’s brother! Chintu, who? Pintu’s brother! Hey.. Sir!
– No! – Sir.. Very good,
slap him again! Why did you come in between? Sir, he.. Shut up! Hey! Tell me! Chintu and Pintu are brothers. They live in our neighbourhood. Chintu is very well-behaved
but Pintu is very naughty. So, his mom, Sush.. Sushmita asked me
to look for him. So, I came here
to ask Ms. Sushma whether Chintu and Pintu
have come here. Sudhakar!
– Yes? Hold him! He.. You’re lying!
– No! You’re blatantly lying! Oh, sir! Why did you come
in my way again? Sir, he bends! Go and get the police. I’ll get them right away.
– Hey, not you, you fool! Sudhakar, go and get the cops. Sure, sir! You will reform when the police
will get you, understand? Sir, I’ve reformed! Sir, one discourse from you
has reformed me! What?
– Yes. A discourse? Yes, that’s a good idea. Get up, stand on your feet. That reminds me! Scoundrels like you can only
reform by spiritual discourses. But not mine! The great saint,
Gyanchand’s discourse. What? Come here! Sushma, where could the great
saint, Gyanchand be right now? I think, he’s at home.
His clogs are here. That’s good! Sushma, keep an eye on him. Don’t let him flee. I’ll bring Mr. Gyanchand. Now what do we do?
– Oh, God, we’re dead! Urmila,
the tide is going against us! Do me a favour.- What?
– Go and take care of dad. I’ll go and try to save Deepak,
okay? All right, I’m going!
– Yes, go.. Mr. Gyanchand! Where are you, Mr. Gyanchand? That’s strange,
he’s not around. Sir, you? Here? Are you looking for someone? How do you know
that I’m looking for someone? I guessed, I simply guessed that you’re looking for someone.
Right? Then you guessed it right,
dear. – Oh. I’ve come to look
for Mr. Gyanchand. – I see. I have caught hold of Deepak. I want him to give him
a spiritual discourse so that, that guy reforms. But if you’ve caught Deepak then
how will you meet Mr. Gyanchand? What? I-I mean,
you have caught Deepak, right? So, now you have to think where
will you find Mr. Gyanchand. I’ve not seen him since morning!
– Yes. I don’t know where
he disappeared. By the way,
why are you looking for him? Why do you bother? I’m there! I’ll look for him.
You stay here. No.. Dear!
I’ve to meet him now itself. He must be somewhere
in the house, I’ll find him. Let me find him.
– Mr. Gyanchand.. – Sir! He’s caught! Finally,
he’s caught! You intruder! Now do you understand? You simply enter into anyone’s
house without permission. How dare you? Mr. Jay, how do you know
that he’s come here? Well, Mr. Lokhande told me,
I just met him, on the way. He told me that this scoundrel
has entered the house. Oh! Hey, what are you smiling at? Come on, get out of here!
Come on, be quick! No.. Dad has asked me
not to let him go. Why? Your dad and he
have become friends? No.. Mr. Jay, Sudhakar has gone
to the police station to get the cops. We’ll get him arrested
and teach him a lesson. Hey, the cops are coming
to catch you. Why are you so relaxed? Come, let’s go inside.
Sit like a criminal, come on. Come with me. Sit here! Don’t move from here. You’re a criminal,
understand? Sit here like a criminal. And don’t move from here. I’ll see how he escapes
from here. I’ll wait for the cops
to turn up. He’ll reform only when he’ll
get beaten up by the cops. Sushma, why do you keep
looking at this man? Come here. He cannot escape. The way out
is shut. He is going nowhere. He will not leave.
Here I am. Sushma, I was thinking.. It might be true. The guy seems nice. He must’ve come here looking
for Pintu. That is what I think. No, Jay. Dad
said that he was lying. And if dad said
that he was lying then it has to be true since
dad catches a liar quickly. Correct! Correct!
My family and I have never lied to your
father. How can anyone do that? He is not here!
– Who? Deepak has escaped!
– Deepak! Where has he gone? What are you looking at?
Go look for him over there. But you had told me that..
– Leave it be! Go outside and take a look.
I’ll check there. I mean over there. Jay! Jay!
– What happened? What happened? Where is Deepak?
– He is over there Where?
– In the other house. Come with me.
– Come on, let’s go. I checked in every room
but I cannot see Mr. Gyanchand. He must be in here.
– No, he will not be in there. What? Mr. Gyanchand
will not be seen again? We will see Mr. Gyanchand
but not the cops. Why is that?
– I made a call to the police telling
them about the intruder Yes. – And then they said
they cannot come since the station was flooded
with rain water. All right, let them go. I should let them go?
– Yes. They have not even come here
so how can I let them go? Stop talking.
Mr. Gyanchand is inside. – Yes! So we will knock.
– Yes. – Why is that? I want that Deepak Tijori..
– Okay.. to listen to Mr. Gyanchand.
So that he is reformed. Sir,
can a rock ooze out milk? – No. Same is the case with Deepak.
He will never change. Stop talking.
Knock the door. Mr. Gyanchand!
Mr. Gyanchand! Mr. Gyanchand! Mr. Gyanchand! Deepak, your pants are on fire!
– Where? Why are running
like a mad man? Mr. Lokhande, they are looking
for Gyanchand and here I am! Then go there as Gyanchand
and give a sermon. I cannot go there. My
beard and wig are over there. Oh! You, there! Here is your stuff! As
far as it goes for the clothes it is in the
room where Sudhakar and Mr. Lokhande
are outside. Why are they standing there? They are there for the sermon
of Sage Gyanchand. You have to go in there
and come out as the sage. Are you stupid?
She just said that they are right outside the
room. How will I enter there? I do not know.
– Put on the beard and wear any dress.
No need to dress like a sage! Dear God!
– Yes. Mr. Gyanchand! Mr. Gyanchand! They are knocking the door
so hard that the door will give in. If that door opens our
cover is blown. Come on now. Go on, call Mr. Lokhande. Sir! Sir! Please come here. I
need to speak to you, please. All right.
– Please come. – Please come. Sudhakar.
– Yes? Do I have to give you an
invite? – You called sir. And I never meddle
in the affairs of other people. You will be doing it today.
– What? Please come. Please come, Sudhakar.
– He is here! Please come.
– He is here. So tell me, what do you have
to say to me? Sir, Deepak has escaped.
– What? Yes.
– He escaped! How did you know it?
– How did we know? Sushma!
– Sushma told us. He escaped, I do not
know how but he left. I was telling you that
we should not call the cops for Deepak. Dad
doesn’t like it. Please do not worry.
The cops will not be here. The police station is flooded
and they refused to come. It so happened that I made
a call.. – Enough. They know. The clothes! Where are they? We do not understand!
That Deepak escaped and Mr. Gyanchand
is not opening the door. – Yes. Let us go take a look.
– Oh! – Wait! Mr. Gyanchand! Please open the door. You will break open the door.
– He is not answering. Let it be. – Yes.
– He must be busy. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. Who is it? It is me, Lokhande.
– I thought so. Mr. Gyanchand, I have been
knocking the door. Why did you not answer?
– I was not in the room. I was in the bathroom,
taking a shower. We have been calling since long and you were in the bathroom
all this long? It is no simple shower. I bathe seven times
calling upon seven great rivers. You bathe seven times? That would waste a lot of water. No. I use only a little
of water. Well, actually.. I wipe my body with a wet cloth and then I call the river names
as a ritual and then I keep using
an empty vessel. Why do you do this?
– What? I am asking you
the reason for it. And I am telling you why! Since the rivers are dried up and hence I pray
to God of rain with the empty bucket. That all the rivers are dried and he should bring forth rain
and fill the rivers. I have taken an oath that I will not fill the bucket
till the rivers are full. Nor take bath with that water Mr. Lokhande. Wonderful!
Your thoughts are really great. Holy one, hereafter, I too will
bath with seven buckets of water praying to the seven rivers. But you never mentioned
which are those seven rivers. Which seven rivers?
– Yes, please tell. Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati.
These are only three of them. I know,
even I know how to count. You yourself choose the rest
of the four rivers. What!
– Ignore him, Holy one. He keeps talking nonsense.
Shut up! I had come here
with the intention to make that wastrel Deepak..
– To make him listen to the spiritual discourse, so
that he mends his ways, right? You are omniscient! I.. I want to come inside. Hey, no..
I’ll come out to give a spiritual discourse. But, I want to come in. Try to understand, Mr. Lokhande you can’t come inside. But why can’t I come inside? Okay, you come in.
I am totally naked. Hey, no.. No.. It’s.. It’s okay. Actually,
that scoundrel, good for nothing, Deepak has run away. Please come downstairs whenever you feel it’s convenient to you. I’ll be waiting to hear
to the spiritual discourse. Okay. – Come, let’s go..
– Yes, Mr. Lalit, come. Actually, Deepak is great. He is not a scoundrel. He is a guy with high ideals.
He is a very decent and patient guy. There is no need for him
to listen to my discourse. He already is a good guy,
Mr. Lokhande. But, Holy one, how do you
know so much about Deepak? Because he is very close to me. Is it? I mean, he is very close
to Jay. He is his friend, right? So, he often visits this house. I know him since
his childhood. He is very talented. Good. You carry on. I’ll come in a short while
to give the discourse. Come. – Mr. Lalit, please come.
– Come. Here he
comes the Guru. He is here.
Here he is. Have a seat, Uncle.
Be seated. Let’s bow down to
the mother earth, first. Sir.
– Tell me, Jay. Why are you sitting here? You have very high ideals! Despite being
such a great saint you still consider yourself
to be ordinary, just like us. Only a great man
can think like this. Yes, true. Do you see, Jay?
– Yes. Even he has started to
understand my mentality. Big Brother.
– Tell me, my little one. All of us know your
mentality quite well. You give the discourse
from your seat. otherwise,
we won’t be able to see you. Right. There is no need to see me. You just need to hear
to my discourse. You are only supposed
to only hear me. What do you say,
Mr. Lokhande? Of course,
what can I say? You do have a point. What point? I mean a fact. You said that a discourse
needs to be heard and there is no need to see
the person giving the discourse I was talking about that. Did you hear, Jay?
– Yes, Uncle, I heard. The thing is, whenever you
sit here and give a discourse your voice changes.
– His voice changes! I don’t recollect
that had ever.. – Do you see? He sounds different.. Yes, I saw it.
I saw it just now. Jay, I even heard it. But how come your voice
changes like that? How can I tell that? There might be
something wrong with my body. I mean,
some physical disorder. Holy one, you are omniscient. You might be knowing
what disorder you have. Sudhakar, I am omniscient
and not a CT scan machine that I can tell about disorders. Sudhakar.
– Yes. – Quiet! Shut up.
Be quiet. Okay. Holy one,
if you have any health issues then come to my clinic,
I’ll examine you. I better take my
seat than doing that. I will never forget the thing
you people just said about my voice getting changed. Very good, Uncle. You better
start the discourse, now. Okay, then I’ll make a move. I mean, let’s start our journey
into the spiritual world. All of you close your
eyes and get ready to hear to the discourse. Let’s start the first chapter. Cruel lady,
it’s not good to make the person yearn for you even more when he is already
longing for you. Oh, cruel lady..

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