Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 86 – 19th September, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 86 – 19th September, 2017

Mr. Premchand! Wow!
– What’s so wow about it? We can see his aunt
and Tatya in it. But we can only see
Jay’s head in it! Not ‘wow’,
I said, ‘Ah..’ The second photo is coming!
– Is it.. Got it?
Let me see! Look at this! Mr. Premchand,
it’s the same thing again. Only Jay’s head is visible. Hey, take it!
– Heck! I’ll call Tatya right now
and ask.. – Yes. …why he is not taking
proper pictures! Hey, leave it!
What’s the need to call him? I mean, we’ve seen Jay
many times, so.. – Yes.. No.. Let him call!
How can he take such pictures? Sir! You shook
the camera again! What to do? I ate a banana and I
am allergic to it, so I sneezed! That’s why, all this happened. Mom!
– Yes? Brother Sudhakar is calling. Yes, Brother Sudhakar? Hey, Tatya!
– Yes? What the heck are you doing? Why are you sending
such pictures? We can only see Jay’s head
and nothing else. Brother Sudhakar, Mr. Jay
is sneezing continuously. So, when he sneezes,
the camera moves. That’s why,
the photos are like that. I see.. Is that so? So, do one thing.
– Yes? Leave the photo. Yes!
– Very good! So, do one thing,
just make a video call. Video! Yes!
– Okay, I’ll hang up. What’s a video calling? Dad, actually.. I’ll tell him what’s
a video call. – Yes! A video
call is..- No, ma’am! I don’t care what it is! At least, hear her out!
– It’s good to know. – Yes! Yes, sir! I got it! Sir, we watch a match
on TV sometimes. – Yes? They show a live telecast.
– Okay. So, this is also a live telecast
of Mr. Jay and Tatya! Oh, I see!
– Yes! That means, from here, we can
see Jay and speak to him. Yes!
– I see.. Sudhakar,
go and sit there. So that we can all
see Mr. Jay! – What? ‘Mr. Jay’?
– I mean, we can see Jay. Brother Sudhakar asked me
to leave the photo. He asked me to make
a video call! Yes, video call!
Let’s make a video call. Right?
– Yes! Sir, do something or else
we’ll be in trouble! If Mr. Lokhande comes to know
about Deepak being there then he will dig
our graves right here! Sir!
– Yes? I’ve received the video call!
– How nice! Should I take the call?
– What’s there to ask? Just pick it up!
– No.. ‘Tatya!
How are you?’ I’m absolutely fine!
How are you all? We’re fine too.
Wait, let me give it to sir! Sir, Tatya.
Look at this! Sir, greetings! ‘Greetings..
How is your mom?’ Well..
– Yes, I’m fine.. Hey, Ms. Jaya!
– Give it to her. Hi, Ms. Jaya! ‘You’ve become so thin!
Very good!’ Yes, I was thinking the same
that I’ve lost weight. ‘Hey, give the phone
to Jay’s father.. – Yes.’ ‘Hey, Tatya, I’ll pass
the phone to Jay’s father.’ Well, there’s no need.
– No.. Please speak to him. Sir, greetings.. ‘Greetings..’ ‘Hello to everyone!’
– Hello! – Hello. – Hello! ‘Everyone here
is eager to see Jay!’ – No! ‘Come on,
give the phone to J-Jay!’ Sir! Come on, sir!
He’s on this side! Sir! Wait..
Sir.. Sir, the camera is on this side! Give it to me.
I’ll do it. Ready?
– Yes! – Yes, okay! The network is gone! The network is gone.. Oh, no! That’s bad!
– No network! – Come on! The network is gone! Had it stayed for some time
then we could’ve spoken to Jay. Mom! Now I’ll bite! I’ll bite a lot! Tatya, why would you bite your
mom for such a small thing? Are you mad? He won’t bite me!
He’ll bite you! What! No.. Deepak should’ve
been here by now. Did he, by any chance,
meet a girl in Daman and married her? No.. I’ll have to call him!
I have to call him! Who is it? Security..
Get out.. You should’ve sent the security
when I was getting beaten up! Hey, D-Deepak! What’s all this?
What happened? Be careful, dear. Watch it.
What happened? Sir, can I get kerosene? When people come home,
they ask for water. Why are you asking for kerosene? Sir, I want to pour the kerosene
and burn myself. But what happened
with you? Sir, they’re very
dangerous people! ‘Now, I shall light
the matchstick’ ‘and set the coal on fire!’ ‘No..’ Sir, if his mother had
not fed ‘Laddu’ to Tatya then he would have
wreaked havoc on me! He would’ve broken my bones. It’s all right, dear!
You did a good job! Come here,
you were very brave! Okay, you don’t want to hug me!
It’s fine! To heck with my bravery! That fat boy almost killed me! He beat me up so hard! No..
Dear, you did so well! Over there.. Should I help
you? – Yes.. – Come on.. Come on..
– Yes.. Do you even know,
what a fantastic job you did? We are safe only
because of you, dear! Give me the ticket of Daman. Yes, just a moment. Here.. It’s here!
Don’t search there. Sir!
– Yes, dear? I came to know today how
the spine breaks in five parts. If you ever get married
to Sushma sometime in future it is the same people you
will be related to, right, dear? You will have to follow
the same rituals again. But you don’t have to worry.
You’ve already had a practice. No, sir.
I-I’ll not go to Daman and I’ll never carry that hefty
guy in my arms. No, sir. I don’t want to go.
– Yes. You don’t have to carry him again
because you went there as Jay. So, you wouldn’t have
to carry him again. I have an idea, dear.
Don’t get married to Sushma. The matter
ends there. – Hey! You’re so cruel, sir. Since your work is done, you
don’t care about me anymore. Hey!
– I’ve promised Sushma to marry her. What about that?
– I was joking, dear. Now, dress up
as Gyanchand quickly, dear. We got to have dinner
with Mr. Lokhande. To heck with the dinner.
I don’t want to be Gyanchand. Deepak, Gyanchand..
Radheshyam, Sitaram.. And lastly, Sher Khan..
I’m tired of all this. I don’t want to do all this.
– You want to marry Sushma don’t you?
– Yes, I want to. – That’s it. Mr. Gyanchand! Oh! Where were you?
I didn’t see you all day. Mr. Lokhande.. I had been
to the neighbouring colony. A few poor people wanted
to go on a pilgrimage. So, the well-cultured Deepak
had decided to collect funds
by visiting every house. So, I was only helping
the poor guy. Mr. Gyanchand,
don’t get me wrong. Don’t be upset.
But it’s just that.. Rather than wasting your time
with Deepak Tijori why don’t you find
some good guy like Jay for my daughter. Forget someone like Jay.
I have an even better guy. Better than Jay?
– Yes. – Who’s he? The well-cultured Deepak. I must say this.
You’re the only one who keeps praising
Deepak Tijori always. No, sir. Not just Gyanchand.
– Then? – There’s someone else who keeps praising Deepak. Who?
– Deepak, himself. Sudhakar.. That’s it.
I’ve had enough. I’ll never praise Deepak
hereafter. The entire world
will start praising him. He will be the talk
of the town and he would be
on everyone’s lips. Though I may have
to spend heavily for that. I better be prepared
to get praised. Mr. Lokhande, wait and watch
what Deepak is up to now. Hey, I have to distribute it
to more poor people. Leave. What?
Who have you got? You’re from our team.
Tell me. Deepak, you’ve got
enough photos clicked. Shall I leave?
– Where are you going? Call the rest of them.
We’ve to go to the next colony. Guys, come on. Mr. Deepak,
you make us work so hard. Shut up. I pay you equally,
don’t I? Hold this. Leave. Hey, pick them up.
What are you looking at? Come on, take all the stuff.
Hey.. Hey, take these..
– Should I be taking all this? I’m with you.
Why am I taking everything? Hey! Is everything done?
– Sir.. – Yes. The beetroot juice.
– Very good. Get me a glass. Here you go, Mr. Deepak. Thank you, Mr. Deepak.
– Hey! It’s not for you. Keep it back.
Silly guy. Look at this.
This will be my blood, got it? Are you all ready?
– Yes, we’re ready. Come on. One, two, three. Show it to me. I’ll beat you up so badly.
You’re overacting in the photos as well?
Stupid man. Show that you’re in pain. Go on.
– Ready? – Ready. All of you look serious.
– One, two, three. Yes. Perfect.
That’s amazing. Have a seat.. Listen, these photos should
be in the newspapers and Mr. Lokhande should get
that newspaper. Remember the headlines.
‘Deepak shed his blood’ ‘and donated 10 litres of blood
to the poor.’ Mr. Deepak, that’s impossible.
Human beings have just five litres of blood.
– Hey, just shut up. You’re a duplicate doctor,
whereas I’m original. I can do anything.
Do you get that? Just remember
the headlines. Go. The photo has come out good. Mr. Lokhande should get this
newspaper tomorrow. Here you go. Mr. Lokhande, you will know
very soon Deepak is
such a generous man. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning.. Sir.
– Yes? Oh.. You’re awake?
– Yes. I slept and just woke up. I knew that your flight
would arrive at this time. I love you..
– Welcome home! I love you.. How was London’s trip?
– Amazing! Amazing, Dad. I just can’t tell you.
Our Indian workers will be so glad, and we got
such a good coverage, Dad. Is it?
– The English media international media,
Indian media.. The Indian media
was also there. I was quite surprised, you know?
– Was the Indian media there? Yes, the Indian media
was over there. Hold on.. It’s from
the local media. I mean, Jaya. One second.. Hello.
– Wow, you woke up and that too, on your own?
– I hardly slept without you. By the way, I called you
to wake you up and not to put you to sleep.
– Okay. Your bus is at 5.30 a.m., right?
Get ready soon. Okay. – Listen,
don’t take a window seat. By the way, what’s your
ticket number? Ticket..
Ticket.. Ticket..
What’s the ticket number? What..
– What’s the ticket number? I mean, I was checking
what my ticket number is. I have my ticket
in my pocket. Eight. Eight? It’s eight.
– Number eight. It’s good that it’s not
a window seat. Or else, you would have
fallen sick by the cool breeze that blows
during dawn. Where are you?
– At the front yard. Right next
to the radio. – R-Radio? Why? Do you want to listen
to m-music? No. I just reached here
absentmindedly. Okay..
– Where are you? I.. I’m in your heart.
– Stop it. And I cannot just hear,
but also see your heartbeat. Are you still there?
– No. There’s a couch beside the radio, right?
I’m sitting right there. Okay. So, you’re sitting over
there! To be honest I too can hear your heartbeat. It seems that you are
not in Daman but here close to me,
speaking to me. I want to see you
right away. You look so beautiful. As if you can see me.
– I told you. I can see you in my heart
anytime I want. Is that so?
Silly. No.. Do not touch your hair. Let them be, they look
so great. How did you know
that I was doing that? Can you see me? I told you. I can see you in my heart
anytime I want. So, now, you need to stop.
– Stop what? Stop looking at me. Jaya, you are too much! Listen to me. I’ll be home
by 08:00 p.m. – Okay. Listen to me, get ready,
or else you will miss the bus. And please!
Take care of yourself. Do not eat outside food. And please come home soon. Yes, I will.
– Bye. Listen to me.
I love you. Same to you. I love you.
– I said, same to you. No! You have to say
that you love me. You will miss your bus. Bye! – Jaya!
Tell me that you love me! Jaya.. What is the matter, Dad?
Why do you seem so worried? Tell me something.
– Yes? While you were signing
the murder.. – What? I mean this merger.. Was the Indian media present
over there? – Yes, they were. Are you sure?
– I am sure, Dad. We are doomed. We
are doomed.. – What happened? The Indian media being there will have that news printed
in the newspapers here and Mr. Lokhande will read it!
– Oh! He will be shocked,
and we also have Sudhakar! I never thought
about that. I did not think about that
at all! It will be in the newspapers.
I have to call the editor. I have called him..
– Huh? That was quick. Hello, Gokhale?
– ‘Good morning, Chopra.’ There is nothing good
about this morning. Tell me something. My son signed a deal
in London yesterday so do you have that news
in the paper? ‘Yes, on the front page.’ ‘Front page!
Congratulations, Chopra!’ You have put it
on the front page! What was the need to put it
on the front page? Can you stop the newspapers
from getting circulated? – Yes. ‘No editor of the world
can stop two things’ ‘early morning, one being
the newspaper and the other..’ I know the other one! Bye!
What the heck! He says, the newspapers are out
and reached the stalls. What should we do?
What will we do now, Son? Not an issue.
Easy! Breathe! I cannot keep calm!
I am worried about Mr. Lokhande! Once Mr. Lalit gets
the newspaper who knows what might happen! Calm down.
Easy! Easy, Dad! You will think of something
for sure. Okay? Dear..
– Yes? You have to go out. I just came back.
– Go out right now and buy all the newspapers
from every stall. Not one newspaper
should reach this house. Got it? – Yes.
– Not a single newspaper! Mr. Lokhande, especially,
should not get it.

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