Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 87 – 20th September, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 87 – 20th September, 2017

I won’t let Mr. Lokhande
see today’s newspaper. As soon as the
newspaper guy gets here I will grab it from him. Mr. Prem Chand! What happened?
– This early.. Who are you waiting for?
– The newspaper guy. I want to read the newspaper
first, today, so I’m waiting. Sure, go ahead.
He’ll come now. – Yes. As soon as he comes,
you can take it from him. I read it first every day.
– Okay. Besides, I can read after you.
No issues. Today, I will read
the entire newspaper. From first page to last,
even if it takes the entire day. Go ahead.
– No, dear. Mr. Lokhande should
read it first. It is his daily routine.
So, let him do it first. Am I right?
– No, Sage Gyanchand. Actually,
he wants to read it first. So let him. I’ll read it later.
No issues. How is that possible,
Mr. Lokhande? I mean, you will have
to read the front page. Why are you insisting? He doesn’t want to read it.
So why are you forcing him? Dear, just as we show offering
to the idol of God similarly, we need to show
the newspaper to him and then
you can read it. So, consider me God today. Newspaper!
– He’s here. – Yes, he’s here. Wait..
Give it to me, Brother. “Run! Run!
Run! Run!” Wait, both of you. Fine, Brother.
Give it to him. That’s more like it.
Here, Mr. Lokhande. Give it to me! What happened?
Come back. Why are you both fighting
like little kids? You may read the halves now. I’ll go to the news-stand
and buy myself a new one. Okay. – They’re fighting
like kids. I told you not to.. Not to give him
today’s newspaper yet you insisted.
– I’m done for. Of course,
because you tore this. No, I’m done for.
– But you tore this. Let me stick it
back together. Look how hardworking
I look in this. I am doing
such a great deed. Had Mr. Lokhande seen this,
he would’ve been impressed. But you never let me
progress in life. Neither do you let me do
something, nor do you help. You idiot! Why are you dragging your
love story in that of Jay’s? Sir, if I wait for the end
of his love story it’ll be hundreds of years. And I don’t know if Sushma
will wait for me that long. Hundreds of years?
Can’t you wait for two months? Hey! Why did you hit him?
– Because you hit him too. Sure, go ahead, hit me. Hey, what are you doing?
– He told me to hit him. Hit me from everywhere!
Beat me to pulp. Just to fix my image,
I had some fake news printed about myself
in this fake newspaper. That way, Mr. Lokhande
would be impressed. But that didn’t happen. What wrong did I do?
– I’ll tell you! You did all of this
without informing us. But why were you so bothered
that he shouldn’t read first? Everything would be ruined. Because Jay’s entire story
has been published today about his London merger,
with pictures. Had he read that,
everything would be ruined. That is
why I always tell you to share all your plans. Else, you can be smart like me,
in your plans so that you don’t have
to take any suggestions. Gosh! Hey, you’ll set him on fire. You have no brain. So, it is better you ask me.
Go ahead. It would’ve been better
had he read this newspaper. That would have
saved us both. Well, my job is done, as he
won’t read a torn newspaper. Right, but he is out
to buy a new one. What will you do now? Let him buy a new one,
and read about you and Jay. That way,
you’ll still be doomed. Sir, please don’t
let that happen. Please stop Mr. Lokhande.
You.. – Yes, PC. You must stop him. If you can’t, I will! I will say ‘freeze’
when I see him. And I won’t let him move
for few years. Freeze! Jay bought all the newspapers
available near our house. And I wanted to deal
with our newspaper guy which I did.
– But sir, what about.. Keep quiet now.
It is all fixed now. Don’t ruin the plan,
and don’t say too much. Everything is over!
Over! PC, what an idea! You are great! Great! Malpani, go to God. PC! – I mean, go inside
to the prayer room and pray to God. I have given a task
to her now. All my work is done.
I don’t have to worry now. Mr. Prem Chand! He doesn’t have a newspaper.
Come on.. What happened, Mr. Lokhande?
Didn’t you get a newspaper? I couldn’t find one.
No store has today’s newspaper. Really great!
– What? – Really? You didn’t find one?
– Yes. – How is that possible? What if there is a strike?
– How can there be one? Your newspaper guy
gave one this morning. Well, that didn’t strike me. Newspaper! Where did this guy
come from? The one who came earlier
was an actor that I hired. And even the newspaper
was fake. But this is the real one,
with the real newspaper. We’re done for.
– Hey! You came back?
– Yes, I come every day. But not twice in a day, right?
– Twice? This is the only time I’ve come.
– But this morning.. Forget it. – Okay.
– But come only once hereon. Okay. Mr. Prem Chand wants
to read the newspaper first. I am used to it.
What do I do? Mr. Prem Chand, I know that
you want to read this first. Yes. – But I have had
this habit since years! So, I suggest let me just read the headlines.
– Okay. Then,
you can have the newspaper. W-Well, go ahead. Mr. Lokhande, will you
stand here and read it? Please sit down.
Give me.. I mean, come.. Okay.
– Come. Well, since you insist.. – Yes.
– …I’ll sit. Okay. What happened?
– I was just trying to sit. Mr. Lokhande, how can you
sit like that and read it? This is how I sit
and read the newspaper. He means..
Tell him. Before reading the newspaper,
one must drink water. Why? – Because..
Tell him. Actually, well.. When we open the newspaper,
the first news that we read can cause acidity,
and to cool down the burning sensation in the
body, you need to drink water. Okay. So much?
– No.. Just this much. Done. Now I’ll begin reading.
– Just a minute, Mr. Lokhande. Did you turn your phone
on silent mode? – Why? Because while reading some good
article, if the phone beeps it’s not nice.
– Okay. It disturbs you. I should simply turn
my phone off. – Okay. Both jobs are done.
Anything else? – No. You have done all that you need
to do before reading it. So, shall I begin?
– Sure. Mr. Prem Chand?
– Yes. – I told you that I will give this to you
after reading the headlines. Why are you acting childish?
– Have patience, dear.. Wait, sir.
– What now? I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Sir, before reading
the newspaper you need to take
some blessings. A newspaper is made up of
two things. News and paper. News come from..
– Ma’am.. I will take the blessings. Offer them too.
Done? I’ll start now.
Please let me read in peace. Wait, sir.
– What now? I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Sir, you must not do any task
right after taking blessings. A man in Tanzania didn’t accept
offertory after taking blessings and you know what happened
to him? – Where is this going? I have to take offertory, right?
– Yes. – I’ll take it. – Okay. This is not for you.
– Then? – For them. – Gosh! They too took the blessings,
right? – Yes. Here you go, sir. And?
– Here. For him?
– Yes, for him. And for me?
– This is for you. Where did it go? Can I read it now?
– Yes. Sir! You didn’t consume
this holy water! – Yes! It is crucial to consume
this holy water. The ones who don’t consume
this are.. – No.. I need to drink this, right?
Okay, I will do it. Sir! – What now?
– You just had a spoonful of it. You need to consume
at least five. I will tell you the benefits
of it. – Don’t! Five, right? – Yes.
– I just had one, now four left. Yes.
– Give me that. Do you smell
something burning? Yes, sir. The entire
neighbourhood is on fire. What! – They’re jealous, we have
a daughter-in-law like Jaya. And they’re also jealous
that Jaya found such a lovely beautiful, cultured and smart
mother-in-law like me. – Ma’am.. That’s not what I’m
talking about. – Okay. I smell something
really burning. Right?
– Hey! This is on fire!
– Water! – There’s fire! Bring water!
– There’s fire! – Pour water. Not that water!
– No.. – Don’t do that. Mr. Lokhande,
why did you keep the newspaper so close to the lamp?
This has burnt to ashes. I kept it? – Of course!
– Mr. Lokhande! How could you be
so irresponsible? Had Deepak been here,
he would have never done it. This guy.. – He is so great.
So cultured! If you say,
I can ask poor Deepak to bring you another newspaper.
– No, that won’t be necessary. I won’t die if I don’t read
the newspaper one day. But don’t call Deepak. Mr. Lokhande,
he is very intelligent. He will bring you a newspaper.
– Take him and calm him down. Come with me! Yes! Mission successful! This problem was solved
with great difficulty. – Oh! Dad, you’re the best.
– I know that. Why are you stating
the obvious? – Well.. You are a great
problem solver. In a snap, you can solve
any problem. It’s almost 8 o’clock.
I think you should leave. Actually, you need to leave
and hail a rickshaw and in that, you need to come
to the other side of the house. That will take you ten minutes.
– You’re right. You’re right! I shall leave. Hey, do you have the ticket
to Daman? – Yes. Good. And what about
the sapota from Daman? The whole basket is kept here.
– Fine. And did you keep..
– I have everything, Dad. Relax.
– But did you keep that back? What?
– The passport. Yes!
– Did you keep it back here? Yes, it is upstairs.
Okay, Dad. Okay, dear.
– See you then. See you. See you in the other house
in ten minutes. Bye, dear.
Bye.. Finally, I can relax
in my house, in peace. Sir!
– Not yet. Sir.. We’re doomed!
We’re doomed again. We’re in a soup.
– What happened? What is it? Why are you guys running?
Is this a race? Now Mr. Lokhande will be
running after us to beat us to pulp. What such happened
that he would be so angry? Sir.. You solved the newspaper
problem. – Yes. But you know that hiding
the smoke can’t douse the fire. Right..
– Smoke? Fire? Don’t beat around the bush.
Did you come running for these riddles? Tell me
clearly what the issue is. Okay, I’ll tell you.
Sir, you burnt the newspaper. But what about the news?
Do you know? The news of Jay’s London merger
is being broadcast on TV. What! – Yes.
– Oh, God! We must stop him.
We need to stop him. Let’s go. – Come on.
– Come.. Hush! Quiet.. Sir! Come soon, sir! Hey, why are you screaming?
– Look at this. Call up. – What?
– Call up Jay and tell him not to come here. Call him now!
– Okay. Why is it muted?
Turn the volume up. There is no volume, sir.
– Then try using the remote. I tried a few times,
it still doesn’t work. Hit the TV a few times.
– Okay. Do it hard. Hello. – Jay. Look,
you need to run away from here. Don’t come to the
ordinary house. Run away. Why? What happened?
– Don’t ask questions now. You need to run away now. Don’t
come to the ordinary house. Fine.. Fine!
I’m leaving. Wait, it has started.
The volume is up. ‘The tsunami in Daman has
caused a lot of destruction.’ ‘The city has been shut down.’ The news is about
the tsunami. – Oh, the tsunami. Don’t come..
– Listen to me. Tell him to come.
We’re safe. Listen, you may come
anytime to the house. The problem is solved.
Come, by all means. No worries.
We’re safe. Come! Why are you playing
games with me? Bye.. H-Hello! Hello.
Now he hung up. Deepak is going crazy. And Jaya must be going crazy
without me. Jaya, my love,
I am coming. Follow me. Hey.. Mr. Lokhande,
you’re still watching the news! Forget about it.
It is time for Jay to arrive. What happened?
– What are you saying? That it is time for Jay
to arrive. – How would he come? Mr. Lokhande,
he would come by bus. He won’t come by an airplane,
of course. Yes, Brother Jay
has taken the bus that starts from Daman
at 05:35 pm. Why don’t you
people understand? The bus he was supposed
to take has sunk in the tsunami.
That is what was shown in news. What!
– What! ‘The bus that was supposed
to start from Daman’ ‘at 05:25 pm,
sunk in the tsunami.’ ‘A total of 30 passengers
were in this bus’ ‘out of which
18 are missing.’ ‘This was today’s
breaking news.’ ‘We will return soon
with our next segment of news.’ Oh, God!
Oh, my God! No! Jay cannot come! Jay, you cannot come! Jay’s bus sank in the tsunami. Dad.. – Jay cannot come.
No one must come near me. Shall I console him?
– No, wait. No one must come near me.
Jay cannot come.. He cannot come near me.
– Mr. Prem Chand.. Calm down.
I’ll tell you what. Sage Gyanchand,
please look after him. – Sure. ‘Oh, God! It seems
this is a new problem.’ Let me try calling Jay once. The ring.. Is it yours?
– No, sir.

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