Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 98 – 5th October, 2017
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – सजन रे फिर झूठ मत बोलो – Ep 98 – 5th October, 2017

That builder
will be taught a lesson. He wishes to seize
the land allotted for the school
of poor kids! Who gave him
the right to do so? Calm down, sir.
– Silence. You may speak. I need all the details
about the builder. I will not spare him. Sir, your blood pressure..
– Will you be quiet? Can you not see,
I am talking? Yes, you may speak. What is the matter,
Sudhakar? Why is dad so angry? I do not know. He is shouting
at someone over the phone. I tried to get him
to calm down then he scolded me. What is the
name of the company? Penguin Builders, is it? I will deal with him. Listen to me. Give me the office address
of this builder. I will meet him today.
Okay. Dad, what is the matter?
Why are you so angry? It is nothing, dear. It
was Jwala Vidrohi on the call. He said that there is
a construction company by the name
of Penguin Builders. They want to demolish
a school to construct a mall. I will not spare him! Ms. Jaya,
sir has lost his calm. Now that
‘Poongin’ Builder is doomed. It is ‘Penguin’.
– What? What? Pen green? Pen green, it is. Jaya! Jaya!
Jaya! What happened, Jay?
– Jay! What happened?
– What happened, dear? I have come
with a great news. Please call your dad.
– I’ll get him. We are telling them
about our project? Yes, we are.
– Okay. We will take them
to the mansion, too. – Okay. Oh, God!
Sir, please tell her the truth or else she
will reveal everything. We will not say a word. Jay will be telling them
something else. I am confused.
– She is done. We will not tell them
anything. Malpani, please stay quiet
for a while. – Please! What is the matter, dear?
What is it? He is here.
Father-in-law! Jaya! I got a job.
– Splendid! Congratulations!
– Congratulations! Splendid! I got a job. Dad.. Dad, did you hear that? Well done, dear. I got a job at a garage. I have to start
from tomorrow. Congratulations,
Mr. Jay. You got a job. You always
have my blessings. What did he just say? He said that his best wishes
are with Jay. Do not ponder over it.
Leave it be. – Yes. What is the salary
they are offering you? Salary?
Salary.. About Rs. 50,000.
– What? Rs. 50,000?
– Is it too much? It is for the year.
For the whole year. This is too low. If it’s the annual salary then per month, it will
come to around Rs. 4,500. Sir! Mr. Jay! You got a nice deal! A salary of Rs. 4,500
per month! Your boss
is so generous. Such a nice salary!
– Yes.. – What? Thank you, Sudhakar. Jaya, it is you who have
brought joy to our family. May you always be happy. Dear,
when you got married then your family life
got started and from tomorrow your financial life
will start. Let me give you an advice.
It helped me a lot. It will help you too.
– Sure, please. Make your work
your priority. Just how Arjun could only see
the eye of the fish.. You too should only focus
on your work. Then trust me, the whole
universe will come together to take you
to your goal. ‘Sushma, finally,
we are together. – Yes.’ ‘I still cannot believe’ ‘that we are together,
with each other.’ ‘Your father had said’ ‘something about the universe
working in tandem..’ ‘And today, fate has
made me your life partner.’ ‘But mind you.’ But mind you.. Sage Gyanchand? I am blessing, Jay.
– Okay. Jay, may you always
be happy. – Yes.. Jaya, please come with me. Go, dear. ‘What is it?’ ‘Sushma, stop
with the chores, please.’ ‘I have a lot
to do. Please leave.’ ‘Jaya will handle manage.
Listen to me.’ ‘These flowers are for you..
– She is also tired.’ ‘Now, you need to leave.
Please.’ ‘Please, Sushma!
Sushma..’ Why are you coughing
in front of the kitchen? S-Sorry. You are trying to get
everybody sick? No, actually..
– An apology won’t cut it. We can’t let everyone
fall sick, right? No..
It is just a simple cough. Cover your mouth.
– Yes. Use your own hand. Sir, I was here to see if someone could
help me get some warm water so that
I can get rid of the cough. Listen, get me the medical
potion and a clip. – Okay. A clip?
Will you add that to the potion? No, you cannot do it. Sorry, you do not like
this colour. Here you go, sir. Why are you putting
this clip on? You will know soon. Sir, may I open it?
– Yes. Sit down! Sit! You have to drink it. I cannot drink it!
I cannot! Give me rat poison instead. If you drink that,
what about the rats? – Right! You care for the rats?
What about me? Silence!
You have to drink it. Listen to me.
You cannot spit it out. He cannot spit it out,
sir. Because if he spits the medicine
out in the bathroom the odour would last
for several days. He will be caught no matter
where he spits it. – Right. And we’re offering him
this medicine for his betterment,
to cure his cough. – Yes. Deepak, come on, have it. Come on..
– Forget my cough I think I’ll surely die
after having this. Hey, shut up!
You will have to drink it. Fine, let go of him.
– Thank you. Let’s go.
Our work is done. Let’s go. ‘If he spits the medicine
out in the bathroom’ ‘the odour would last
for several days.’ ‘He will be caught
no matter where he spits it.’ Mr. Lokhande.
– Yes? It’s Jay’s first day
at job. Do bless him.
– Father-in-law. Be successful. What does that mean? Ms. Malpani he’s blessing him.
– Yes. Which means to have
a bright career. So, why didn’t he just say,
have a bright career? That’s because
he didn’t have time. What’s wrong with her?
– Because he didn’t have time. What happened, dear?
– I mean to say it’s Brother Jay’s first day
at job. He should be leaving on time.
So, I was saying he doesn’t have time.
Am I right? You’re absolutely right.
Dear you should hurry.
– Yes.. Jay..
– Yes? Your tiffin box.
– Thank you, Jaya. Oh, tiffin.
– Tiffin box. Well, I’ll take your leave. Mr. Jay! Mr. Jay, wait..
– Please come.. Come, Sudhakar. You were the one
missing over here. Look at this.
– What is it? What.. What’s this? Sudhakar, Jaya has packed
Jay’s tiffin. Jay doesn’t eat tools. Ma’am, you have
a very good sense of humour. This is not to eat.
– Well.. So, what do I do with this,
Sudhakar? I will get tools in the garage.
They will have them. These are not for you, Mr. Jay.
– Then? They are for me. I’m joining you at work!
– What! What! Okay. So, Sudhakar
is going along! I’ll go and pack
another tiffin box. Hey..
– Wait.. Sudhakar is just.. How can you come
with me, Sudhakar? It’s me who has got this job.
You already have one, right? Yes. – No, Mr. Jay,
you’re not getting me. Okay. – I’ll join you
for the important work. I mean, I’ll guide you.
– Okay.. I know all this very well. Like we’re supposed
to open the rickshaw first and then, repair it
and later, close it again. I’ll teach you.
– Hey.. Sudhakar, there will
be people to teach me there. Not at all, Mr. Jay.
You have no idea how these owners are. You know
how those people are? Initially, they’ll keep you
engaged in trivial work and then, if you ask for a hike
after a few months they will say, you never did
any major work because these owners will never
let you do the major work. Your salary will not get
raised. Take me along. I’ll make you very popular. Wow, Sudhakar!
That’s wonderful. You’re so farsighted. Very nice…
Jay, take Sudhakar along. – Yes. Yes, Jay.
Take Sudhakar along. Yes..
– Hang on.. Fine.
Sudhakar, let’s go. H-Hold on.
I’m getting a call. Hello? Yes, I’m speaking. What! You have seized
Mr. Kashinath’s garage to recover his loan? No.. He had offered me
a job just yesterday. H-Hold on..
Who are you? Mr. Thakaral!
What did you just say? You’ve seized
Mr. Kashinath’s garage? So, what do you want
from me? You want me to work
for a rich man like you? You want me to be
a slave to you? Never! I will never do so. Mr. Thakaral, let me clear
one thing to you! I’ll fight my own war!
I don’t need your help! Rs. 10,000?
I’ll not work for you even if you pay me
Rs. 10 lakh per month. Just hang up! Father-in-law.. Jaya.. I’ve quit my job.
– That’s okay, Jay. That’s okay. You don’t have to explain
anything. I’ve got it. I’m proud of you. I’ll proudly tell everyone,
he’s Jay, my son-in-law. Why?
– Come on, ma’am. He blatantly refused to be
a slave to the rich. You did a good thing.
Wow. Very good, dear. Sudhakar.. – Yes?
– You may take out the tools from your bag and keep them
back in the cupboard. Dad, do something
about my behaviour. Wonderful, dear.
Wonderful. I’m proud of you. ‘Sushma, here’s
our beautiful house.’ ‘Wow!
It’s so big and luxurious.’ ‘But what if dad gets to know?
– He’ll not say anything.’ ‘He will not.
– Why wouldn’t he?’ ‘If dad gets to know
about all this’ ‘he will be very upset.
– Once he sees his grandchild..’ ‘Who’s having a grandchild?
– I mean, once he sees’ ‘his grandchild,
he will not be upset.’ ‘Even he will sit among us
and say’ ”Mr. Premchand, this boy
has taken after Deepak” ”and the other one,
after Mr. Gyanchand.” ‘A simple living and a
small family is very nice.’ ”They both are well-cultured.’
– Just stop it.’ ‘Deepak!’ ‘Deepak..
– Oh, Sushma!’ ‘This all seems
like a dream.’ ‘It’s not a dream, but reality.
Seriously.’ ‘And even I’m real.
Just pinch me. Come on..’ ‘Shall I?
– Sure.’ Such a drastic change! Where did she go? Where did you go, sir?
– I’m over here. I’m over here!
You’re daydreaming! Sir, why are you wearing a hat?
What happened? It’s because of this! Sir, you seem to have
got goosebumps on your head. I went for a bath
but the darned shampoo.. Maybe, it had passed
the expiry date, I don’t know. I shampooed my hair,
came out and saw my hair has spiked up
like this. That wasn’t shampoo. That wasn’t shampoo?
Then, what was it? What was it? What was it? That.. I didn’t do it.
– Then, who did it? Mr. Lokhande did all this. Mr. Lokhande?
What did he do? Yesterday, he made me drink
a terrible decoction. He asked me not to spit it out
even in the bathroom. So, I saw the bottle of shampoo..
– In that? You spat in that
and I used that shampoo. And you just kept
the bottle there? I will kill you.
I will kill you for certain. Keep turning it,
it’s a bangle. Shut up!
Acting smart, huh? Acting smart! Sir, I have learnt
one thing from this. – What? If you mix shampoo
with a stinky decoction then the bad odour subsides. I will inform Mr. Lokhande
about it. What about the foam which
will come out of the mouth? If there is foam, one may
as well brush their teeth. He will punch you. How do I settle my hair now? There is one person
who can help you with this. Who? Ramvishwas.
– Who is that? He is the guy
who irons clothes. The guy who irons.. Will I iron my hair? Go to the cottage
and help Jay. He is fighting
with Mr. Lokhande alone. Be prepared to play
Gyanchand’s part as well. He remembers him
every now and then. Is Mr. Gyanchand his wife that he keeps
thinking about him? Okay. Sorry, sir. You can go.
You be careful. I really need
to go to office.. Someone has to work
in this family. I will take Penguin Builder
to task. Yes, sir! Hail Bhawani!
Hail Shivaji! Mr. Lokhande. Where are you going? I am going
for an auspicious task. All right. Just like the way
Deepak does auspicious tasks? Sage, I beg of you don’t speak
of that worthless git. I am going for a good task,
bless me. May you be triumphant. May you be victorious. Dad.. I need to prepare
breakfast for Jay. I shall take your leave. I will tell Mr. Premchand
that I will get late. ‘Oh, darn! Mr. Param
has gone to office.’ Mr. Lokhande. He has gone to the temple
because Deepak asked him to. Oh, Lord! All right,
I will get my wallet. Yes, go and get it. Sudhakar.. – Yes?
– Where is Mr. Lokhande going? Panjim. Is he travelling to Panjim, Goa,
with no luggage? Not Panjim in Goa. What is the name?
‘Pen-gun..’ Pen and gun..
What are you saying, Sudhakar? What was the name?
The name.. Popcorn. People have popcorn
when they go for movies. Is he going for a movie? Oh, my..
– No.. Panjim.. No, I already said it. You should have nuts your memory will improve.
Tell me. Just a minute!
I remember. – Yes. No, I don’t remember.
– Oh! I suggest, try to recall.
– Okay. Penchant!
– How can it be penchant? Oh, yes! Ping-pong. Don’t use such words,
Sudhakar. First, you said popcorn,
and now, ping-pong. The name is something
like that, Sage Gyanchand. Sudhakar..
– Yes? Mr. Lokhande. You can go
wherever you wish to. Don’t be deceived
by what he says. Yes.
– Yes. Carry on. Let’s go.
– I shall take your leave. May you have
a safe journey. Good day. Sudhakar, let’s go.
– Yes. Call for a rickshaw.
– Yes. We will go to Penguin Builder’s
office. Quickly take me
to Penguin’s office.

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