Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – Ep 191 – Full Episode – 15th February, 2018
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – Ep 191 – Full Episode – 15th February, 2018

Sage Gyanchand! Here you go. It’s done! Mr. Param..
Mr. Param, see. Look, what wonderful
arrangements I have done! It’s brilliant. See, I have
kept a tape recorder there. It will play
Mr. Gyanchand’s discourse. Wonderful! If Mr. Lokhande sees this,
he will be elated. I must say,
I am impressed. I am impressed.
You have done a great job. Amazing.. Have you been
stealing Sudhakar’s almonds and eating them,
these days? How do you come up
with such brilliant ideas? No, Mr. Param.
Actually, the thing is.. I am free from the burden
of posing as Gyanchand. That’s why, my brain has
started to work better. I am waiting for
Mr. Lokhande. Once he comes, then it’ll
be great fun. Let him come. He is here.
He has come. Mr. Lokhande,
don’t become so serious. I know,
Sage Gyanchand has gone to an undisclosed location
without informing us. Don’t be so sombre. Yes, Father-in-law don’t take it so seriously.
Don’t be so upset. Father-in-law, see
what Deepak has done. He has built a small
shrine for Sage Gyanchand so that we don’t miss him. See.
– Through this medium we can keep listening
to Mr. Gyanchand’s discourses. And even switch it off. I mean,
after they end. While listening
to his discourses let’s keep praying to God that Mr. Gyanchand returns
from his exile, very soon. From his hiding place. Right..
From his hiding place. Right. What do you think?
– It’s fine, I guess.. I didn’t ask you
how you feel. I asked you
what do you think.. When might
Mr. Gyanchand return? He will come back. When? In a couple of years he will be back.
– That’s all, is it? He will come back
in a couple of years, is it? He can.. He may
return even before that, sir. No issues.
He will come back. Mr. Gyanchand
will never come back! He can never return. What are you saying,
Mr. Lokhande? Yes, Mr. Premchand this guy whom you love so much,
has murdered Mr. Gyanchand. What!
– What! What! Why do you seem
so shocked? You are the one who
murdered him. Then why do you
exclaim in shock? I understand as to why
they exclaimed in surprise. They got to know
about it just now. So, they can exclaim
in surprise. That’s fine. Mr. Lokhande.
– What! How dare you address
me by my name! Not me!
– How dare you address me.. Turn around..
It’s not me. Sudhakar.
– No, sir. The inspector is here. In.. Mr. Lokhande.
– Yes. You had called me here,
right? – Yes, right. He is Deepak.
– Hello. Oh, God. Search his room. Come along. Why are you asking him
to accompany you? Because I don’t know
which room belongs to him. Someone has to escort
me to his room, right? To show me the room..
– Right. Sudhakar escort him to that room.
– Okay, come with me. Let’s go.
Let’s.. You better sit down.
Don’t try to escape. Mr. Lokhande,
tell you what.. I agree that Deepak
is a bit wayward. But he can never
commit a murder. Yes. Yes, sir, I have not
murdered anyone till now. Then why would
I kill Sage Gyanchand? You better think before
saying anything. I have gathered evidence
against you. What evidence do you have? What!
You have evidence, is it? Yes, Jay. You are totally unaware. The letter which Mr. Gyanchand
had written to me was actually written
by this guy. What!
– Yes. I compared both
their handwritings. They are exactly the same. They are exactly the same. Isn’t it? Mr. Lokhande the thing is.. Since his childhood,
it was Mr. Gyanchand who taught Deepak
to read and write. Obviously, their handwritings
will be similar, right? My dad is absolutely right. Fine..
– Okay. I can understand that.
– Okay. But he has burnt
Mr. Gyanchand’s clothes. I saw it
with my own eyes. I witnessed it. When I tried to put out the
fire and retrieve the clothes I saw Mr. Gyanchand’s
blood stains on the clothes. No.. That can
even be tomato sauce, right? Hey.. Quiet..
– He is such a shameless guy! He is giving such lame excuses. Will a saint like Mr. Gyanchand
ever eat tomato sauce? Tell me. Mr. Lokhande.
– Yes. He is Deepak.
Arrest him. At first,
take a look at these. We found all these
things in his room. Mr. Lalit..
– Take a look. …these prayer beads
belong to Mr. Gyanchand. It means,
I have also got to know the motive behind this murder. What!
– No.. Yes, Mr. Lalit.
And.. And this.. Yes.. Look at this.
– Let me see.. Why do you want to see it? You are the one who had set
them ablaze, right? Yes.
– Sudhakar, show it to them. He is burning the clothes.
– Jay, come here. Look at this.. It’s okay, Father-in-law.
I completely trust you. I completely trust you. But did you notice
the blood stains? Blood stains..
Do you see them? Take this. This.. – This is
the evidence.. – Here.. Arrest this scoundrel and put him behind bars. Father-in-law..
Father-in-law, wait.. Listen.. Listen, Deepak
can never murder Mr. Gyanchand. Deepak is the one..
– Jay.. Jay, listen to me. See, let them arrest him.
Let them arrest him. They have evidence.
But we don’t have any evidence. How are we going
to prove our point? In fact, we..
We can face a problem. Take him away.
Arrest him. Go.
– Only when you come out will I be able to put you
inside the jail. Come. I haven’t done
anything.. – Go.. I..
– Come! Out!
Kick him out! Out!
– Kick him! Oh, God!
Darn! They arrested Deepak, Dad! We’ll do something. Whatever we are supposed to do,
we’ll do it now. Don’t worry.
We’ll get Deepak released. Don’t worry. – We’ll have
to get him released. Ladies and gentlemen the way there can’t
be shade without a tree similarly, a body can’t exist
without a soul. Just like attachment
is an illusion similarly, wisdom
couldn’t have been imparted if not for Mr. Gyanchand. Oh, yes. Wisdom. Actually, people say that a human has three
basic needs. Food, clothes and shelter. But I have four basic needs. Mr. Gyanchand’s discourse
is also a basic need for me.. For me, Mr. Gyanchand’s discourse is the
first necessity.. After that comes food,
clothes and shelter. Great!
– What is he.. Mr. Gyanchand used to sing
Bollywood songs to explain the essence
of life to common people. He used to explain
their true meaning, later. We can go on
talking about Mr. Gyanchand but we have assembled here today to pay our respects to him. The kids have prepared a song in homage to
Mr. Gyanchand. Let’s hear the song. Actually, this lady here
is too naive.. Yes. Listen.
– Yes.. I’m not understanding anything
that’s happening here. I’m not getting it either. But here, the memorial service
is going on that too, for Mr. Gyanchand. Isn’t it hilarious that
though the person is alive his memorial service
is being held? I’m witnessing something
like this, for the first time. Will you please be quiet
for a while! “Okay!” Yes. – Lokhande thinks
that Mr. Gyanchand is dead and poor Deepak has been
accused of murdering him. Relax, Jay! We are
at the memorial service, anyway. Let’s hear the song.
– Okay! What did
Sudhakar give her? Marble. “For our well-being” you are highly necessary!” ‘Oh, sir..’ Mr. Premchand. – Yes?
– If you break down like this then in whom do we find solace?
Who will comfort us? Yes.
– Okay? Pull yourself together. Ma’am.. – Yes?
– Take care! Oh, God! PC, you are amazing!
You amused yourself and also, made Mr. Lokhande
emotional! Dad, please! One moment.. Sir, for the past half an hour,
you have been quiet. You are talking
through gestures. Why don’t you tell me?
Maybe I can help you out. Even if I can’t,
it would be fine. Sir, I haven’t done anything.
Please let me go.. May I leave?
Please leave me.. Sir..
– Deepak.. If you don’t care
about Mr. Gyanchand’s murder then it’s true
that you haven’t done anything. You are innocent..
– Yes. Sir.. I’m innocent. Sir, I’m innocent.
I haven’t committed any murder.. Deepak..
– Please let me go. Sir.. You should have told us before. We wouldn’t have locked you up. Am I right, sir? Well, I told you now. Then let me go.
Shall I? Where..
– Sir.. He is asking us to leave him.. I will thrash him so hard
that his nuisance would end! Understood? What do you want?
Should I let you go? If I let you go, I would have
to let go of all the criminals. Everyone would say
that they are innocent.. This way, not a single offender
would be nabbed! I’m not lying! Sir, please move aside! I swear upon you!
– Hey.. This man wants to kill me
by swearing falsely upon me. Murder.. You want to commit
another murder? Second murder! I have not committed
a single murder.. – Shut up! Okay.. You are telling the truth,
right? Then tell me..
This.. Is this a lie? Well sir, this.. Sir.. Why can’t you stand still?
Sir, I haven’t done anything. Mr. Lokhande told us
what he saw. And I trust him completely. Yes?
– Our vision can be deceptive. His eyes are not
lie detector after all! Sir, only you can answer him. I..
– You murderer.. Sir.. I cannot tolerate any accusation
against Mr. Lokhande! I’m warning you! Okay, you don’t need to. Mr. Lokhande is such
a great man. Because of a criminal like you
I saw tears in his eyes. Lie detectors can malfunction but Mr. Lokhande’s tears are the evidence of truth. Sir, get a hold of yourself. Control yourself. Control.. You are on duty
and you cannot cry. Right. Sir, I was saying that..
– What.. What do you want to say?
– That I won’t say anything.. A heinous criminal like you
have saddened a strong man
like Mr. Lokhande! He’s very sad! Sir, I think Mr. Lokhande must be shedding tears
sitting in some corner. No.. Mr. Gyanchand.. Why did you leave me here
in this cruel world? Before leaving you could have
called me once! I would have come to you
no matter where you were. Mr. Lokhande! If you speak now,
it’s of no use. The harm is already done!
– Mr. Lokhande? It’s me. Oh! Was it you, dear?
Come here.. Sorry, Father-in-law. I couldn’t address you
as father-in-law since Jaya is around.
– It’s okay, dear.. Even if you address me
by my name I won’t feel bad.
– No.. I cannot be more unlucky!
– Relax, Father-in-law.. I have just one aim in my life. I want to see Deepak hanged on the gallows! Father-in-law I-I can understand
your feelings. But, I feel that w-whatever
you think about Deepak might not be the truth. How can you even say that? I’ve shown you all
the evidence against Deepak! I caught him red-handed.
– But, Father-in-law.. I showed his video clip
to all of you. What more do you need? Mr. Gyanchand.. Deepak, we found a poison bottle
from your room. Despite that you are claiming
to be innocent and saying that you
haven’t committed the murder. Sir, how many more evidence
you produce I know that I have not
committed this murder. I am not a murderer! Shut up! If you repeat this once again I’ll strip off clothes
and beat you up! No, sir.. Why would you strip to beat me? Sir! – Sir, relax.. I’ll strip off your clothes
and thrash you! I’ll rip your skin off
along with it! – Sir! Relax, sir.
I am here to handle this. Please sit down.
I’ll handle this situation. Please sit down.. Look, Deepak,
you are smart. But don’t try to act over smart. He has just threatened you but not done anything yet. But after some time,
he will do as he said. Then imagine your condition! The moment he removes
his belt and whips you with it what would be your state? Admit it, Deepak.
Just say, ‘I’m the murderer.’ What?
Sir, did you hear that? He has admitted
that he is the murderer. Can I leave now? “Fantastic joke!
That was a fantastic joke..” Deepak, just say,
‘You are the murderer.’ All right, I’ll say it. You are the murderer.
Sir, can I leave now? Deepak, I think you
are in a mood to joke now. Sir.. Father-in-law, even now I don’t
believe that Deepak can do anything as such. I agree that all the evidence
are against him. Father-in-law, trust me.
I know Deepak well. He can never stoop so low. I was sure that this loafer
would support that murderer. Oh, God! – Finally,
you’ve shown your true colour. Dear,
you are misunderstanding. Then make me understand,
Dad. Despite his uncle being murdered how can he support his friend? Aren’t you ashamed
of yourself, Mr. Jay? A noble man has been murdered and you are trying to think
of saving your friend’s life! You are a wanderer! But it seems you’re trying to
bring together all the wanderers and form a troop of your own. But what will you do
with that troop? Do you intend to finish off
all the good people? Dear.. Relax, dear. Stay calm. No, Dad.
I cannot stay calm. I cannot bear to see you
in this condition. And if the person responsible
for your condition is considered to be innocent then how can I stay calm,
Dad? You will have to stay calm. You will have to stay calm
because I say so!

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