Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – Ep 316 – Full Episode – 13th August, 2018
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – Ep 316 – Full Episode – 13th August, 2018

Dad, you said that I got married to Jay. Is that true? Y-Yes, dear. You got married to Jay. Jay is your husband, dear. Mr. Premchand
is your father-in-law. This is his house. They were living like tenants because of your memory loss. ‘One of my friends is staying
in our home care unit.’ ‘His name is Premchand.’ ‘Hereafter, you have to collect
rent from them.’ ‘Sir, you must pay us a rent
amount of Rs. 500 every month.’ ‘If you give the money
it doesn’t mean’ ‘you can break anything
and pay for it.’ ‘Please take care
of the things.’ They have endured a lot,
dear. Jay is your husband. ‘Do you want me to marry Jay?’ ‘When I gave my consent
for marriage’ ‘it wasn’t for marrying Jay.’ Mr. Premchand
is your father-in-law. ‘You’re such a cheap person,
so narrow minded!’ ‘They all are liars.
– No, we didn’t lie!’ ‘I saw that you wore
your footwear to bed’ ‘and you were talking on phone.’ ‘Do you want me to say
this is wrong?’ Did you remember, dear? Did you remember? I remembered how badly
I behaved with you guys. No.. I spoke to you
with thinking. I thought you’re a tenant
in your own house. Please forgive me,
Father-in-law. No..
No, dear. You’re like my daughter. You’re not someone
who makes mistakes. I never felt like you made
a mistake nor will I ever do. Don’t worry.
You will recall everything.. I’m very happy today,
Mr. Premchand. What?
– Yes. My daughter got her family. Come here.. Urmila, come here..
– Okay. Jay.. Why did you stop?
Come, let’s go. Jay most of her memories
are attached to you. Ms. Monica, please come
and meet your daughter-in-law! You can bring
all her memories back. I’ll bring her memory back,
Urmila.. I’ll remind her something
in particular. I’ll make sure that she
never forgets these memories. I’ll remind her
each and everything. I didn’t understand you. Come on, go. Go to her.
I’ll join you in a bit. Come on, go.. Go. Jaya,
she is your mother-in-law. She is your sister-in-law and he’s your brother-in-law. Please forgive me,
Mother-in-law. You lost your memory
but it wasn’t your fault. Forget this mistake forever. Never remember this
even by mistake, okay? Monica, what rubbish
are you talking? She’s your daughter-in-law,
hug her. Come here. Urmila and Deepak you guys have suffered a lot
because of me. I’m very sorry,
please forgive me. No, Sister-in-law.
Don’t be sorry. Please forget everything. What? I mean,
please forget your guilt. Yes. Try to remember the past gradually. Yes, Sister-in-law.
Take your time. You guys are so good. You suffered a lot
because of me. Sister-in-law,
Jay has suffered the most. Sister-in-law,
there is a saying.. We often end up
hurting our loved ones the most. You used to fight a lot
with Jay. Yes, Jaya. Useless, lazy, frog eyes.. Stop it. – Couch potato..
– Stop it, dear.. I..
– Stop.. I mean, you used to call him
all these names. ‘Stupid, idiot, I’ll call him
whatever I feel like.’ ‘As per your command,
I’ve covered my face.’ ‘I have never come across
such a shameless person.’ ‘I told you
not to show me your face.’ ‘When a person
has no balance in life’ ‘how will he maintain balance
in his marriage?’ You’ve behaved very badly
with Jay. But he tolerated everything. He never complained. Just think why he wouldn’t
let you read the newspaper. Why would he not let you
watch TV? It’s because he didn’t want
you to know this is year 2018. ‘What nonsense are you doing?’ He did everything for you. Just think
how he must’ve felt when you said
you wanted to marry Kundan. ‘Dad,
I want to marry Kundan.’ But he didn’t say anything. He was quiet.. He protected you
from every danger. Remember.
Remember that. ‘How dare you touch me?’ ‘I agree but you..
– I’m not your wife.’ ‘Address me with respect.’ ‘Who are you
to order me around?’ ‘Who do you think you are?’ ‘Answer me!’ Jay! Jay! Jay! Are you ready, Jaya?
– Yes, I’m ready. Okay, the timer is on.. Okay. What happen?
– I didn’t pose well. Let it be,
I’ll take your picture. I want full length.
– Okay, full length. Give me a smile. Wait a minute. Phone memory is full.
– Delete the old photos. No.. I’ll delete apps
instead of photos. Your phone is filled
with my photos. What’s the big deal
if you delete a few? I’m telling you not to delete
even a single photo. Why? – These are
not just photos but memories. Memories are meant
to be created not destroyed. Why are you getting
so sentimental? Will your love reduce
if I delete the photos? No. Never. Now, I’m protecting
our memories. These memories
will protect our love in future. I won’t stop taking photos even if you call me mad.
Don’t delete the photos. What will you do
with all these photos? Will you stick my photos
all over the house? Yes! I’ll do it if it’s necessary. Jay! How did I forget you, Jay? Don’t call me Jay. Call me frog eyes. I had forgotten you, Jay. But you protected
our memories and love. I want to experience those
moments and remember again. Will you help me, Jay? We’ve just reached half
of our destination. We are going
through a critical stage so we have to walk
very carefully. There’s no need
for us to walk. We should travel in a plane so that we don’t have
to worry much. Are you done? Go and sit there.
– ‘Shake it up!’ What!
– Go and sit there! I was about to say that Jaya will recall
everything gradually. The result of our lies
is in the hands of our fate. But we can make sure Jaya doesn’t recall
the incident through which she found out
the truth about us. You are absolutely right,
Mr. Param. – Yes, Mr. Param. The doctor had told a story
about the bulb, right? – Yes. If one bulb turns on then the remaining bulbs
connected to it will turn on. If she recalls something then
she will recall other things associated with it. Ms. Jaya shouldn’t recall
the incident related to the button
of the radio, especially. – Yes. Because the bulb
at the entrance of the mansion will turn on from that button and Ms. Jaya
will recollect everything. Yes!
– Urmila! Can a radio turn on a bulb? Is this a new technology?
Please tell me. Malpani, I wish
I could turn on your brain! ‘Not that I want to.’
– Exactly! But there’s no technology
that can turn it on. Exactly! Jay, don’t you worry.
We’ll make sure that Ms. Jaya
doesn’t recall that incident. Yes. – Yes. I wish
she recalls the rest. – Yes. Especially, the time she has spent with you.
Right? She will recall.. She will recall
everything gradually. – Yes. Mr. Lokhande will be
very happy today. – Yes. Because he won’t have
to lie to Ms. Jaya anymore. You are right.
– Yes. I don’t know
when that day would arrive wherein we won’t have to lie. Jay! Jay.. Why are you getting so upset? It’s such a nice day.
Ms. Jaya spoke to you with so much love
after a long time. It’s this love that makes me
feel more guilty, Urmila. After Jaya lost her memory,
she used to call me a liar. I never felt bad about it. Because I’m a liar. But now she believes in me. She trusts me. In such a situation,
lying to her or betraying her.. It hurts a lot, Dad. It hurts a lot. Jay you may have lied to her but your love for her is true,
isn’t it? Look, that’s the reason
God has returned your love. Shall I tell you something? No matter what.. No one in this world
can snatch away your love, Jay. Yes. – I’m not scared
of people, Urmila. Nobody other than me
has the power to end my love! The person
whom I love immensely is the person
I’m the most scared of. That’s why I’m telling you that we should never talk
about the things that would remind Jaya about radio, the door
and the mansion, okay? Did everyone understand?
– Yes. I’ll repeat it again. Jaya should never recall
the incidents related to the radio,
the door and the mansion. She should never recall it! All of us..
Let’s all confirm, okay? Okay, Ms. Malpani?
– Okay. ‘Don’t worry, Jay. I don’t care
if someone does it or not’ ‘but I will definitely confirm’ ‘whether Jaya recalls’ ‘the mansion,
the radio and the door.’

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