Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – Ep 323 – Full Episode – 22nd August, 2018
Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo – Ep 323 – Full Episode – 22nd August, 2018

I never expected
that you would lie to me. Sir, I didn’t lie to you.
It was.. – Come on, squat. One!
Not here, over there. You mean, here?
– Move to your right a little. Move to your left a bit. Begin. How many? – Five hundred.
– What! – One thousand. Come on, start. One! Oh, my God.
I don’t know what to do. I-I, yes.. I’m going to Pune. I must go to Pune. Full stop. Ms. Malpani, I’m really sorry. You can’t go to Pune.
You’ve to cancel the plan. There’s no way I can
send you to Pune. Don’t you worry about it. My driver knows the way to Pune. You try to think of a plan and make a move. That’s a good idea.
Make a move.. I’ll make a move,
you better move from here because you’re not
going to Pune. Jay. – Yes. You’re in trouble. – I know.
– Save yourself. I’m thinking. When I’m
in trouble, Urmila.. – Yes. My mind starts working faster and I definitely come up
with a solution. I got it. – What? Here comes my move. Check and mate. Yes! Jhamkari got me into trouble. Forty nine. Fifty. That’s enough. Stop it. Tell me.
Why did you lie to me? Because I didn’t want
you to get hurt. What do you think of me? Am I a cold, heartless person?
– No. Wasn’t I married?
What are you thinking? I’m not thinking,
I’m listening to you. I too understand, you know. A husband and a wife
need some privacy. What’s so funny? Sir, I made a mistake.
Please forgive me. Okay. That’s all right. Go ahead and finish
the squats. – What? Yes, I will.
– You can go to Khandala later. Do you understand?
– Yes. – Start. ‘Mr. Lalit shares only
his happiness not his grief.’ ‘He’s making excuses.’ ‘I’m pretty sure that
he’s terribly missing his wife.’ ‘I wish I could
share his grief.’ Watch this.
– What the heck! ‘I create an army of bachelors
wherever I go.’ ‘And I’ve hit thousands
of grooms with this brick.’ ‘Hi, I’m Deepak Tijori.’ ‘And that was my act.’ ‘Johars and Chopras’ ‘if you want to sign
me for your movies’ ‘you can ask Shah Rukh
for my number.’ ‘Consult Salman
for my email id.’ ‘And you can get my address
from Deepika Padukone.’ ‘Here’s my profile photos.’ ‘This is my left profile.’ ‘This is my right profile.’ ‘And I’ll give you my autograph’ ‘once I clear the audition.
Thank you.’ Deepak.. Has he gone crazy? He’s insane! – Yes. He was supposed to keep
this a top secret but he has made a video
and uploaded it on internet. Moron!
– Yes, he is. What if Mr. Lokhande
sees this clip? That’s why, I insisted on
keeping an eye on him. He’s more dangerous
than Ms. Malpani. I’m going to teach him
a lesson today. Wait until he gets here. I’m going to crush him. – Yes.
– I’m going to squash him. Why are you going
towards the door? Dear, it will take him at least
10 seconds to walk till here.
– Right. I don’t want to waste even
a few seconds, you know. I’m going to stay
right at the door as soon as he enters,
I will ambush him. Today I’m going to kill Deepak.
– Get rid of him. Go, inform Jay about this. He should know what his friend
is up to. You’re absolutely right.
Come on.. – I know all about it. I know what exactly
Deepak has done. All the arrangements have been
made to punish Deepak. You just wait and watch. Listen, get inside. Over here..
Keep it over here. Be careful. Place it gently
over here. Good. I want you guys
to hide over there. You should come over here
when I signal you, okay? Okay. – Come on,
hurry up. Go and hide. Very good.
– Son, what is this? Sir, I think it is
an electric chair. Son, what is this for? It’s for Deepak.
– For Deepak? – Yes. I’m thinking of beating him
black and blue. And you’ve got a throne for him. Dad, he will sit on the chair but he will not be
able to get up. That’s because I’ve applied
glue on the chair. He will be stuck on it. He will pay a heavy price
for his mistakes. The punishment
should fit the crime. Wow!
You sound like a villain. I’m sure he has a great plan. I am sure.
– It’s foolproof! Wait until Deepak comes back,
then watch.. – Today.. Hey, he’s here.
– He’s here. Jay! “Anarkali went to a disco.” “She went to a disco”
– Why are you so happy! Wow! It’s a great throne. Who’s going to sit on it?
– Who’s Salim? – I am. Then it’s for you.
Please sit down. Sir. Thank you so much, Jay. Sit down. Just be comfortable. I’m feeling like Akbar
the Great after sitting on it. ‘Salim,
bring Anarkali over here.’ Really? – Sure, I will do it.
Watch this. He’s not Anarkali. Serve him.
– I want you to behead him. I will get his head chopped. Why don’t you eat
something first? – Wow. You’ve fruits, sandwiches. Let me keep this aside. You will get thirsty later,
right? Jay, why are you offering
me so much to eat? Am I going somewhere? Yes, you’re going
to be buried alive. Okay. What?
You’re burying me alive. No.. Team number two,
come over here. – Come.. Who are you calling? Team one was a great team. They offered you
food and drinks. Team two is notorious. Amazing. – No..
– Welcome. – Please come. Let’s go and stand there. Let’s stand in front and enjoy..
– Come, very good. – Mister.. Please hold this for me. Please help me. Jay, don’t do this to
me, please. – It’ll be fun. You’ve given me two
plates to hold, how will I eat? Jay, I’m your friend.
Please don’t do this to me. Sir. I’m saving myself
from your foolishness. Absolutely.. – That’s why I’m
getting you bricked up alive. Please don’t do it.
What have I done for which you’re getting me
bricked up alive? Please enlighten him..
– Did you hear that? ‘What have I done?’
– Without our permission you took a disguise.
– Yes. And after that you uploaded
a video on the internet. You know I did that to stop Mr. Param
and Ms. Malpani’s wedding. You failed to stop the wedding.
And now, you’re trapped. – Yes. I did a good thing
by kicking you out of there. Otherwise, Mr. Lokhande would’ve
found out that it was you. It would’ve ruined my marriage. Why did you record that video? Well, I rented that costume
for Rs. 1500. I recorded the video because
I didn’t want to rent it again. What? – Hey. Hey, make it fast.
I hate to see his face. Hurry up.
– Quickly. Don’t do this.
– Brick him alive. – Yes. Mr. Param. Sir!
Please show some mercy. No mercy.. Sir, I’m too young to die. Please save me. I
don’t want to be bricked alive. ‘I’m too young to die.’ Jay. Stop them..
Ask them to stop quickly. On one condition,
I’ll ask them to stop. I accept it. From now on you will not pose as anyone
without our permission. I promise I will not pose
as anybody. Please help me get out
of here. Come on, I’ve decided
not to brick you alive. Yes. – Do you understand? They keep waiting for an order. Take this towel.
– But why? Because your trousers
are glued to the chair. They will be torn if you get up. And we don’t wish to see
that unpleasant sight. I’m not at all
signing up for it. Let’s go from here now..
– Mister, please help me. Hey, who’s paying you the money? Your job is done.
You may go now. I want you to leave now
with your belongings. Dad, let’s go.. Bye!
– Bye. Enjoy. – Sir! – Bye. Jay! Sir! I am stuck! It was my shirt, not me. It was my shirt.. Jay! Sir! ‘I hope I’m not getting
Jay in trouble or something.’ ‘Didn’t Jay mention’ ‘that he thinks faster
when he gets in trouble?’ ‘I’ll go to Pune only
if Jay gets into trouble.’ Okay. Jaya.
– Yes, Ms. Monica. I’m going. Are you going to the market?
– No. Well, you’re going to temple,
right? I’ll join you. – No. Are you going to see a doctor..
– Stop guessing. You’re not going to get
a medal if you guess correctly. I will tell you where
I am going. – Okay. Ask me. Tell me, will you?
Where are you going? I’m going very far away. All alone. Far away and alone? But why? I’ll tell you.. No. I can’t tell you. I can’t
tell you anything at all. But Mother-in-law, why?
– Because I’m helpless! But Jay is not. Ask him. He will tell you everything. All right,
I’ll ask him right now. But he is in his big house now. Big house? What do you mean? Jay has gone to a big house
to seek a job. He is not here. I see. Okay then. I’m leaving. I’m going all alone. ‘Jay will get in trouble now!’ ‘And his mind
will start working!’ ‘Wow, Monica, bravo!’ ‘I love myself!’ Where is mother-in-law going
being upset and all alone? And she isn’t even
saying anything clearly. Something is wrong. I’ll have to tell dad. Dad? Dad? Dad. Dad? What happened, Ms. Jaya? What’s wrong with Mr. Lalit?
Did someone remind him of his late wife again?
– What? Sudhakar, what are you saying?
– Ms. Jaya, you don’t know this. Mr. Lalit needs his wife just like an orphan needs
his or her mother.. Oh, Mr. Lalit, you are here? Don’t you see me here? – Yes.
– Then why do you ask? Yes, my dear,
why were you calling me? Dad, mother-in-law
is going somewhere alone and she isn’t even telling me
where she is going. She looks so sad.
– What! – Yes. Ms. Monica is going
somewhere alone? – Yes. Oh, God! Monica must
have done something wrong. She must have had a tiff
with Mr. Premchand. Or else, she wouldn’t
go out like this, all alone. Yes, and God knows how
many times I asked her but she isn’t saying
anything at all. She told me to ask Jay.
That’s all. I’ll have to teach
Monica a lesson! He got Jay in a soup needlessly. What Mr. Premchand
did was not right. He must have scolded Ms. Monica. That’s why, she took this step,
out of helplessness. What could have she done? Mr. Premchand doesn’t realise. You see, a husband
always scolds his wife for petty issues. And then, enraged,
the wife goes to a place from where she never returns. Then the husband realises how incomplete his life is
without his wife. But what’s the use
of crying over spilt milk? Then, all you can do is regret
all your life. Ms. Jaya, do you see that? Mr. Lalit is missing your mom. Dad is talking
about father-in-law. But Jaya, I won’t let
Mr. Premchand make this mistake. I’ll talk to him,
and make him understand. Where is he and where is Jay? Mr. Premchand? Mr. Premchand, Jay? Look, Ms. Jaya,
did you see that? When an orphan misses
his or her mother and Mr. Lalit misses his wife,
they get emotional. Do you see how he
tries to hide his tears? Sudhakar,
dad has conjunctivitis. That’s why, he’s wiping his
eyes. You worry for no reason. We would be very obliged
if you look into the matter. Mr. Premchand? Jay? Oh, dear! What the.. Dad, this surely must be
the doing of your fake wife! What.. – I’ll have to
manage this first! Jay.. – What..
– We’re in trouble.. What happened..
– We’re in big trouble! Monica is nowhere to be seen!
– What.. She has run away! She’s gone.
– She has run away? – Yes! That means, she put us all
in trouble and fled? My dear Premchand,
how can I flee leaving you in a problem? First you will get out
of this problem. Only then will I go
to Pune for the fashion show. What..
– What’s the matter? Why are you standing
motionless? I see, statue, right?
Okay, it’s over.. Monica, come down!
– Yes.. Am I mad? Jay, listen. I’ve done half of what I was
supposed to do, okay? I’ve got you in trouble.
– What.. Now use your brain and find a way out of this. One moment..
W-What do you mean? What do you mean by getting me
in trouble? How? – What? And what are you talking about?
Hey, tell us properly, will you? I’ll tell you..
– You.. – Oh, God.. Hey..
– Stay calm, Premchand! Speak! Speak up!
– Yes.. – Okay! Jay, what did you tell Urmila when you were playing
chess with her? You said that your mind
works faster when you are in trouble and you find a way out of it. Correct? Didn’t you say so? Yes. – Right.
So, I got you in trouble. What..
– What.. I told Jaya that I’m going far away
all alone. Now make up an excuse and tell her why
and where I’m going so that I get a chance to go to the fashion show. Hey.. – No.. There’s no need
to thank me. You! I just did my duty..
– What have you done? Do you know what you’ve done? What I had said was
about the game of chess.. Yes.
– …nothing else! Now don’t make an excuse
to fool me. Go and tell that
to Mr. Lokhande. Listen, the way he’s shouting.. ‘Jay, Premchand!
Come out quickly!’ Go, man! Monica, I will kill you! You.. – Oh..
Dad.. – Sir.. This is not the time
to get angry. – Calm down. Mr Lokhande is calling us..
– Yes.. – First we have to handle him.
– Yes. – What do we do.. Let’s do this. Dad, go and see Mr. Lokhande..
– Yes.. – No.. You can’t. Do this.. Yes! Do this. Call him and say that you will be here
after 10 minutes. Tell him that you are
at the temple.. – Great! Isn’t it? – Yes, that’s good.
– I will tell him that I’m at the temple.. – Yes.
– So, stop shouting. Yes..
– I’ll be there in 10 mins. Mr. Premchand. You can’t say that.
If you do then Mr. Lokhande will find out that you are here somewhere..
– Yes. Oh.. – He’ll know that you
can hear him. What are you thinking.. – Dad!
– What is wrong with you? I’ve become dumb like
this woman! – Forget about her. Concentrate.
What do you need to say? That we will be here
after 10 mins.. – That’s all. Nothing else. – Absolutely.
– Isn’t it? – Right. Driver, take out the car
in 15 minutes. I’ll be there in 15 minutes,
okay? – What.. Yes, switch on the AC, okay?
Bye. I will.. – No.. Dad..
– Mr. Premchand! Calm down..
– What are you doing? I’ll kill her!
– What are you doing? I will kill her!
– C-Calm down. What’s wrong, Premchand?
What happened? Now look,
it’ll take you 10 minutes to go to Mr. Lokhande.
It will take five minutes to make him understand.
That makes it 15 minutes, right? Simple mathematics! To heck with your English!
– Yes! Okay.. I’ll sort this out.
I’m sorry! Okay? I’m sorry..
– Thank you! I’ll solve this problem now.
Wait. My God! Yes, driver! Take out the car in 20 minutes. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. And keep the AC on. Thank you! All right? Problem solved. I’ll not spare her. – Dad..
– Mr. Premchand.. No.. – I will finish her! – No..
– What’s the matter now? Deepak, your life
has become expendable! Anyone comes and beats you up!
I promise to myself that I’d not do anymore
getups! No getups.. Hey!
Who is this? Everyone is after my life! One wants to brick me up alive and the other,
wants to run over me! Hey, who’s inside the car?
Come out! What the heck is going on! What?

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