San Miguel de Allende: The Most Beautiful City in Mexico!?
San Miguel de Allende: The Most Beautiful City in Mexico!?

if you’re coming from the United States Canada and anywhere else in the world and you haven’t experienced Mexico’s beauty san miguel de allende it should definitely be at the top of your list [Music] good afternoon amigos from san miguel de allende here we are two Gringo’s that live in Mexico City we decided to take a short four or five day trip to San Miguel day and day we’re so glad we did we were just getting our bearings with this city we don’t really know much about it but yesterday was our first day we haven’t gotten lost yet so they’re going to do that again today but I think first things that we found interesting is that we believe that Mexico has spoiled us rotten we’re like any grandchild that you may know in terms of the beauty of Mexico we expected on our way into San Miguel day and day that it was going to be beautiful charming of course we’d seen photos and it did not disappoint but Mexico in general has set the bar so high in terms of charm Beauty culture food people and we’re nothing short of spoiled so if they have said we’re going to take our spoiled rotten selves around the city of San Miguel day and day and we’re going to explore with you guys we don’t know anything about this city so it’s time to get lost together [Music] [Applause] this church is absolutely beautiful just like the rest of the city I know we have said that time and time again but I don’t know he’ll but this might be the most beautiful city and Mexico that we have been to what do you think and I mean that zero disrespect to any other place we’ve been to obviously if our art is beautiful Mexico City’s beautiful Guadalajara – occupy key mascota now those are all the places we’ve been to unfortunately they’re all beautiful in their own way and I think every time we’re in a new city it’s the most beautiful city we’ve ever been to I will definitely admit to that but San Miguel definitely has a charm of its own one thing I really like about the city is that at least like the historic area seems pretty vast so it’s not like one or two blocks is really colorful and really charming so far everywhere we walked in the city feels this way and it’s incredible [Music] [Music] the city again absolutely beautiful the only problem is the doors a little short not sure why this doors like five and a half feet taller I guess shorter than that or maybe about five and a half I’m sitting on the door here it is but I think we can still make it work [Music] Hilary said at the beginning of the video but we’re not lost I don’t quite know where at we’re not lost but we’re not lost [Music] [Music] what are we have um this is small that’s a lie that’s an idiom to scoop ice cream what are your second impressions of Salmonella what it describe it for someone who’s never been here how would you describe something in this this is nothing yes it is very very charming I think we thought that by Arda was the most charming place we’d ever see and Vera is also charming but still very different here every street is so charming the streets were not made for cars does not appear so all those cars are in the streets it’s a it’s nice to sort of stand in the middle of Street and gaze down them because cobblestone streets it’s beautiful it’s very quaint and charming it’s overused as as words nasal huh I feel like we’ve wandered around a pretty big area of the downtown area and every street is just beautiful and it feels very clean as well it is immaculate here I haven’t seen one cigarette butt literally oh I jinxed myself i jinxed it it is very clean city it’s really really clean which is weird because they don’t know where trash cans are but and that’s not gotta eat all this [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I don’t know if this is the most beautiful city in Mexico or not but it definitely tops the list for most beautiful places we’ve seen sort of to bring our thoughts today somewhat full circle we’ll say 350 degrees cuz we’re never quite there I think I think Mexico spoiled us met our expectations for beauty for food for people for ambiance if you will the bar is set so high so that said if you’re coming from the United States Canada and anywhere else in the world and you haven’t experienced Mexico’s beauty san miguel de allende it should definitely be at the top of your list if not number one it’s beautiful you’re having a blast people watching I think people are having a blast people watching us we’re gonna go check into the hotel now thank you guys we’re gonna go check into the hotel now thank you guys so much for explore with us on day two of San Miguel de Allende be sure and subscribe to our channel click the bell that way you get notified god of this post a video and we’ll see you guys tomorrow [Music] you

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  1. ivan de jesus says:

    Podrían hablar en español o poner subtítulos

  2. Richard Lemieux says:

    I can not imagine how I missed this video because I have followed your channel for so long!!!..?!!

  3. Luis Diaz says:

    You should go to cuetzalan puebla.

  4. Jesus Emmanuel De Luna Rodriguez says:


  5. Cherry vb says:

    San Miguel de Allende is not a city is a very Old Town from the Spaniah Conquer times.. it remains like the old times.. with that small town flavor and traditions ..👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍😍🚪🏚🏡🏠⛰⛲️🖼❤️


    Kinetic Kennons! excelent video. I think you need to know, other beatiful places in Mexico:
    1. Patzcuaro, Michoacan.
    2. San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
    3. Izamal , Yucatan
    Only mentioned some of them,, greetings guys

  7. Scott Falkner says:

    Why would anyone want to come to the US if you had a life here?

  8. carol alter says:

    San Miguel is a Colonial City which makes it beautiful – There is a big divide between the Mexican population and the expatriate American population – I found many Americans liked the lower cost of living and the climate but stayed in "Americanized" communities

  9. David Azinger says:

    these two are very talented. good video.

  10. Sand Mar says:

    It's Petty 😍

  11. Sonia Azuara says:

    Halo I'm from san luis potosi mexico and live in teenesse and want be your friend speak litter ingles saludos and god bless you

  12. Rebecca Galabis says:

    Chihuahua, Chihuahua is also very clean and beautiful. It also has cobblestone streets. If you go visit Pancho's Villa 🏠. A 3 story musuem and a little history lesson.

  13. Fer Villalobos says:

    Did you guys change your mind about it after visit Oaxaca? What do you think about the differences?

  14. Esteban Tellez says:

    Cool video guys. Keep up the good work. Have you guys visited Xochimilco? How about la Feria del Elote in my hometown of San Miguel Topilejo?

  15. Juan Pablo Lugo Chaveznava says:

    Querétaro or San Miguel de Allende?

  16. J ZTS says:

    What time of year did you visit, January? What was the weather like, how comparable to Texas was it?

  17. Gustavo Aguilera says:

    Visit el Terreros gto 11 noviembre

  18. Alejandra Berumen says:

    Love San Miguel de Allende is beautiful and breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of different towns of Mexico.
    You have to go to Leon Guanajuato best leather products.

  19. Stephen Martinez says:

    Go on September I am

  20. Stephen Martinez says:

    It is pretty on September the month the best month of the year in mexico

  21. Ed says:

    I heard that Oaxaca and San Cristobal de las Casas are also beautiful, you guys are doing an awesome job.

  22. Aileen Rosas says:

    go to Zapotlanejo Jalisco it is beautifull..

  23. noiseparty says:

    Try to visit Guanajuato. See the mummies, visit the mine, go on a tour of el callejon del beso.. the alley of the kiss. Los estudiantiles, in their traditional outfits take you on a tour and tell you the story of el callejon del be so, which is Romeo and Juliet type of story. Visit the Pipila monument, and many more things to do and see.

  24. Hector Ventura says:

    I loved her face on the end ☺️😕 LoL very funny!!🇲🇽❤️🇺🇸

  25. takeshi says:

    Don’t miss Oaxaca city. 😉

  26. Joe Perez says:

    I love that place 😍 going back again in December

  27. Nahadur Azad Wahid Hamid says:

    I live here in Mexico I'm from Baghdad Iraq I didn't know about this city I would like to visit there ! we came to Mexico as a refugees because my family like their people we have a lot in common when I'm not wearing my kufi they think I'm a Mexican because i look Mexican my mother have had the same experience with people i think Mexicans have Arabic blood .. Love Mexico I'm here to stay and my whole Family !

  28. R2 G says:

    you must visit Aldana,Tampico, cd. Madero and Altamira ; Tamps. are together.

    you must visit mty, Bernabé, San Nicolás, Guadalupe, grutas de García, San Pedro, are together.

  29. R2 G says:

    you must visit cd. valles; s.l.p.:

    you find it ( fall water, temazcal and aqua color river ) in tamul, ( temazcal, termal waters and medicinal mud )Taninul; Tamuin, Tamasopo and Micos ( fall waters and landscape ). Xilitla; s.l.p. you find it ( landscape, surrealist of castle and fall waters ).

    Río Verde you find it half moon ( lake )Puente de Dios ( fall water ).
    aquismon you find it ( hole of golondrinas )it is deep and bigger hole. parachute xtreme sport.

    Real de Catorce you find it ( old village mine) similar adoquin street. 👌 salu2.

  30. Charly Brown73 says:

    "Gentrification" across the border at its best! my brown people is not welcome in the U.S but whites are welcome in MEXICO funny shit.

  31. Scepter says:

    Me gusto

  32. potrita alfaro says:

    You should to go to the San Cristóbal de las casas, CHIAPAS, MEXICO …I hope so …

  33. wilfred Olan says:

    I love it san miguel de Allende!! 😎😎

  34. Jorge Estrada says:


  35. Sanjuana Gasca says:

    Y tanto mexicano que si va de su pais que ofrece mucho que ironia

  36. Ernesto Aguilar says:

    There are a lot of more hundreds, of beautiful small towns in México.

  37. Álvaro Silva Caballero says:

    San Miguel is a town in the middle of nowhere which precisely for being in the middle of nowhere has retained its colonial architecture in contrast with other surrounding cities which had to adapt to the demands of modernity. Maybe because its isolation, the colonial character and being situated in a sun-kissed ubication San Miguel is now the place of residence of many gringos. That in my view creates a problem. Nowadays, San Miguel is a very expensive city compared with surrounding places. The gringos who arrive to live there have driven the prices of real state to unafordable levels and demand first world services. Everything without paying any taxes. Those gringos are mostly retired people who could never afford the same living standard in the US with their pensions. Meanwhile the surrounding communities and villages are sunk in extreme poverty. Yes, San Miguel could be the most beautiful town in Mexico but is also one of the municipalities with the highest inequality levels. I consider the gringos living in San Miguel as parasites as they only suck resources and do not contribute in anything to the development of the region. If you don't believe me, next time you visit go outside San Miguel and visit the communities in the outskirt if you dare. Sorry for the rant but someone has to denounce this.

  38. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    Not at all!
    San Miguel de Allende is pretty, but there are many other citys in México that are beautiful.

  39. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    San Miguel looks like a place in México City called San Angel, it's a very richest neighborhood, and it's so beatiful, you have to know it, every saturday there is a market known as "tianguis del sabado", it is great.

  40. The Cup Of Truth says:

    I just realized something , not only this video but all tourists that visit these types of cities say the same thing oh these churches are incredible and yet they say we have our eyes on Mary not Jesus, they pass Our Lord up for pictures of the church cant stop laughing , I have to remember this one.

  41. Gema Cruz says:

    I was supposed to go with my family to San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato tomorrow but I still have school work to do and had to cancel last minute.😭

  42. Ruben Tenorio says:

    hey gringo creciste a lo …………… se te olvida que todo es historia……………..saludos desde New York.

  43. gallo916 says:

    Dolores Hidalgo is 30 minutes And Guanajuato is about a hour from where you are .. top most beautiful cities in the world

  44. Tavo B says:

    You wana see beautiful, y’all should visit Mazamitla, Jalisco. I promise you won’t regret it , specially on a Sunday. You can airbnb a cabin in the middle of the pine tree mountains and explore the Magical Town on horse back, atv or hiking. It’s Jalisco, you can’t go wrong with Jalisco.

  45. swampzoid says:

    Beautiful colorful city. I'd like to visit there.

  46. Annette Russell says:

    I was there for 3 weeks loved it

  47. yo mero says:

    Kennons! great persons!

  48. Josefina Robles says:

    yosoy de alli y tango45 anos y ya tengo Casi tres decadas por aca mi hermana me cuenta que estaba yo chiquita y me corte un pie despues pasaron unos gringos nos dieron dinero me curaron

  49. Antonio Vargas says:

    Ya lo dije morechairos viva gto

  50. Azul Alarcon says:

    Hi I'm From Mascota Jalisco and I found amazing that you guys visited my beautiful little magic town .Thank you for the love you have for Mexico thanks a lot

  51. Johnny Gross says:

    The american public has been told Mexico cty is v ery dangerous and dont go there, so whats your take on this?

  52. ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique says:

    Mexico is so beautiful !
    Why do many Mexicans leave the country and come to the US instead making Mexico a even greater place ?
    Saludos desde Indonesia.

  53. Nixon Diaz says:

    No han visto nada guerita !!! Todo MEXICO es hermoso , claro que México tiene lugres muy especiales , hay cerca de 200 pueblos llamados mágicos ,así es que les falta muchísimo pr conoser , debo de hagradecer les que estén en MÉXICO para que cuando regresen a su país le platiqué al resto de la gente la verdad de como es mi país , Los medios y el gobierno se han encargado de malinfirmar al país de lo que MEXICO es en realidad y dejarme decirte esto , lo más hermoso del país Mexicano son su gente y su gastronomía Viva México CABRONES !!!!

  54. frida magdalena says:

    Que hermoso San Miguel y que chula se ve la wera !!!

  55. Glen McDaniel says:

    What airport would you fly into? Did you meet any Americans there?

  56. Jose Aguirre says:

    Your next visit should be your home in gringolandia.

  57. ID Diaz says:

    Hermosa ciudad!! Que carisma tienen estos gringos!! 😁

  58. Juan Munoz says:

    Wow it seems like I know every door jamb in there didn’t see the city just heard it was pretty thanks

  59. Mel Walker says:

    Hi Fabulosa I love your videos am from Jamaica coming to Mexico in March for my birthday it will be my Frits time

  60. Mel Walker says:

    I love shopping for clothes and shoe and bags

  61. EduardoTapia 55 says:

    im from dallas but my parets are from sam miguel de allede l go there like 5 tiemes

  62. JR says:

    GTO, NO HAY MAS!!!❤🇲🇽❤🇲🇽

  63. jc #1 says:

    Come to ecatepec edo. De mexico is nice too😁😁

  64. ThomasCalifornia says:

    SMA or GTO?

  65. Fausto Escalera says:

    They sayed that because they look more white people there moust of white people are scare to live in blk or Latin neighborhood but many states in Mexico has more beutyful towns then that

  66. Raul De Los Rafaeles says:

    Omg u went there

  67. Thiago Silva says:

    O mexiko sou muito lindo

  68. Cristiana Marinescu says:

    Great video!!! About the short doors..there are steps going down on the other side of the door since the street used to be at a lower level. One "must do" in an Artist Colony city like San Miguel de Allende is to take One Painting in One Day workshop at and paint a San Miguel door! #1 on TripAdvisor! at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops. Thanks for making this video!

  69. Danny Ho says:

    typical millenials……..

  70. Miguel Rosado says:

    tell more information

  71. Luxembourg 03 says:

    Aren't you just another random Mexican American born in the USA? Just saying it lol. Cuz you have more than 100 million illegal Latinos in the us of Mexico.

  72. Noah Samuelsen says:

    Song at 1:30?

  73. Jeff Kravitz says:

    Hi, would you say the streets are level or is the city hilly??

  74. Frances says:

    A friend of my is thinking of moving to Puebla. Does anyone know how it compares to San Miguel?

  75. Let's Talk About Money says:

    Wind noise … Buy dead cat for your microphone

  76. Avi says:

    Another fantastic video! Keep them coming! Question: Are there any fun outdoor activities to do here besides walking around and visiting the historical sites?! e.g. horseback riding, ATV/mopeds, visiting natural wonders, cool bars etc?

  77. radfm209 says:

    Im mexican, and i have never been there, but how could a bunch of old buildings be so beautiful? I dont get it?

  78. MelAndre AndreMel says:

    Aqui se grabo la pelicula el padrecito 1964

  79. Patsy Martin says:

    Music is awful. Someone pounding the same chords over and over, loudly is unnecessary. Otherwise, enjoyable and informative. Thank you.

  80. Daisy Posada says:

    Can’t wait to go there this summer!🤩

  81. 4C.ELECTRONICS 4C says:

    You are very funny guys. I like to look at your interesting comments about México. Un abrazo, Omar Jg.

  82. Tha truth says:

    Hey im from houston

  83. Joshua LeonardoASMR says:

    Taxco and Queretaro are more beautiful than San Miguel De Allende in my opinion. Plus, it´s becoming too Americanized.

  84. Jarmar Fuerte says:

    Mexico is beautiful but sadly bad economy and a lot of corruption😢

  85. ZERO FREE says:

    Yo vivo ai

  86. Loso Damainman says:

    Woow so gorgeous

  87. Julianna Cortes says:

    Puro Guanajuato 💜🔥🔥

  88. Sporting goods Ariel says:

    you are the most beautiful

  89. Isidro Medina says:

    This is in guanajuato and not in mexico city.

  90. thatoneguyeric says:

    I’m going to Guanajuato and then driving over to San Miguel next week (4th of July weekend) I can’t wait!!

  91. frawldog says:

    So amazing

  92. frawldog says:

    So amazing

  93. frawldog says:

    So amazing

  94. Robert J says:

    Totally agree that SMA is beautiful and wonderful. Have been to 3 tango festivals there. But what keeps people coming back and making the city a wonderful place to live are the variety of things to do. One friend living in SMA says there is as cultural offerings as there is in many large American or European cities and much more affordable. Last trip I went to the jardin botanico high above the city and to the Fabrica, a factory that closed in the 1950s that made cloth. Reading about the history of this wonderful place and the concern the owners had for their workers made me feel sad for how "progress" has displaced some wonderful traditions. However, the Fabrica is now home to many (upscale) artist galleries. It is in walking distance of el centro and is one of the reasons I wanted to walk there. So much of what keeps SMA so charming is the investment being made in the city. But prosperity has its downside when the real estate becomes so expensive the locals are priced out. So walking to the Fabrica I saw parts of SMA where gentrification wasn't in full force yet, but it was intruding.

    I hope that SMA can retain what it isand not become too Americanized with all of the expats there.

  95. Nicholas Quintero says:

    All the places you’ve named that you’ve been too are seen as ugly and not great places to go to view the beauty of Mexico try Guanajuato

  96. Iván Ávalos says:

    If you want to magically disappear, you should visit Celaya, Guanajuato! Well no, partially kidding. It's just a small normal city that has not much to offer, but the downtown is quite beautiful.

  97. zorazora zorzzora says:

    I came here because the writer Sandra Cisneros lives in San Miguel… what a life you’ll are living. Its interesting because we live in a time when there’s so much hate and vitriol going from the US about Mexico and Mexicans… and yet white folks can live in Mexico and seem to be treated kindly

  98. max movers says:

    Canadians are very welcome to Mexico, (mi casa es su casa) Gringos go back to States.

  99. Jason Harrington says:

    Both San (pronounced sawn) Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato are beautiful!

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