Sandra Brownlee, 2014 Canada Council laureate – a film by Tim Wilson
Sandra Brownlee, 2014 Canada Council laureate – a film by Tim Wilson

You have to begin. You have to make one
row, one row of weaving. That’s all you have to do. And then, you look
at that row and you take the very first thought
you have in your mind: “Oh, I am going to make the
next row this way… then the next row this way.” And it just starts to grow. The way I basically proceed is:
What I feel like doing, I do. I don’t question it
so much, I just do it. I often start my day in
the studio with some kind of repetitive drawing exercise. So, here’s another circle. This is made of soil
from my vegetable garden, and I rubbed it with
my hand into the paper. I’m very tactile oriented
and through touch and all my senses is how I
access ideas and feelings… and knowledge, really. I’ve found a way of working
that really suits me, which is this
improvisational weaving. Very low tech. It’s like I work with a limited
palette of black and white usually, and a few tools. It’s sort of like
drawing and handwriting. Almost the moment I sat down
at the loom I felt at home. First of all, you
have a piece of equipment that you’re sitting at. You have a place to be. You have all these procedures. And it was just exactly
what I needed as someone who gets quite distracted. It was just very calming for me, and it made me feel secure and all settled so that somehow, I was able to go
deeper within myself. And at the same
time, going beyond… using it as a way of somehow
witnessing to life… my life. Make a mark. See where it goes.

3 thoughts on “Sandra Brownlee, 2014 Canada Council laureate – a film by Tim Wilson”

  1. Valérie dee Walkabelle says:

    Sandra is one of the most wonderous and real artists ever!!!   I was honored to study and work with her @NSCAD University & my notebooks still remind me of her art-rich nature and stimulating views!!!    BRAVA and Many heartfelt congratulations for this award Sandra!!!   YAY!!!  Improvisational weaving rocks!!

  2. Valérie dee Walkabelle says:

    Make a Mark!  See Where it goes!!!! <3!

  3. Adamandia Kapsalis says:

    Good advice!

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