Sanitizing Footbath Mat
Sanitizing Footbath Mat

Uline Sanitizing Footbath Mats help
prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and other harmful contaminants when moving
between sanitary and non-sanitary areas. These mats hold 5 1/2 gallons
of disinfectant solution to easily handle high-traffic areas, making them
ideal for use while entering or exiting food processing facilities, greenhouses
and laboratories. Use with Quarternary Disinfectant Solutions, bleach or
Hydrogen Peroxide for areas that require disinfecting before entering. The mats
are 32 inches wide by 39 inches long, ideal size for use in standard doorways,
ensuring that all foot traffic walks through the disinfecting solution. Uline
Sanitizing Footbath Mats feature 2 1/2″ tall side walls and have
flexible rubber scrapers to help remove debris from boots and shoes. Follow the
disinfecting solution instructions for decontaminating boots and shoes. To
replace old solution, drain and replenish according to the solution instructions.
Uline offers two colors of foot bath mats – choose the one that best suits your
facility’s contamination control guidelines. The H-5241 is black, while
the H-6565 features bright yellow side walls for high visibility. Uline
Sanitizing Footbath Mats are in stock and ready for immediate delivery from
any of our strategic locations in North America. Whatever your janitorial needs are, you can rely on Uline to have the solution.

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