Satisfying Horrible Nasty Gooey Restaurant Carpet Coming Clean
Satisfying Horrible Nasty Gooey Restaurant Carpet Coming Clean

04 flow 750 psi up to the 370 procam
power burst liquid slurry rinse you can see where he did there see that one in yet wait sticker over there it’s coming out
of the kitchen give that a shot watch the vacuum core tube virtually nothing coming out on a second
drive back so I only sprayed to the end of the hall right there knocked over the
walked off I’ll get that later a chihuahua dick worked my French Wow I’ve tried everything on this carpet
wrote of X sine X is black paths nothing works this quick I’m a mini a
second pass zero you can really beat I thought you had a second free spring
right out of kitchen I got it yeah you have any doubt whether or not a
zipper super spinner will work with a smaller unit like the force I’m sorry
370 race those doubts obviously a well-watered restaurant

100 thoughts on “Satisfying Horrible Nasty Gooey Restaurant Carpet Coming Clean”

  1. DJKnightUK says:

    what machine is this? i want one!!

  2. Tomas Diaz says:

    Whoever dis liked this video..your going to hell

  3. Lowcountry Yankee says:

    How is paying a professional to clean this .89 cent/sq ft Berber carpet a better idea than ripping it out? #wetblackmold

  4. Undergoddess says:

    how come the seats are so clean? after this i'd say the wait staff needs to wear booties to make the carpet look nicer longer

  5. Bailey Bum says:

    When he said that Shit is THICK I died 😂

  6. Lexi Gee says:

    They need to do this to the Chuck E. Cheese carpets. Those carpets are disgusting 🤢

  7. Chandler Greene says:

    Talk about satisfying to watch.

  8. A Ww says:

    Did you agitate the carpet?

  9. Rt Harmon says:

    It's like the restaurant from pulp fiction

  10. Fortnite Noob says:

    I like it but I need one

  11. Lisa Wright says:

    Firstly…Food places shouldn’t have carpets
    Secondly… how the fk did they leave it for so long before they decided to clean it?
    I won’t even order a takeaway pizza in a place like that, never mind sitting inside to eat!

  12. Douglas Crosby says:

    I have been shampooing carpets for 30 hrs. If they are kept up sanitation shouldn't be an issue. Somebody falling on tile is much more likely.

  13. electriccat says:

    This is porn

  14. James Burge says:

    I love my zipper ss

  15. J.Michael says:

    …I mean I'll take your place if you get bored

  16. richardvilseck says:

    I keep expecting Vincent Vega to come into the restaurant with Jules.

  17. mrgreengenes04 says:

    To all the people complaining it looks bad…yea it does when next to clean carpet. When the tables are down and there isn't a side by side comparison…you wouldnt even notice it was dirty.

  18. OneDayAfterAnother says:

    I'll be the water was thick black tar. gross

  19. Gabriel says:

    Yeah baby!

  20. the voice of reasoning says:

    Are you clean the carpet with steam

  21. Allie Loomis says:

    If a restaurant has carpet, it should be a requirement for them to have the carpets professionally cleaned at least once a month.

  22. bouyant says:


  23. Bernard says:

    Chug chug chug chug chug!

  24. Bernard says:

    Soup of the week!

  25. sam says:

    It’s 3am and I’m watching carpet cleaning videos. What a time.

  26. Darrell Darrell says:

    Carpet that bad means good food.

  27. Jeramie T says:

    Carpet in a restaurant is the stupidest shit ever. Wtf were they thinking?

  28. TamKo 9 says:

    I wouldn't eat one crumb in this filthy place

  29. Buster Biloxi says:

    Vacuum cleaner going back and forth. What is this shit?

  30. S H says:

    Amazing results. I would have just had it replaced, no way would I have thought it could have been cleaned. But you did it.

  31. Jane Smith says:

    I want this in my house.

  32. Ivan Olsen says:

    is someone doing a deep clean IN THE KITCHEN … ffs….what's the fryer oil like

  33. Chelsea Cates says:

    I want to own a restaurant at some point in my life just to responsibly clean the carpet regularly after this video.

  34. ScottyB says:

    Amazing difference

  35. Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea says:

    I cam here because I was listening to KLBJ and they had it on the radio so I had to see what they were talking about. Lol great video 💙🐝💙

  36. davisx2002 says:

    I dont eat in establishments that are owned by people stupid enough to have carpeted floors…If they are that inane; what goes on behind the scenes?

  37. Felix Phoenix says:

    How many decades did this carpet go without a wash?

  38. miarrem says:

    I'd love that job!

  39. 786otto says:

    Don't think would eat there . Good job cleaning it.

  40. Pretty Pink Hippo says:

    First of all carpet in a restaurant…🤦🏼‍♀️ Second of all…light beige?!?!?! ☠️

  41. Beast from the East says:

    Just get new carpet

  42. Tree House says:

    Best to install tile. More cost-effective in the long run.

  43. methat lovescats says:

    DENNY'S /ihop

  44. methat lovescats says:

    Ur only getting the surface

  45. Raymond Burton says:


  46. Kaiju says:

    What is that strange gummy residue that builds up anyway? I've seen that a few times in very dirty locations. The carpet gets so much of it built up that it becomes like thick plastic.

  47. Jay Hay says:

    Welp, I don't have a carpet cleaner so I'm doing the next best thing-watching a YouTube video doing it😐

  48. arianah says:

    a tiny ink stain on my carpet brought me hear😅

  49. K Ob says:

    Carpet or not who would let it get that dirty

  50. Nature Soft Services says:

    You are using 4 flow jetting at 750 psi, what angle do the jets have? Pretty impressive Mike 1.6 million views.

  51. largol33t1 says:

    Um, the user carpet gods swiped your video and uploaded it to his channel.

  52. Diane Kirsch says:

    Ry Cooder?

  53. webrik33 says:

    no way in hell would i eat somewhere with carpet that nasty. hellllllllll no

  54. James Lawlor says:

    That is gross! Carpet in a restaurant just does not make sense

  55. Θοδωρής Τσίρμπας says:

    Does anyone know the name of that song?

  56. TheCoconutstrut says:


  57. CobraGaming520 says:

    Everyone complaining about restaurants having carpet but without it we wouldn’t have this beauty!

  58. Laura Dent says:

    I find this oddly satisfying to watch.

  59. Burgos Cleaning Service, LLC says:

    Very satisfying

  60. John Dahlgren says:

    I'd be embarrassed to work there

  61. ScorpioNov212019 says:

    Lots of restaurants have carpets but if a restaurant has a white carpet maybe they should invest in a darker color 🙃🙃

  62. Rachel Dolezal says:

    Can they put that juice in a bottle? I would be willing to pay at least $5 a bottle for the pleasure of drinking this wonderful cocktail 😍😛🤤🥰

  63. JEGS BAE says:

    Close this restaurant

  64. Catherine North says:

    For the first 20 seconds I thought he was speaking a different language lmao

  65. Tygo says:

    This seems like a fun job to have

  66. Jackpot Winner Ken says:

    Song: Peace Time – For Cats You're Away
    Thumbs up so others can see 😃

  67. Jeff Bourke says:

    carpet in a restuarant is fucking disgusting

  68. Mary D. says:

    why did they use carpet?

  69. Zirob says:

    How can you let a carpet get that dirty, wtf

  70. Alfred McDusseldorf says:

    "Whelp, we put carpet in a diner" 🤔

  71. Wolf Man says:

    Wow. What s this machine name

  72. DaveSpecter1065 says:

    Whooowheee!!! That could suck the soul right out of the devil hisself!!

  73. Chris Anthony says:

    Next to renting and using a rug doctor in my home, I know nothing about carpet cleaning but that zipper thing is incredible.  I suppose the right chemicals don't hurt.

  74. Fadeg alami says:

    Restaurant should have wooden floor or tile ceramic, marble is easy to clean every day.

  75. pri pls says:

    Who is actually eating from this dirty place?!

  76. Consumer Economy says:

    this kills my anxiety better than a xanax

  77. Louise O'Connell says:

    That backing music makes me want to ride a horse into town

  78. Paige says:

    Carpet is nothing more than a Petri dish no matter where it is installed. Filthy.

  79. MrPummi88 says:

    Wer legt da bitte auch Teppichboden? Sinnloser geht's kaum!

  80. Sour Milk says:

    Absolutely disgusting.

  81. 2011pjert says:

    Show a video of all the nasty water you have to dump out!!

  82. 2011pjert says:

    Show a video of all the nasty water you have to dump out!!

  83. Jaqueline Schlichting says:

    I would love doing this for a living.

  84. Aoibhe Mk says:

    How does a carpet even get that dirty? I would walk straight out of a restaurant that had a carpet, never mind a restaurant with a carpet like that!!

  85. 7saany says:

    I apologize in advance to the man making a living off of this BUT


  86. Mike Pailliotet says:


  87. 1990 C4 says:

    Carpet in a restaurant? Run ! Imagine under the fryer in the back

  88. Tyler Stockton says:

    Real talk this totally looks like the restaurant from pulp fiction

  89. Bon Voyage says:

    Why Am i here…?😅

  90. elizabethwatson71 says:

    How long did you leave the pre spray on? How heavily was it applied? I noticed it sprayed up the cap

  91. Tan Sok says:

    I don’t like carpets In restaurants but I understand why I would but then in they are slip proof thus not getting sued ..

  92. Nubby Tope says:

    So clean, your dog could eat its dinner off of it.

  93. Edwin Hernandez says:

    It this point remove carpet and install tile.

  94. por?pendejos! says:

    Who would even eat there if that's gets that dirty imagine how there asses get wiped

  95. Justin BentRails says:

    My first job was in a really nice Chinese restaurant, and we never had carpeting this nasty. If they can't be bothered with regular maintenance and cleanings, then what else can't they be bothered with cleaning and maintaining?

  96. Baker 1982 says:

    Why is this in my recommendation. Why I’m I watching it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  97. Protector 95 says:

    I know everyone is complaining about carpets in a restaurant. But I personally love carpeting. Makes the environment seem more cozy. Like movie theatres, hotels etc. The carpeting just adds a nice aesthetic to the look of the place, at least for me. However I do think restaurants should by a carpet extractor of their own and have a monthly "clean up shop" day where they extract the carpets, mop floors, and clean things up.

  98. Ken Grantham says:

    It would make more sense to get rid of the carpet and replace it with tile.

  99. Green4CloveR says:

    This sensation I feel is what normal people must experience when they watch porn.

  100. jessdragonify says:

    It came back the next day

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