Save Money On A New Home In The Design Center

Hello everyone, your new home expert in Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I want to talk about the new home design center this is by far the most overlooked in costly aspect that buyers have in the whole new home process and then I’m going to go over some tips and advice on how you could save literally thousands of dollars before you’re in the design center and while you’re in the design center now if you haven’t seen my new home video that walks you through everything you need to know and buying a new home from A to Z and how to save money in the process check it out above or go to the link below alright so how to save money in the design center you can save thousands of dollars or you can waste thousands of dollars when you get to the design center and I know this is overlooked by so many buyers and I understand why there’s so many things you’re thinking about when you’re buying a new home you’re going over all the different floor plans what what you want to build on you talk to the Builder rep and they say well you know you might get standard tile and the entrance and kitchen and breakfast nook and all the wet areas you get the granite counter top to get the 42 inch cabinets in the kitchen and they’re giving you the basics but what you want is you want the specifics so a tip that I’ll give you and I’ll give you several right here what I always do when I’m working with a buyer is I get the Builder rep and I say let’s start at the entrance of the home at the front door and the let’s walk through is this a type of door I’m going to beginning if not well this door right here what’s the upgrade on it how much would it cost for the floor plan you walk in you see is this the tile I’m in the beginning is this is kitchen cabinets I’m going to beginning what about this granite countertop is this the kind of grain and I’m going to beginning and hear what they have to say listen to what they say because they could say well this granite right here is a third level upgrade well how much is that well that’s probably $1,500 well what about this tile wood let’s afford the level upgrade well how much is that well in all the wet areas in the case breakfast nook and entrance well it’s probably $2,300 so you want to get an idea and do a walk-through of the entire home and then when you get back to their office what you want to do is you want to get a sheet so let’s say you’re buying a for plan let’s just call it the Florence you’ll get a price sheet for everything that goes in that home for the Florence so you know and you have a good idea what you’re getting now once you sign the contract and you set up your time for the design center what you want to do is ask the Builder rep and see if they actually have a time where you could go in beforehand a lot of builders will set maybe one day a week or four hours one day a week where buyers could go in there and just block around the Design Center get a feeling for it and that’s great because you to get an idea of what you like the other thing I’ll tell you is when you go to the Design Center always have a very good idea what you want and how much money you’re going to spend I know this sounds easy right now but believe me when I tell you this the vast majority of all buyers shatter their budget at the design center because builders know exactly what your breaking point is on everything they know what your breaking point is on a level one upgrade a level two upgrade a level three etc they know your breaking point on everything this is their business so just definitely go in and have a game plan ask questions and get everything thought out before you go into the design center this will save you so much money and it will be a lot smoother the last tip I’ll give you is when you’re in the design center take pictures and note that everything you’re getting because you might say well I want this type of light fixture and they write it down and maybe the code would see one two three four but they wrote down see one two three five you want to have evidence or a picture or something to say no I took a picture of what I wanted this is what I wanted they wrote it down wrong of course you’re going to sign but you’re not going to you know you’re not going to know but you know always verify yourself what they’re writing down you wouldn’t believe how many times this happens to homebuyers so what I want you to do is go out there and save money on your new home and save money in the design center if you don’t have a real estate agent to represent you on your new home or if you’re looking for a good honest aggressive knowledgeable new home expert please contact me I would love to help you and your family out and don’t forget to check out my youtube videos I have tons of videos and buying homes selling homes I wish you the best of luck have a wonderful day

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