Save Trees Save Earth||Art&Craft with PRATIMA
Save Trees Save Earth||Art&Craft with PRATIMA

First draw a horizontal line and divide the paper in two halves Do the same thing vertically Now take two points on both sides 1.5 inch distant from the middle point Now take a point at 2.5 inch from the earlier point on both sides Draw small “c” letter on the first point like this and repeat the same on other side with reverse “c” Divide the 2.5 inch distance with a vertical line of 1 inch. now draw the arch shape like this on both sides now draw another arch on the upper portion for eye lid draw a circle in the middle of the eye to draw the eye ball take a point at 1/2 inch from the middle point Now draw the tree trunk and eyebrow shape like this. make the branches of the tree like this with “v” and “y” shape I am using soft charcoal pencil Make the detailing on the trunk of the trees like this Now on the left side of the sketch blend the twigs /branches of the trees using finger/blending stump/tissue paper using blending stump fill the eyebrows using soft charcoal pencil Using paper stump for blending, you can use cotton bud or tissue paper also draw the eyelashes with curved left side slant lines Now draw the shape of eye drop like this Now draw the cut trees trunk like this Now detail the half trunk using soft black charcoal pencil detail the branches like this During detailing work keep a piece of tissue paper for hand rest so that the sketch will not get smudged Now your left side sketch is almost ready Cover the completed pencil sketch part using tissue paper to avoid smudging and make the sky using sky blue color oil pastel on the right hand side I am using carpenter’s turpentine oil for blending the color I am using cotton bud for blending Using dark brown color oil pastel draw the twigs/branches like this Doing the detailing work with the same oil pastel Doing the blending using cotton bud Now drawing the leaves using deep green color oil pastel using light green oil pastel using red color oil pastel using sky blue color using green color,now the shape of earth comes here Using black pen for outlines Drawing the eyebrows using black pen like this Using red color and blending with cotton bud Applying yellow,light green and sap green oil pastel color for the background and blending with turpentine oil using cotton. Draw the grasses using deep green color oil pastel Using sap green color oil pastel using brown color oil pastel for making the flower ,you can use any color of your choice Apply the color with circular stroke like this using white color gel pen

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