Scarf Tying Ideas – 6 Ways to Wear Your Scarves
Scarf Tying Ideas – 6 Ways to Wear Your Scarves

– Hi everyone! My name is Ann. I am a style blogger
for In today’s video, I am going to show you a few really fun and stylish ways in how to tie your scarves. Now, these ways will
definitely keep you warm during the fall and wintertime, and it also stays put together, especially for those colder windy days here in New England. Okay, so I’m going to start
with this red scarf right here. And this one right here, this
is about six feet long, okay? So what I’m going to do is I’m going to put this behind my neck, and I’m going to have one short end on one side, and then have a longer end on the other side, okay? So with the longer end,
I’m going to bring it in front of me, and I’m
going to loop it around like a circle like this. And you want the ends
to be tucked in, okay? You don’t want to show that part. And as you can see, you can see the loop in front of me right here. All right, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to pinch the scarf in the middle right here. As you can see there’s a bow
forming right here, okay? So you just want to secure
that in with your hand. And give this shorter end a tug so that way this could
go closer to your neck. And what we’re going to
do with this shorter end is you’re going to loop it
over and into the opening, just like that. And you have yourself a
cute little bow effect. And you could wear this
in the front if you like, or you can wear this on
the side just like that, or you could tuck this part in the back and just have the bow show. Super cute, right? Okay, so the next style
I’m going to show you, if you’re not a big fan of
having a big bow on the side, this one is a little bit more toned-down. And again, you’re going to start with one end shorter and one end longer. So what we’re going to do with the longer end is
loop it over like this, and then come under this shorter end, and then you loop it
from underneath up, okay? Don’t pull it all the way out. What you’re going to do is
just pull it halfway out. And you’re going to fold
it out just like this. So you can wear it in the front or you can wear it on the side. It looks really nice and elegant. You could wear it with a
pin or a broach on the side if you like to as well. Okay. You can also put one end in the back and then one end in the front or just put all of the ends in the front and have this side show just like that. So you can really personalize this look. Okay, this other style
I’m going to show you is one of my favorite styles. And it’s basically you have
your scarf in half like this. Okay, you’re going to bring this loop behind your neck and over. So now you have two ends over the side and a loop over on this side. So what we’re going to do now is take one end, and you’re
going to bring it over your loop into your loop,
just like that, okay? Now with the other end,
what you’re going to do is bring it from under
your loop and out, okay? Just like that. Now, what you’re going to do is take this end and tuck it to the back and then this end leave it in the front. And you can make a few
adjustments if you like. And I like to wear it this way. I think it’s super cute. It keeps me warm in the front right here, and it holds together really easily, plus you can undo it really quick as well. Love this look. And another way that you
can transform this look, you could wear it like this in the front or what you could do is tuck the ends in, take this other end, bring it over here, and tuck it in. So with this technique, you could actually have three looks going on, just like that. Okay? So now the technique
I’m going to show you, let’s say if you have some
thin scarves laying around or you could actually use
something that’s this thick, so what you want to do, okay, I’m going to tie both ends. So we’re kind of making
ourselves an infinity scarf. So I’m going to tie both ends like this. You want to make it a
small knot as possible, so that way it can look
a little bit neater. And now at the other end, I’m going to do the same thing. So there, I have that. What I’m going to do now
is I’m going to take one side of the scarf, just wrap
it, loop it over my neck, and now I’m just going to go again, loop it over my neck again, loop it over another time, adjust this however way you want, and then I’m going to loop it another time over my neck. So now with, like, the ends that you tied, what you’re going to do is you’re going to tuck that in, and
this is going to give you a nice chunky look up top for those of you who like chunky scarves, I love chunky scarves, especially for fall and winter. It’s just so warm, and
I love the way it looks. You could definitely
combine your favorite prints or your favorite colors all together, and you could wear it like this. And it definitely keeps you warm as well. So that’s basically it, guys, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to visit me
on, and I hope to see you guys there. Take care! A few of my favorite ways
on how I like to tile, bleh. In today’s video, I am going to show you how to tile. – [Voiceover] Tile? – Tile? (laughs) What the heck? (screams) Okay. (laughs) – [Voiceover] Let me go get
you some grout and a sponge. – (laughs) Okay.

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