ScHoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice
ScHoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice

Two door coup, hopping out
like Jack In The Box Nigga I’m gon shoot if this 30’s
all that I got Nigga time’s up, got my coins up, my bars
up Soon we find them, we gon slide them, we lined them
Straight reclined them, pistol grip I got all kinds
of I’m not your driver, shot gon hit him, he won’t answer
I’m blowing ganja, so much work they call me “Old
School” I’ll remind ya, that bitch you think you got is
not you, where you find her? She a kickstand, a big fan,
I get behind her Then I slid it in, I win, I win I mean
that’s bitch shit Faking like you got it in your
pockets Ya that’s bitch shit Talking to them hoes, you
steady gossip Ya that’s bitch shit Telling on your
man so you can scram Ya that’s bitch shit Pull it
out and acting like it jam Ya that’s bitch shit Hating
on another nigga come up Ya that’s bitch shit Staying in
because you know it’s summer Ya that’s bitch shit You a
bitch boy on my momma Okay let’s get ittttttttt Bitch
let’s get it (woo) Got a plan, we gon kill his man,
the gun won’t jam It’s on, on sight. I might get life,
that’s on my life, the 44 bite It go green light, I
build that price, it fill up nice, the god won’t die Okay
let’s get ittttttttt Bitch let’s get it (woo) See no
flaws, in my purest form, bitch I’m gritty uh Goyard
tags, filled with hella cash, kiss my gimmie bag
Zeros add, we don’t do no class, nigga not subtracting
Two door coup, hoping out like Jack In The Box Nigga
I’m gon shoot, if this 30’s all that I got Nigga yall on
mute, ain’t no back talk on my block Nigga numb numb
juice to the head fuck up the opps nigga Two door
coup, hoping out like Jack In The Box Nigga I’m gon
shoot, if this 30’s all that I got Nigga yall on mute,
ain’t no back talk on my block Nigga numb numb juice
to the head fuck up the opps nigga

100 thoughts on “ScHoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice”

  1. Insert Name Here says:

    “2 door coupe” Shows Sedan

  2. Neutro_Aires says:

    This song makes me wanna brush my teeth then drink orange juice

  3. Richard Norrod says:

    Hi Kanye

  4. Makenzie Fullen says:

    They’re in a cheese grater lol

  5. Endre Kaffka says:

    sksksksksksksksksksksksks save the TURTLES #LEGENDE #ENDRE #MYBOIIIII #JENSERIKKESLEM

  6. Randy Novice says:

    Did he just parody Elon musk on jre ? Lmao 😂

  7. DaGuey Tugoe says:

    Salute to all the real one outchea fam.
    Yes I’m talking bout the cats who watch JRE during business hours and get ratchet by night with hip hop

  8. Tomás SF says:

    Ok lets get iiiiiiittttttt! Bitch lets get it wooo!

  9. AGripOBabys says:

    As a big fan of MF DOOM that ending was sick

  10. lapis eye mom was sucking my dick says:

    that nigga did all that and still got bitch slap

  11. Nicole May says:

    Not a bad song but let's be honest this is nobody's favorite song ever

  12. Jay Roza1219 says:

    This song makes me feel like jumping upside down

  13. テイモア says:

    He sampled Kanye West's unreleased song titled, '80 degrees.'

  14. SUdatsthecalloftheWU says:

    This is the song to show to your friend who doesn’t like hip hop when your on acid together.

  15. gmoney 95 says:

    This shit goes hard! Just needed another verse

  16. Matt Santa says:

    It's a banger.

  17. Jean says:

    0:26 he has the same exact reaction than Elon musk 😂

  18. Bob Belcher says:

    Thank u for showing how black ppl are violent towards white ppl for no reason

  19. KingLouie 82 says:


  20. Livia Games 7777 says:

    Quem fuma morre

  21. Paulo Filho says:

    people talking about elon reference and tyler the creator being in the video not acknowledging there is just ass passing by in 0:32

  22. TEXAS MADE ME says:

    Slim thugga version is better mane

  23. D N says:

    Is that Tyler at 0:53 ?

  24. RicherThanTheOPS says:

    Bro got bitch slapped off the building! I’m crying 😂😂😭

  25. Ny Jax says:

    sChooL BoYq 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Grégoire Adam says:

    1:27 so that's what the inside of a cheese grater looks like

  27. Anti Normie says:

    "Bitch Slap"

  28. Daniel Guaracha says:

    Vinn Rogan?
    Joe Diesel?

  29. 1 year ago says:

    Joe rogan parody

  30. MrChillBill says:

    Has schoolboy q ever disappointed?!?!?!……NOPE!!

  31. Nikki H says:

    Dedicated to 69.

  32. Henry Francis says:

    This song makes me wanna fuck bitches for eternity and then commit suicide 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃💥💥👈

  33. KARMINA MEZA says:


  34. KARMINA MEZA says:


  35. Gabriel Ascenio says:

    He killed this especially that Elon Musk part ! 😅

  36. Malik Alsaad says:


  37. Imsoong Rai says:

    This goes so fuking hard

  38. Jevon Parham says:

    The Video Hard Too

  39. Eckerbirb says:

    i just came here for tyler who else

  40. Queen Javaun says:

    This is straight fire🔥🔥

  41. DarkFalcon130 says:

    Why they in a cheese grater at 1:27?


    man, q deserves more love

  43. Devin Thomas says:

    Now I'm freaking out was there subtitles this whole time

  44. Rinet Rinat says:

    Прямиком в ад

  45. Mr.SoloDolo says:

    Dude is rapping about the same shit he was in 2013..

  46. Simontheseshmaster says:

    We gonna act like schoolboy didn't just bitch slap a guy off the building.

  47. Corrupt Eclipse says:

    0:27 holy shit i just realized thats a reference to elon musk

  48. Troy Langner says:

    I don't like that shit right there😂😭😂😭

  49. Mark Perse says:

    My son still refers to himself as "Schoolboy C" as in Chris. He loves this banger.

  50. Ok says:

    When my comment gets 10 likes : 1:02

  51. Sad Drift Boy 木 says:

    I love how YouTube recommended subtitles

  52. Rose Bandit says: It's beat like this song

  53. test sets says:

    the cheese grater is the goat of the green screens used

  54. Ever Romero says:

    Joe rogan should invite schoolboy q to the joe rogan experience potcast 💯✔🔥👌

  55. Coldfange samurai says:

    Should of named the song Jack in a box

  56. NATIVE KING says:

    love this song ! three five west block

  57. Dylan's Profile says:

    Bruh that was 2012.

  58. Juan Cruz Lo Russo says:

    best videoclip ever

  59. TheRelandi says:

    That Ma$e and Puffy homeage was pure as fuck.

  60. Inasa Yoarashi says:

    where is this part from 1:27

  61. 44 Stixks says:

    1:27 he inside a cheese grater

  62. Shelby Garcia says:

    1:27 dude that's the inside of a cheese grater.

  63. ZION WARD says:

    I like how they used a cheese grater for the old 2000’s music background reference 💀💀💀

  64. Seth Felger says:

    Was that joe rogan??? 😂

  65. Cristiaan Garattini says:

    When i hit a black man its gonna be on the news i'm not racist or something but black people are the most racist i know i get hate reactions but i don't care 🖕

  66. Cristiaan Garattini says:

    Schoolboy q is a bitch man

  67. Tyler Durden says:

    Was that the Joe Rogan Experience?

  68. Ray Flowe says:

    Best rapper alive

  69. Matthew LaCivita says:

    My boy made this beat

  70. Don Mon says:

    How is this crap hip hop?..

  71. Orange Juice says:

    That bitch slap though !

  72. Lil SaulDrowzy says:

    hating on a niggas come upp bitch shit

  73. El 47 says:

    Yeah a bitch slap can do that to a capoeira fighter smh

  74. Cam Mims says:

    I be bumping this while Stocking at Walmart. Especially on that

  75. Black Orchid says:

    Came just to confirm graters background.

  76. starbucks2101 says:

    Calling 911

  77. Bence Kelemen says:

    1:27 that cheese grater tho..

  78. squalo says:

    Found it on 9gah,tried it and now my ears want selfdestroy

  79. mickael cordero-villaman says:

    1:32 these nigguhs in a cheese grater damn😂😂😂😂😂

  80. Humanist 101 says:

    these visuals 🔥

  81. nizar maulana says:

    I am here because cheese grater matter

  82. Trap Lord says:

    Вапши отлично зачитал👍

  83. kin says:

    just noticed that at 1:27 they're inside a cheese grater

  84. Brendan Berney says:

    1:07 69 trying to explain to the bloods why he snitched after he gets out

  85. Derek Predmore says:

    School funny af

  86. Jordan Preexisting says:

    We gonna come together as the internet and figure out who's walking that wagon at 0:35?? ya know…for science??

  87. yG Ray says:


  88. Hiro says:

    This is literally the best music video i have ever seen

  89. Benjamin Harvey says:

    what bmw is that?

  90. silverdose says:

    1:29 get the f outta here you're just the hype man

  91. The Squatch says:

    And the decay of society continues.

  92. VincentVanGeisha says:

    its fucking littttttt fuck yesssssssss

  93. Cheetah says:

    ok lezgettiiiiiiiiit bitch let getit WHOO. never knew this had an mv 💀

  94. Francisco Hernandez says:

    When he falls into the eternity burning hole just going down that mofo u blow up like over and over in purps

  95. Homeless Man says:

    we know they talkin bout sixn9

  96. MrJonyyMD says:

    I'm high af and these visuals…

  97. Jeremiah Jones says:

    WTF is that four spread camera thing

  98. I hate faggots says:


  99. Big Mama says:

    Dope as fuck 💥🎵🎧

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