Sci-fi Artist Lucy McRae – Compression Carpet
Sci-fi Artist Lucy McRae – Compression Carpet

– I’m interested in creating
tools for the future that optimize the body
and humanize technology. My name is Lucy McRae. I’m a science-fiction
artist and body architect. Inspiration behind the compression carpet explores themes around
isolation, touch, and intimacy. Art design merged with
technology and science is such a powerful way to
imagine where are we going?

3 thoughts on “Sci-fi Artist Lucy McRae – Compression Carpet”

  1. John Griffin says:

    Isn't this a more complex version of the device Temple Grandin used to calm herself?

  2. Andrew Андрюша says:

    DiLdo included?

  3. Валерия Комарова says:

    Топчик идея
    На изи сейчас замутим

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